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As you see now it depends whose hands it’s in.
So put your concerns, your worries, your fears,
your hopes, your dreams, your families
and your relationships in God’s hands because…
It depends whose hands it’s in.

Found The HawksNest a few days ago, and she reminded me of this wonderful verse about God’s infinite power.  And it struck me again how much those hands have meant to me.  Through several Bible studies, and in talking with friends and in Sunday Schools, you start to develop photographs in your mind’s eye… things that make our reflection of the Father more real to us and our walk with Him more personal.  So when I read again the verse that Lady Hawk was led to blog about, a flood of thoughts came back to me.  I commented a bit at her nest, but I didn’t want to litter with too many of my own feathers!  So here I am.

I’m a hand kind of gal myself… eyes are the windows of a soul, but the hands are what relay all that out to our family and friends.  Scripture speaks about those He protects as being the apple of His eye ( Dt. 32:10, Psalms 17:8, Zec 2:8).   Eyes and our seeing Him must be very important to him, else why would Christ have healed THAT particular infirmity so many times?  My NIV study Bible says in the notes for John chapter 9,        ” Jesus performed more miracles of this kind than any other.  Giving sight to the blind was predicted as a Messianic activity (Isa 29:18, 35:5, 42:7).”   Remember those hands?  The same ones that will be nailed to a tree, created everything in the beginning… mud and trees to plant in it and the man who will tend them… and then in fleshly form will turn to the mud again, mixing it up to a usable consistency in the palm of his hand,  to wipe over a blind man’s eyes so that he can see the beauty around him.  Mud in my hands won’t do that.  Even though faith is believing without seeing, Christ wanted this man to see his own reflection in his saviour’s eye.  And he became the apple of His eye all over again.

Father brings me to tears when He whispers stuff like this to me.  Thank you to Lady Hawk for reminding me of the poem and allowing Him to use your hands. 🙂


HawksNestI love what you wrote here!  And your “feathers” are ALWAYS welcome.  Happy New Year!  God Bless~Ladyhawk

January 02 9:49 AM

  • sandra

    sandralovely post 🙂

    praying 2007 is a year of great blessing for you and those you love


    January 01 4:30 PM

  • Serenity Seekers

    Serenity SeekersHappy New Year Moira!

    May God contiue His blessings upon you.


    January 01 12:25 PM

  • Brenda

    BrendaAmen!!!  Oh, the love that held those hands to the cross – not the nails!

    Take Care,


    December 31 7:38 PM

  • Ann

    AnnHey there!  I’ll be back to read and comment on your blog, but I was just wondering…how does the RSS feed work?  I haven’t really checked it out… 

    December 31 3:01 PM

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    She’s something else!  I know you know what I’m talking about if you have ever had a daughter (son’s are a different breed).

    I was sitting at the computer this morning, spending way more time than I should browsing through old and new blogs alike.  While staring at my screen, I notice Moira’s head has popped up at my elbow like one of those little prairie dogs popping out of a hole.  Now, my Moira is on the tall side for her age, but not THAT tall.  And she’s just looking around like she belongs at that level… the little monkey has pulled a step stool in from my kitchen, up two stairs, mind you, and plopped it right there beside me on the floor to stand on, presumably for a better view.  All without me knowing it.  I gotta keep an eye on that child! 🙂

    She asked for chocolate this morning (which comes out something like ca-coc) and me being the over indulgent, chocolate loving mommy of my third child (I would never have done this with the twins)… I made her cocoa wheats.  We shared, of course!

    She made out pretty good for Christmas.  Several sets of clothes (24 months in which I sewed up a little cuff in the bottom of the legs so they’d fit now AND in the fall… you clever Mommy you), a stroller, a mutli colored care bear, a plastic slinky from her 8 year old cousin (he’s a good shopper, this boy), a fisher price digital camera, a bunch of hand and finger puppets that I KNOW will get a lot of play, a caterpillar that rolls balls, a sit and spin and some other things.  Several of these toys have bells and whistles (which I loath… not because they make noise… I’m a children’s music teacher for pete’s sake… but because they feed a generation of short attention span children, I believe… but that’s another rant).  Do you remember when a sit and spin only required a little muscle for it to be fun?  Well, now it’s Simon Says Sit and Spin… I’m rolling my eyes here… come on… do we really need this?  Do you know which toy she has played with the most?  Her baby stroller with the multi-colored care bear not so lovingly placed in it.  No batteries required!

    Tammy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tammy 🙂 🙂 🙂Coco Wheats is cream of wheat made by www.littlecrowfoods.com.  1/3 of a cup has 200 calories, 90% daily allowance iron, 25% folic acid, 10% calcium and other fairly decent numbers.  Of course, the calories go up when you add sugar, as I do! 🙂  Good luck with the diet Meg… I will be starting to watch my carbs in the near future… *sigh*

    January 02 8:12 AM

  • sandra

    sandrayour Moira sounds so sweet ,and adventurous with it …lol

    children are such a blessing from God

    Fergus’ favourite toys are some wooden cars and little people ,he like his shape box too but has got so fast at doing it that he now pretends he can’t find the shape …so funny to watch !



    January 01 4:27 PM

  • meg

    megWhat are cocoa wheats & how bad for you are they? I only ask because I’m a chocoholic who is trying to lose 70 lbs 😛

    I didn’t buy gifts for the kids that needed batteries (I personally can’t stand the noisy toys) so like your daughter, they played with their imagination.

    Hope you all have a Happy New Year- make sure you eat your black-eyed peas! 

    January 01 3:24 PM

  • Brenda

    BrendaYour Moira is a smart one!  The best toys for the little ones are the stuff they find around the house!  Pots and pans, measuring cups, and bowls with spoons.  Wouldn’t that save us a ton of $ if we just opened our kitchen cabinets for their toy box? 

    I hope you have a great day!


    December 30 11:53 AM

  • Greg

    GregWait until you have shared and recorded a journal for a year.

    You will have this fancy little web page and all kinds of memories.

    Happy New Year…Greg

    December 30 11:45 AM

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    Tip 2

    “Tip” toeing through a Great Blog!

     Yes, I think I will make this a weekly thing.  Since we last met, I have  played around a bit with the set-up for my blog and have figured out how to embed the links!  YEAH for me! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  So what’s the difference between embedding links and doing a trackback?  hmmm and some blogs have an option to “blog this”… and what the heck’s a permalink and why would I want to perma anything?  Hmmm   Next to-do on my list?  To explore more blogs that use different sites… Spaces is great (can’t beat the community, I think), but I want to see and share what all is out there.  Until then… drum roll please…

    recipes, pictures, lots of lists and great insigts to share… I have really enjoyed sharing in Robin’s Amazing, Crazy, Tragic and Wonderful Life .

    1: Robin’s blog is multi-faceted… I haven’t quite figured out how to do it and make it me yet!  But when you go to her blog, you get to know her not only in blog posts and pictures, which are cool.  But take a look at the other areas… Scooter sure dumps a lot of stuff, I get to find out if what’s in at her house resembles mine, commisserate with the challenges of raising children (her’s just happens to be a larger, and no doubt busier brood), Check out how she’s been blessed AND what she wants to do in 2007.  All contained outside of her blog posts.  Cool!  and endlessly fascinating.

    2: Robin’s “My Little Corner” is a great list of her favorite online sites!  I have investigated some and added them to my own Favorites list.

    3: Robin uses the “crayon box” for her writing to great effect!  Plenty of black letters, but different shades of red and green too.  Maybe that is easier on the eye than using different font styles.  I will think on this…

    Now the hard part… One suggestion?  I always have trouble with this part… hmmm… I think others would agree with me… we beeeeggggg, pleeeaaaase more posts on your wonderful and crazy life!  We enjoy your view on the world.


    HawksNestWanted to stop by and say hello.  I love the picture you posted of the kids reading together (on loan from God), what a great pic!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.  God Bless~LadyHawk

    December 28 2:36 PM

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    Not HAHA Funny…

    Working against a clock here, I think.  Our laptop has acquired a virus that seems to have done away with some file we need just to boot the thing up and do you know what?  In all of their infinite wisdom and to save us the *hassle* of trying to locate the recovery CD to restore our factory settings, the computer manufacturer “already installed it on your notebook hard drive”.  Guess what recovery “service” expired on our laptop?       Uh-huh… so I guess we have to take it into the store to see if they can recover it. Geez…  Anyway, I’m working on a computer that is infamous for just locking up for no apparent reason.  Takes me back to the good old days when the professors all cautioned us to create backup disks and to save often.

    Funny if you’re a parent…

    I sat at the computer yesterday morning eatting a few doughnut holes (fewer calories… yes, I believe THAT!) and Moira joins me on my lap looking ever so longingly and doing her little “come to me” finger pump sign.  So I ask her  if she wants a doughnut (duh), I say “can you say doughnut?”  The child is honed in on getting one of these for herself, so she’ll try to  accomplish anything Mommy asks of her, but she knows her limitations… shakes her head no!!!  So I laugh, thinking “at least she’s honest”, and I think, maybe an easier word… “can you say cake?”  Well, she’s had it with Mommy so she nods yes, says nothing  and puts out her little hand palm up, expectantly.  That’s it…. she gets her doughnut and we get a laugh.  Maybe you had to be there. 🙂

    Only funny if you thought you were smart…

    Riding in for Christmas, we listen to talk radio.  By the way, I just love the sound of people talking on the radio… must be the static.  Anyway, Car Talk is on which, to me, is always more talk than car.  So they pose a riddler for all the folks listeniing in their cars with a dictionary in their laps… “what is the longest English word that you can remove a letter one at a time from and always come up with another real English word, all the way down to a single letter?”  I think the children and I will put some thought into that one today.  Let me know if you come up with anything.

    Funny that makes you smile!

    A dear friend of mine gave me a subscription to Reader’s Digest.  I have to say, I am really enjoying this magazine.  I’m not one for watching or listening to a whole lot of news because it always seems to be negative, mean or just trying to cause mass panic in the population.  And then there’s the current trend of the news media to make themselves the news… “I’m standing here in the middle of the devastation, on this flooded road in New Orleans…”  and boo hoo hoo “Mr. Clinton wasn’t very nice to me…”  So I end up tuning a lot of it out and just reading my news online.  But RD is wonderful for reminding you that there ARE good things happening every day, all over the country.  They have this section about everyday heroes.  Teenagers who fend off a rapist, a woman in heels who chases down a purse thief… one for each month of the year.  And you can read all of the stories and vote for the one you think should be the hero of the year.  Pretty neat.  Plus they include a LOT of jokes.  You should check it out!

    Funny if you know me

    If you checked out my Getting To Know Me list, you know one of my favorite remembrances, traditions during the holidays has been my  mother-in-laws cranberry sauce that sits on the plate in the shape of the can.  We always had cranberry salad growing up, so it wasn’t until I became part of my husband’s family that I could really say what cranberry sauce was supposed to taste like… and it just caught me funny that first year, seeing it laying there on the plate looking very much like the can it had been in moments earlier.  SO I look forward to that every year.  What does Mom do to me this year??? She makes a cranberry salad mold… which was good… thanks in part to a grey haired lady with a Southern accent on the food channel (Paula, I think).  But I did miss the old fashioned can mold.  Maybe I’ll buy a can of it before it disappears from the shelves, just for old times sake.

    Tammy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tammy 🙂 🙂 🙂I’ve got one!  Driving in the car yesterday for Moira’s nap ride… Perrin with us because we were stopping for Frosty’s (do you know they have vanilla ones now???).  Perrin looks at me quizzically because I’m writing int the air while I’m driving… so I have to tell her orange is one of those words.  Ya know… the car talk challenge… orange > range > rang > ran > an > a  “ta-da”!  No applause, please.  Will think some more…

    December 28 10:07 AM

  • Brenda

    BrendaOk Tammy, you made me laugh not once but twice here!!

    First, your daughter and her adorable gestures for getting a donut hole. (And yes, I agree, less damage to be done with a donut hole than an entire donut!!)  You wrote it in such a way that I could picture it perfectly!

    Second… the cranberry sauce.  That is exactly what I grew up with – cranberry sauce shaken out of a can and left on a plate for all to dig into!  Now it we have it we at least buy the whole cranberry sauce and mix it up so it is not can shaped!

    Thanks for stopping by and I think I’m even getting better.  

    Take care,

    December 27 10:02 PM

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    That’s right.  It’s time for another brain-dump.  I cannot guarantee any of the contents, as the brain itself is questionable at times. 🙂

    I notice I haven’t actually written anything about why I do this.  What’s my motivation?  Some folks have a seperate post for this and then reference it in a link in the sidebar.  Maybe I’ll do more later… right now my motivation is because it is fun, because I wanted an easy way to let friends and family in on what we are doing and what we look lke while we’re doing it (mind you, I’m posting the pictures, so there will be none of me that I don’t approve… cause there are some bad ones out there).  Because I enjoy writing and for some reason I can’t seem to be able to write with an actual pen and paper, but can manage to take the time to pull this sucker up and type… go figure.  Because I do want to write something to be published one day, maybe, and you have to practice, right?

    As an aside, I haven’t gone out of my way to tell a lot of folks about my blog, but I haven’t kept it a secret either.  Wait, let me amend… there were a few friends I told and blatantly beg for comments from… dear Heart is a very busy man, so I don’t know whether he will ever stop by or not, but I don’t hide anything from him, anyway.  Secrets are hard for me to keep from him.  My thoughts are probably better formulated and put down here than anywhere you may ever hear them from my mouth, so I kind of hope friends and family read so we don’t have to have all the conversations.  Or, at least, I won’t have to verbally start them.  I’m not confrontational… can you tell?

    So I’ve mentioned I don’t like the Instant Messenger abbreviation lingo… so I think I have settled on referring to my husband as my Heart.  It’s a refernce I found to an E. E. Cummings poem part of which goes:

    “and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart
    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)”

    Follow the link and scroll down for the complete thing.  It’s sweet and really does a wonderful job summing up how much I’m only “Me” because of his impact on my life.

    On poetry… I don’t have tons of books of poetry laying around the house… I’m more of a “search for what I need to express how I feel” kind of person.  And I sooo love easy searching online!  Google is my friend.  This Cummings guy apparently had a real hang up abut proper punctuation, so some of it’s a little hard to read.  But for some reason, written out in that way, his words reflect a little better how your heart just kind of runs away with you when you feel these things… and that’s what poetry is really good at expressing, I think.

    The family was watching a history channel program last night about the Spear of Destiny.  Now, I didn’t grow up in a denomination that made a big deal out of the relics, so I was late in coming to this extended story.  Basically, for those as relic-illiterate as I, the spear that was used to pierce Christ’s side on the cross supposedly carries some pretty mean power with it and enables the possessor to “rule the world”.    (The image runs with my train of thought… scary, huh?)  Charlemagne, Constantine both had it, goes the legend… Hitler wanted it and our CIA kept him from getting it… there are supposedly 4 of them and nobody has a problem with the copies.

    Anyway, the end of the show says something about lines “clearly blurred” in the facts/fiction of the thing.  SO my wonderful and witty Perrin says “How can things be clearly blurred?”  🙂 You gotta love the oxymorons.

    How many of you make blog entries, read back over them every little once in a while, sometimes weeks or months later, and then find yourself going back and editing them to appear as though they were perfect in the first place?

    Our Christmas celebrations will be different this year.  We have traditionally gone back to the grandparent’s homes, spending 3 or so days there unwrapping way too many gifts and then trying to figure out how to make them all fit into the trunk for the trip home.  Our Christmas fits somewhere around that.  This year, Tom has Monday off.  Period.  Which is OK, just means we have to abbreviate the trip a bit.  In tomorrow, over to the other Grandparent’s home the next, back to our home as early as we can get packed up and out Monday.  And since I haven’t managed to do any shopping yet, I suggested we do our Christmas on New Year’s, since Tom has that off too and I’m not really into the rush.  We’ll see how it goes.

    Short Legs (that’s Tom’s nickname for Moira) has decided that the entire house has been woefully ignored in the decorating for the Yuletide.  She has decided to pick ornaments off of the tree (I did think ahead and only put unbreakable ones in her reach) and artfully place them all over the downstairs.  Right now I have a plasti-crystal snowflake in my printer and her soft nativity is under her excersaucer… others litter the floor in odd corners.  Hope the spiders appreciate all of the trouble she has gone to to make their Christmas a little more festive! 🙂

    Speaking of Moira… she now has the ideas of “yes” and “no” firmly in her mind… “Moira, do you want bubbles in your bath”. shakes head no “Are you sure?” firmly nods in the affirmative.  (She doesn’t like bubbles, although she can’t seem to talk enough about them.)  “Moira, do you want to go for your nap ride?” shakes head no while leaning over on her little elbows, eyes glued to the Winnie The Pooh movie about to come on and says “B”.  I told Perrin this morning that it was getting harder and harder not to laugh at all of the wrong times with her.  She’s a character!

    And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of site… “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

    “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”



    thought you might like this link

    babies are so clever 🙂

    have a wonderful Christmas day

    peace and blessings


    December 24 5:19 PM

  • Susan

    (no name)Wishing you a very merry Christmas.. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    December 23 7:13 PM

  • Tammy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tammy 🙂 🙂 🙂You are a very interesting person”a” my wonderful mommy!


    December 23 4:11 PM

  • Moira

    Moirathanks for stopping by my space. Moira is a very unusual name, how did you choose that for short legs? My mother must hav given me 13 milllion different stories as to why she chose that name for me. The story most often told is she wanted a good Irish name for one of her kids, since the 5 before me all had non-Irish names. Lucky me. I’lll say that when I was little I didn’t appreciate the novelty name and it took me until my 30’s before I really appreciated the uniqueness of the name. In 45 years I’ve heard of other Moira’s but have never met another. Have a very merry celebration and tell Moira that Moira says hello.

    December 23 11:11 AM

  • Brenda

    BrendaHi Tammy,

    Gosh, it sounds like you have a lot of family to visit and things to do for the Chirstmas holiday.  I wish you and your family the most joyful blessings this Chirstmas.

    oh, and as for reading back on previous blogs of mine…. I just see all the spelling mistakes and can’t correct them after a certain period of time.  Not sure if there is a way to edit things from way back but then again, I’m exceptionally challenged in technical areas!

    Have a great evening!


    December 22 11:19 PM

  • Ann

    AnnHello!  The Garden Aglow at the Botanical gardens is definately a relaxing, go-at-your-own-pace type of thing.  There are just “lights and sights” all around, and no order to how to look at them.  There were plenty of people there, but it’s never felt “crowded”.  With the freshly fallen snow, it couldn’t have been more lovely!  A very “Christmasy” event! 

    December 22 5:45 PM

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    1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

    Definitely and most exhuberantly, hot chocolate! The more marshmallows, the better!

    2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?

    What would be the fun of unwrapped presents? I’ll save that option for when I’m old and have noone else to care for (which, hopefully, will be never).

    3. Colored or white lights on tree/house?

    Colored, sometimes blinkie… depends on what the children want. Do you remember the really big ones (we use the small ones) and the wonderful bubble lights you could trade out for some? Ahhh the memories!

    4. Do you hang mistletoe?

    Sometimes… any kiss is a good kiss… no, wait… OK, maybe I’ll just be really careful who I let go through THAT door.

    5. When do you put your decorations up?

    Whenever the fancy strikes. Though, never before Thanksgiving. A better question is probably “How long do you let them stay up?” Now that could be embarassing.

    6. What  is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?

    Do I have to pick just one? Can I pick a course? I like just about any appetizer… cheese balls and crackers are really good. Basically, anything you can throw in your mouth before the children notice and ask for theirs.

    7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child?

    Although I don’t really know if I look back on it fondly or not, one of my most vivid memories has me and 2 cousins, all roughly the same age, standing together for a picture wearing the same red jumpers that my aunt made for us.

    8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?

    Don’t remember, although I can remember finding Dad’s Santa outfit… I think maybe I was about 9 or 10??

    10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

    Small colorful lights with lots of ornaments. Theme? Anything goes! Halllmark and handmade. Maybe when I’m older I’ll have a true themed tree… naaaaa

    11. Snow! Love it or Dread it?

    Love it! Flurries with just a little sticking until after everyone has made it safely home… then it could snow up a blizzard!

    12. Can you ice skate?

    Uhhmmmm… On real skates? I have before, but I remember my ankles killing me afterwards. Much prefer the old “skate in your tennis shoes on the closest frozen body of water”.

    13. Do you remember your favorite gift?

    A huge Crissy doll with hair that would “grow”.

    14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays?

    Peace and Joy… didn’t the angels say something about that?

    15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?

    It’s a tie between fruit cake, peanut butter fudge, chocolate pie, ribbon candy, coconut cream pie and candy canes (and you thought I was going to pick!).

    16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

    The cranberry sauce that it’s in the shape of a can on the plate (thanks Gran Bailey!) Or maybe thinking back when we put the ornaments on the tree… each has memories attached.

    17. What tops your tree?

    Not much, as I put a lot of effort into putting those darned lights on… Oh you mean actually on top? Star

    18. Which do you prefer giving or receiving?

    This is a trick question, right?

    19. What is your favorite Christmas Song?

    Silver Bells

    20. Candy Canes! Yuck or yummy?

    candy canes… but they have to be the peppermint kind… none of those new-fangled bubblegum flavored candy canes.

    21. Favorite Christmas Movie?

    Please refer to the tile of my page… also like White Christmas, Holiday Inn and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    22. Tinsel or no  tinsel (icicles)?

    Garland… I waste all my patience on the lights.

    23. Do you like to go caroling?

    I would love to… when we going?

    24. Do you like to sleep in or get up early on Christmas morning?

    Somebody gets to sleep in on Christmas morning?

    25. Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa?

    Sometimes… and boy do they taste good!

    26. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?

    Yes. At the very least, at my grandmother’s house. We don’t stand on too much ceremony here, as we live 2 hours away from family and so have to have “Christmas” at several different places

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    Tip 1

    Stay tuned…More on blogging coming up…

    So, my Heart has a new job… data analyst, I think.  He asked me if I could explain yet what it was he was doing now.  Of course, I try, but I just never do it justice… not in any of the other positions he’s had either.  I think he doesn’t hold it against me.  At least, I hope he doesn’t.

    For the past year and 1/2, though, his passion has been business blogs, and he’s really good at it.  Now, I am a blog-newbie, so I don’t quite yet have the whole link thing figured out, but here is an example of some of his passion: http://businessbloghive.com/2006/09/08/getting-started-as-a-successful-outstanding– wish I could inbed it as a blue text link, so the abruptness of it didn’t cause you to turn the volume down (I always hate the “beeeeep… this is a test… this is only a test” thing they invariably do during my favorite shows).  But, alas, that will wait for another long nap time. 🙂

    So, I want to better my blog a bit.  And I mentioned the whole blog-tipping thing the other day… but I have yet to receive one, that I know of.  In the spirit of the season, maybe it is better to give than receive.  Of course, I will be nice.  So here it is… my first blog tip (drum roll please)…

    Kudos goes to my friend Meg at http://megsgarden63.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F47977C761FA7A82!1620.trak

    I love the calm blue background of her blog… puts me in a mood to read.

    I love that her pictures (which are nicely done) are not at the top of her blog.  This means her actual blog entries load up quickly and I can see if she’s added anything new without having to wait for the pictures to load.

    I love her posting style… she’s got haikus in her blogs!  How cool is that?!? She writes in a personal, carefully carefree tone, so I could “chat” with her non-stop.  And the fact that she appreciates how she embarasses her children shows me she doesn’t mind the wildflowers in her garden.

    One thing I would improve?  Gee, it’s really hard to say, and is really more of a personal preference thing… I don’t care much for thumbnail images in a books list.  Don’t know why… maybe I just see them as too tiny to matter… I pick books a lot for their titles anyway.  Like I said, it’s a personal preference and not a biggie.

    Love your blog Meg!  Who’s next? 🙂


    SkRuMshZewll good to hear things are looking good..:o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

    December 21 9:38 AM

  • Brenda

    BrendaJust catching up…..hope all is well with you and your family.  I was a data analyst for many years so I can relate to the analytical thinking thing!!

    I love Meg’s space as well.  Plus the fact that she has a very good sense of humor!

    Take care,


    December 21 12:59 AM

  • meg

    megThank you for the “tip”; when you mentioned them before, I got the same image of teenagers upending our bovine friends 😉

    December 20 12:36 PM

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