Magnificent Preparation

For those that asked… a repost here before it gets printed.  😉

Born Thy People To Deliver

 Did you know that every baby girl is born with every egg she will ever conceive?  Talk about potential!  So each precious little baby girl is born with her half of the next generation just waiting to mature and be delivered.

Advent is the time when we as Christians wait with anticipation.  We wait for a new year… a new chance… a new opportunity to be Christ, an anointed one,  for someone else.  We wait to see and feel Christ in us anew, reinvigorating us for the coming deliverance.  We prepare.

And yet, the preparation has been going on for centuries.  It is amazing to me to think that some Jews even believe that there is a person born every generation with the potential to be The Messiah.  This is at least a small reason why lineages are so important to the Jewish people.  The Messiah’s purpose is to deliver His people from their bondage.  For the Jew, this is a very earthly deliverance.  For Christians, we understand deliverance not so much as what it’s taking us from, but what it’s delivering us into – a renewed relationship with the Father, into His arms.

So in the Middle East, over two thousand years ago, a baby girl was born to deliver The Messiah.  A baby girl was born who could reach back through the generations in her lineage to King David, through his son Nathan.  A baby girl was born who would one day raise her voice in praise to the Father of Abraham and us all, acknowledging that she was a lowly servant, and preparing for the Word to be made flesh… the delivery of our Deliverance.  And so, with Mary, I count myself blessed to be among the delivered.


No, I’m not asking about deep contentment… overarching joy that helps you get from day to day or anything profound like that.  But I was lying in bed last night thinking about the things that make me happy.  For what it’s worth, I have a bunch, but I still did not sleep really well last night.  That’s what happens when I go to bed thinking- I get caught up in my thoughts and “wake up”, usually quite suddenly and, like last night, somewhat panicked.  I keep on “thinking” while getting into that foggy kind of semi-sleep and everything takes on a kind of Wonderland or The Persistence of Memory feeling.

But that’s a trip into my sort-of-subconscious thinking that is not the purpose this morning.  Getting back, let’s talk about the things that make you happy.  And that’s a real request.  I would sincerely love to see a bunch of comments from everyone (yes, even YOU!) on what makes you happy.  Because, even though I can’t always do it – I do get caught up in myself at times, or have to attend to things at hand and stop actively paying attention to those around me – I do LOVE to try to remember the things that will elicit a smile from you.   The things that will stick in your memory and make you say at the end of the day “Today was good… I don’t know why, it just was”.  Because I don’t necessarily need to KNOW you connect something I do to a happiness (though, obviously if I’m asking, that IS one of the things that makes me smile).  But sometimes, just sometimes, I’m lucky enough to see the smile crinkle through your eyes or turn your mouth just slightly upwards.  That tiny moment when we’ve connected and something I’ve done or said has a positive impact on you… that’s what I spend days and even weeks or months remembering.  It brings me an odd sort of strength.  Yes, years from now I will flash back on you in one (or several) flashes of brilliant comradery and I will smile all day long.  And if we’re lucky enough to share a bunch of those moments (cause, really… if you’ve made it with me this far, whether it makes you feel a  bit odd or not, you’re probably stuck with me, for good or bad), then maybe I’ll be lucky enough to know lots of odd little details about you before it’s all said and done.  Cause it’s really a lot less clutterful to collect deep friendships than nick-nacks.

Some things that make me smile, in no particular order-

  • laughter and specifically, the laugh of my children,
  • slipping in between the blankets and the warmth giving me comfort instead of frustrating my sleep,
  • the comfort of a strong hug,
  • being on the inside of a joke (that’s a rather newly found smile-maker… I had no idea I could like excluding people.  In my defense, though, it’s not really excluding people as much as just me being a part of something intimate),
  • peeling fruits, especially oranges but excluding bananas because they’re just too easy and quick,
  • sitting comfortably with someone just sharing time,
  • sharing more than time,
  • the sound of brown and dry oak leaves in the dead of winter,
  • being in the middle of a well turned dance and NOT stepping on toes (which would have to mean that it’s either a group dance or one with a really strong partner, because I’m not so sure of myself)
  • the smell of rain on hot asphalt,
  • a touch on my hands,
  • eye contact,
  • music I can sing to… sometimes loudly and with the windows rolled down,
  • candlelight, sometimes lots of it, sometimes only one,
  • the sound of a bell,
  • helping someone cook or just being in conversation while they do (it’s the energy, I think),
  • the sound of water,
  • diving into the deep end,
  • sharing a good book with someone (which probably means I have to have read it recently because I read so much that I forget a lot of really good stuff),
  • understanding what makes you tick,
  • the way water reflects light.

The idea is for a centralized grilling location for the cast, vendors and entertainers of the fair after hours… because wasting charcoal and a hot grill is a travesty, right?

So, here’s a picture of what I’m practicing with tonight: a pot of sausages, onions, squash, tomatoes, okra and corn.  I hope it turns out better than the campfire monkey bread I tried last time… LOL

Today at the Park

Moira and I met a wonderful Dad and his daughter.  Since Moira had Jumpy, her kitten, with her… conversation ensued.   Dad explained to us that Ava had a cat at home whose name is Paca (sp?) – Swahili for “cat”.  And Ava is growing up bilingual… how cool is that?

Also found a woodpecker tree next to the playground which I hope to visit several more times this spring… I think there may be some babies up there.  Ahhh… spring IS in the air!

On the way home Moira says “Hey, look!  A granola tree!”  I say “You mean a magnolia tree?”  “No, it’s called a granola tree..(as we’re turning into our driveway) see!  A granola tree!”  LOL

Spring Fun 3

Starry Messenger

Spring Fun 2


WOW we have been busy the past little bit!  Last Thursday was field trip day.  Just in time to dispel our winter cabin fever and welcome spring!

Hadley Pottery

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