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My weekend

Haven’t seen my heart aaaaallllll weekend. 

My twins have been gone since 5 Friday… it’s just been me and short legs.  VERY QUIET!  Man, my twins are noisey!  I miss them though.  I don’t think there was an hour that has gone by this weekend that I haven’t thought about them and wondered if they were having a good time.  I hope they’ve heard something that imapcted them.  They’ve spent their entire lives hearing Mommy teach them in Sunday school, in Bible quizzing and at church camps.  It’s a little hard to hope someone else can realize how important it is to ME that they do a good job reaching my now-tweens!  I’m sure God has them in His very capable hands, but they’re still on loan to me for a little while longer and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t wait and hope and pray.  I can’t wait to hear how it all went!!!


BrendaTammy – sorry you are missing the kids 😦   I hope your week is wonderful!

February 01 12:12 AM

  • meg

    megAwww, poor Mom 😦  Sounds like you survived, though. It’s a good thing for them to hear other voices- even though they aren’t as smart as Mom’s- & you never know when they will meet someone or hear something that changes their lives for Him.

    January 30 5:34 PM

  • Cozy Guy

    Cozy GuyOh that is tough to have them away for that long. I sympathize with you.

    Take care. 

    January 30 3:51 PM

  • Amy

    AmyI hope the twins had fun, sounds like they would have!  The new Valentine’s Pictures up of Moira are adorable!  Very creative of you too Mama!  Good job!


    January 28 7:15 PM

  • Ann

    AnnWow… they grow up way too fast, if you ask me!  Kiki will be going away to summer camp on her own this year for the first time, and I am so not ready for that!  I hope your kids have a fantastic time!

    January 28 6:37 PM

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    Meant to blog on this a week or so ago… I sent an e-mail blast to several of my state legislators about this HPV shot being mandatory.  One of about 12 (was he the one with the short stick or are my legislators just not very worried about what I have to say?) e-mailed me back to say that he did not think the KY bill would pass with it being mandatory.  WHEW!  That is a relief!

    As soon as it is covered by insurance my husband and I will discuss what to do… I doubt seriously that we will have our daughters get it, though.  There will be some sort of discussion on the issue.  I mean, I’m not advocating stupidity or burying our heads in the sand here.  Cancer is a real and scarey threat, but I don’t think that’s what “they” are going for here.  Thanks so much for all of your previous comments, too!  I was beginning to feel as if I was in some sort of “Waco” type freaky-minded minority here.  I was just shocked when conservative friends around me were lining up to have their daughters “protected”.  I sooo totally understand their fears… but I just can not shut my eyes to the ramifications of a mandatory STD immunization for children.  So, thanks again for your understanding (even if not agreeing) thoughts.


    I have a recipe for you.  This chocolate cake is wonderful!  And weird!  Some of you may already have it, cause I think it’s been around for a while.

    Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

      In a large bowl, sift together:

         1 tsp salt, 2 c flour, 1/3 c cocoa, 4 tsp baking powder

      Stir in:

         2 c sugar, 1 c milk, 1/3 c oil, 2 tsp vanilla

    Mix well.  Spread into a large, greased cake pan and set aside.

      In a seperate bowl, combine:

         2 c brown sugar and 2/3 c cocoa… sprinkle this over the cake.

    Pour 3 cups hot water over all.  Bake for 40-45 minutes at 350*.  Finished cake will be gooey!  Let set for 10 minutes before serving.  Cocoa and sugar can both be reduced by 1/2 in both cake and topping.  I also got the same results subsituting the same amount of baking SODA + 1 tsp of vinegar for the powder (you gotta work with what’cha got sometimes!).

    Now you might like to know, too, that I left mine out in my very cold kitchen last night and the gooey part became a little less runny and a lot more like pudding.  So, you might want to refrigerate this one just for consistency’s sake… it won’t spoil if left out, though.

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    I’ve been reading the Arthur Trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland… good to the last drop books!  I’m a bit of a Camelot/Arthurian legend fan… not a fanatic, just a fan.  And this one’s pretty good.  The author writes mostly short chapters so it seems like a fast read and he’s woven the Arthurian legends into the story of another Arthur who lives during the Crusades.  Mr. Holland has used a “seeing stone” that Crusades Arthur can look into and see parts of Camelot Arthur’s life… and they seem to either mirror his own or try to help him in some way with his own problems.  Which goes back to that post a while back about how everybody’s life events circle and mirror others.  I just love it when themes repeat themselves in my life for the benefit of my failing memory!

    Check out my new pictures…”Let me explain… nooo, let me sum up” why Perrin is sporting a Pirate stance.  Do you watch “Mythbusters”?  We get sucked into that show every time we see it on.  And it’s fairly educational too, which is a real bonus!  Anyway, they recently did an episode on pirate myths and one of the guiys spent the entire show talking like a pirate.  So I challenged the children to give me their best pirate impersonation.  Hence the picture.  Sam being Sam, only tried to sound like one… so no picture. 

    You know, Moira wasn’t even crawling when those pictures were taken last year!

    Speaking of Mythbusters… Sam’s project for the science fair was to make a hovercraft.  It turned out VERY cool and everybody loved it.  Turns out it would hold both Sam and Perrin and stay afloat.  Totally cool!  Seems, however that the mythbusters made this same thing on one of their shows… that one I miss.  Would have been helpful, too because Sam’s paper to sum up his project was definitely lacking.

    I’m feeling better today… would have had a wonderful night’s rest had Moira not eatten apples.  That would make a good cliff-hanger!  But I won’t do that to you.  Moira loves apples, but they absolutely reek havoc on her bottom… she woke up wailing from a diaper rash… she had one apple wedge yesterday for Petey sake.  I am hoping she will potty train quckly and quietly when we start (I still have to get out and buy a potty).  Never mind that I firmly know that it is ME that will be training… oh how I remember trying to remind the children to go to the potty ALL.. THE.. TIME!  I’m 10 years older now… I hope I can keep up with it well enough to escape the lapses.

    Sam and Perrin are going to a youth retreat this weekend with their church group.  I hope the speaker is engaging… surely she is?!?  Sam is the one who HAS to have somebody really capture his attention.  And he’s not even sure about going… has a very hard time with a nervous stomache.  Thank God his twin sister is a strong young lady… although I think that is part of the problem… he doesn’t have many situations when he can’t get her help if he needs it.

    Now, I wonder if Tom and I will be able to squeeze in anything for us this weekend?  He’s got a lot on his plate still yet… sometimes I wish time would go a little faster so he can get to a more reasonable spot in his work life… but I really don’t want to wish my time away with the children… May and their brithdays will be here before I know it.

    Gotta go watch B with Moira.  Have a great weekend!

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    I love “What About Winn Dixie”… have you read the book??  Seen the movie??  Moira got up this morning with her Daddy and me.  Had a rough start because I needed to be suddenly (at least to her) up and doing things… making breakfast, coffee… finding a clean t-shirt.  She made it back into the living room with her egg and bread and turned the tv on (As an aside, I’m not quite sure I like her first reaction to be turning on the boob-tube, but it’s got it’s advantages).  “Winn Dixie” was on HBO and she is completely and totally beside herself when she sees animals on tv, so that’s where it stayed.  Picture her sitting on the couch, raptly attentive… sucking in quick little 20 month old breaths through that little circle mouth… eyebrows lifted.  She was happy.

    Tom is eatting his egg sandwhich before he has to rush off to make an 8:15 meeting that he called (I told you this is a 45 minute commute for him, right?).  “You know, this makes all the difference in the world.”  Eatting breakfast.  Awwwww  Then my heart wants to know if all 18 month olds are this full of personality.  “Dear, she’s 20 months old”… “No she’s not… she’ll always be 18 months, Perrin and Sam will always be 11 and you’ll always be 30”.  Awwww (I’m NOT 30… I’m on my way to 40, so you understand.)

    So the little girl in the movie, India Opal, says “… the trouble with people today is they’ve forgotten to share their sadness.  But I think the problem is they’ve forgotten to share their joy.”  And of course she has that wonderful mutt who seems to actually smile when he’s joyful!  And I’ll add that I think we’ve forgotten to share a lot more than sadness or joy, although maybe it all boils down to that in the end.  How much did it take for my heart to put voice to his pleasure with breakfast?  Not much… but he could easily have forgotten, or not even thought to mention it.  After all, it wasn’t such a big thing… took maybe 5 minutes to do that and make coffee and took even less time to eat.  So I don’t think we intentionally forget to share our little joys and sadnesses… they just take an active decision to not let them get buried under the “more important stuff” or just the quantity of stuff that makes up our days.

    “No man is an island.”  “No man is a failure who has friends.”  We all affect the people in our lives.  The people we just happen to smile at on the street, our closer friends who *have our backs* when we do stupid stuff like run out of gas in the car on the way to special events (Thank you, again guys!)… and our close family whom we sometimes get in the habit of taking for granted because our job or our public persona isn’t on the line.  When I had to grudgingly ask for help during the aforementioned stupid incident, my friend commented that we really don’t like asking people for help, but are we begrudging them an opportunity to serve, like our Lord directed us to?  I see his point.  And I agree… and it fits nicely with this theme of sharing our sadnesses (an empty gas tank) and joys (friends who go the distance… figurativly AND literally).  Here’s my disclaimer though… I still believe it is healthy to not want to ask, because otherwise some of us, me included, would have a tendency to take advantage of people.  But for the realization to hit home that we have to ask… and then to have somebody to ask , means we’re mature enough to see our limitations and blessed enough to have somebody close enough to us to put all our faults on display with.

    Because we’ve all done stupid stuff, and we’ve all smiled to the person passing just because… we just need to be willing to share sometimes (and maybe know when NOT to share) so that we’re all not so diminished by the loss of one.  There, is, after all, only One that it all depends on, but we’re all small members of that One body. 

    Hmmmm gotta go lighten up a bit and enjoy Cliffird the Big Red Dog with Moira… getting some schoolwork started wouldn’t be such a tough thing either.


    MissyThank you for this blog-it made me smile:)  My mom told me the other day that I am a truly compassionate person and that she loves how I always tell my family I love them after every phone call or visit. She was very upset about my so called friends hurting me. It made me feel good to here my mom compliment me in that way. I never really thought about it before though-it’ s just who I am. I am the person that will smile when I walk by and say thank you to everyone who does anything for me! Oh, and I love Winn Dixie!:)

    Thank you for the Math comment. I am not very good at math at all and I don’t want my daughter to end up like me. I do find that I push my kids sometimes when it comes to their grades. I just know what they are capable of and I don’t want them to end up like me-just barely making it in high school when I know now I was way better then that!  ~ Missy

    January 26 11:12 AM

  • Serenity Seekers

    Serenity SeekersHi Tammy!

    Interesting about the TV Guide…. I am Canadian and so perhaps it was just in Canada that they stopped it.  They did a special “Collectors Edition” for that as well!  Good to ehar from you- I’ll be back to do some reading later on- super stressed and tired and need some sleep!

    God BLess, Lynda

    January 26 2:20 AM

  • Brenda

    BrendaThere are so many people that I know that have the gift of compassion and empathy and it really is something that blesses them when others share their sadness. 

    Your comment on my Vegas blog made me laugh more than once!  Yes, I think somehow Pete needs the $ and isn’t it ironic that it’s Vegas that he heads to??

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!


    January 25 11:40 PM

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    Tip 5

    blog tipping in blogger land

    So, I’m more than a day late and a dollar short again, but here’s my tip for the week.  And no, I don’t pay any amount of dollars for this kind of stuff, so don’t ask… but if you have any kind of remuneration for the author, my hat is out and up.   Think the chimney sweep guy in Mary Poppins… one day a sidewalk chalk artist, one day a one-man-band, one day a kite seller, the next a chimney sweep… it’s whatever pays! 🙂

    First, I just gotta know, and perhaps someone reading is in the loop enough to supply the knowledge.  Why do people have a blog on spaces and a very similar, if not the same, blog on blogger?  Is it an audience thing?   More democrats that read blogger and Republicans that read spaces?  More family type stuff on spaces and the intelligencia on blogger?  This is an honest question… I’m so curious about this.  I mean, I have my business blog on blogger, but it is entirely seperate and different from this one.  So, maybe it is purpose?


    Today we’re actually tipping a lady with her toes in two different stacks.  The Caffeinated Librarian can be found at both blogging addresses.  So, you’re getting a two-for-one deal today!  I don’t know if I like one better than the other… but there are differences.



    1:  My first like relates to both… being a librarian, I guess she can’t help it, but I love the lists… her music lists, her book lists, quotes list, blogs and links she likes… gosh, I’m in information overload and I LOVE it!  I like her “Who I Am” list on spaces… maybe that’s one of the big differences for me in the two… spaces seems a bit more personal… like you get to know somebody better.

    2:  Another kind-of list that I really love on her blogger spot is not exactly a list in the spaces meaning of the term, but is in the body of her posts… she does a weekly blog tour… sharing other blogs and news she’s found of interest online with links to each.  I am probably going to start going here pretty early on when I’m reviewing to get a feel for waz’up.  She keeps me up to date on the Three Hour Tour before I get there. NICE!

    3:  I love her writing voice… she’s sassy and sweet and doesn’t mind to speak her mind!  I feel like I know her when she talks about her family… maybe she’s the little voice in my head that I keep hearing…

    And since it’s 2 different sites, maybe I can get away with an extra like or two?

    4:  I like the flicker badge on blogger… if you took the pics, WOW what an eye!  If you did not, at least you have an eye for nice images!  As an aside… flicker is nice and I have a bunch of pics there, but I just can’t put the money into the account that will let me upload as many images as I want… bummer!  And I could never seem to get my flicker badge on KapitalMusik to work right… hmmm…

    5:  I like that the style of the spaces blog gives me more info right up front, but the blogger site has a really clean, fresh look.  *finger tapping temple*

    So, now the “dirty” part… what would I improve?  Scratching head here… I don’t know, except maybe just more at spaces, but that must be a preference thing and I am NOT one to get in the middle of love… or like… or even preference.

    So get yourself a cup of coffee and check out one of the Librarian’s blogs… you won’t regret it!


    megI, too, have 2 virtually indentical blogs in Spaces & on Blogger- I started the Blogspot site not because of problems I had with Spaces, but because several of my regulars were having problems & were fleeing to Blogger. I started that site so they could still come by to visit w/o Spaces problems; also, in order to comment, you have to have MSN Spaces- in Blogger, anyone can comment.

    January 25 10:34 PM

  • Brenda

    BrendaAha!  So that’s why people have two blogs! 

    I’ll have to expand my horizons with more blog buddies!

    Take care,


    January 24 12:42 AM

  • Brenda

    BrendaAha!  So that’s why people have two blogs! 

    I’ll have to expand my horizons with more blog buddies!

    Take care,


    January 24 12:41 AM

  • Cozy Guy

    Cozy GuyInteresting thoughts on that subject, for which I have zero (0) answer(s) for! Heck, I cant even keep fill one space with interesting information, let alone two.

    Thanks for the visit and kind comments. Your punsihment is that I have linked you! And people think I am sooooooo nice……..!

    January 22 1:11 PM

  • Amy

    AmyI’ll have to check it out.  Good tip!

    January 22 11:48 AM

  • Caffeinated Librarian

    Caffeinated LibrarianMy girl Betsy speaks the truth! They aren’t really two blogs…just one split into two urls. The MSN came first and has the “first year and a bit” of posts when I was really starting to get used to what it meant to blog. I switched to Blogger mainly because of my frustration with slow and inconsistent access to MSN, but like Betsy says, I have a bunch of folks from MSN who I like to keep in touch with, which is why my MSN blog isn’t going anywhere.

    I like those early MSN posts, in some ways better than the stuff I’m doing now mainly because I took a LOT of time and care to write and rewrite them back then. On the other hand, I also like the quick and easy writing-like-I-talk that I do on Blogger; it’s nice to be able to do a post in an hour as apposed to 5 hours. *grin* 

    But thank you for all the nice things you said about me. I love how all my fellow librarians keep finding me. *grin*

    January 21 4:43 PM

  • Betsy

    BetsyI can answer! I have both a Spaces blog and WordPress (No Longer Just Some Girl- you commented earlier…).  I started out with Spaces, but was extremely frustrated with the change over to Spaces Live. It is slow, laborious, and a pain in the neck.

    Also, did you know that people who do not have a Spaces account cannot leave a comment on your blog? That’s why I’m logged into my Spaces account right now- otherwise I could not leave you a note.

    THose are the two main reasons I switched blogs (and if I recall, CL switched for similar reasons). I keep Spaces so that I can comment on some Spaces blogs, but I am much happier at WordPress. Anyone can comment on my blog, no matter what their domain is. I like that.

    January 21 4:03 PM

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    First, a yeah!Moira has decided this morning that she knows when she is pooping and peeing.  I asked her if she wanted to go sit on the toilet… firm head shake yes… but it scared her.  Minutes later she came into the living room to get me without her diaper on… she had pooped and taken it off for me to come see and clean up.  I thnk a potty may be in order very soon… maybe she’ll be trained by the end of the summer?  Whenever we move it will be strange, but might as well grab this bull by the horns.  (As an aside, I am so amazed at how much is cognitively going on with her the past month.  She’s just really making a lot of connections.)

    Now, I’ll just say that sometimes I just can’t believe how dim I am.  Last night I had gone into my room to run the nebulizer and realized a small amount of liquid was still in the cup… now, is this just water or does it have some of the albuterol in it?  Me not wanting to waste any, I put it into a small medicine cup next to my bed.  What do you think happened?  Moira drank it!   So I am standing there, absolutly STUNNED!  Well, what are you gonna do?  I’m not one who panics much… so I’m running through everything in my head… was less than a tsp., I’ll watch her real close for the next little bit, anything that might happen should happen  within an hour or so… I’ll check online.    Went to folkdance as normal and she never acted any different than usual.  But, boy did I feel stupid!  By the way, she slept with me last night… didn’t even start out in her own bed.

    Cut to this morning.  Had a wonderful and relaxing morning… made pancakes and sausage for brunch… was drinking some hot coffee before gettting up to do some other things.  Perrin was being ever so loving and scratching my back. —  Moira is screaming!!!  It takes only the briefest second for me to realize that she has tried to pick up my coffee cup and spilled it on her… another couple of seconds to figure out where and a mad dash into the bathroom to strip off her diaper and plop her in the sink with some water running over her.   I am not so relaxed anymore!  Sat forever with her naked little bottom against me and a blanket wrapped around her… then put her in the tub so I could kind of wait and watch and see how much of the alarming pinkness on her belly went away.  She was, of course, much more calm than me by this point and played and splashed in the tub water for about 45 minutes.  No more pink.  WHEW!

    I am somewhat proud to say that, even though I was VERY tempted, I did not cave and just automatically nurse her for comfort.  Don’t get me wrong.  She didn’t even ask or make a move in that direction.  It was me!  I needed to comfort her.  So I’m glad I didn’t just loose all my wits and nurse her, even though it was her nap time.  It would have been OK if I had… but I didn’t.
    Sometimes I wonder if I underreact to stuff.  I mean, I can appreciate that about myself because I’m able to act and respond confidently and knowledgably when I need to.  But how many of you out there are reading and gasping and rolling your eyes and thinking I’m a bad parent?  I’ll never know, but a little part of me wonders about myself too.  Not enough to be paranoid about stuff.  And probably many more accidents will happen.  Well,  anyway… it’s somebody else’s turn to do something totally natural and feel like a big screw-up.  Just make sure you come back here so I can tell you it’s OK and the poor child will probably never remember.  After all, I have successfully raised twins to 11… here’s to making it to 12 and 2 in one (well, really 3) pieces come May!


    BrendaHere’s an overreacting moment from my hubby several years ago….. He sees a bump on my daughter’s chest and takes her to the doctor to check it out.  The doctor states very matter of factly that it is breast tissue being formed in a pre-pubescent way.  D’oh!!  He thought she had some type of mass and it was only early “boobs”.

    I think every parent has a story of something that happend to their child on their watch!  Don’t worry, you are still a great parent!

    I’ve got some more catching up to do on your site…. I’ll read on.

    January 24 12:34 AM

  • Amy

    AmyUgh!  It’s hard being the mommy sometimes.  Lilla has a big old bruise on her cheek right now because I let her sit on her new car in the kitchen.  Her cousin walked in, she got excited and she has no idea to put her feet down so she just kind of sailed off it and onto the hard kitchen floor.  My poor little one!  I have many more stories of the same. 🙂

    I love Guess How Much I love you too.  That’s why I did her room in it.  Too, too cute!

    Have a good night/great Sunday!


    January 20 9:59 PM

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    I’m sorry!  I probably made you all think that I was at death’s door.  And, while my poor breathing IS taking it’s toll on my energy, I am still very much alive.  My breathing woes remain, but it’s not really bad if I have things that I can do… it’s only REALLY scarey when I am wheezing and have tried everything at my disposal and it still doesn’t seem to help.  Thankfully, I have my trusty nebulizer, my benadryl and it is significantly colder outside than it is in my home… so I have options.  I am starting to really recognize just how much less energy I have, but that will all hopefully be dealt with once I can get to this allergy/asthma specialist.

    So, I have been “in action” lately, keeping me away from my journaling.  Had the discussion with the twins the other day about our “talents” and how we use them.  In the parable, there is very little said about specific times… just that after some time, the master came back.  So the discussion followed the threads of “when you were born, your Dad and I gave you certain talents”… and “you’re goal is to double what you’ve been given snd there is NO set time to work on/with our talents”… because, just because it’s 6:00 in the evening doesn’t mean you can’t be working on something that interests you and that you are learning from and it WILL be counted as school.  And for my son’s benefit – no, that does not mean that you can play play station before school hours are up, even if you plan on working on something later.  And for my daughter’s benefit – if you are doing your best, than we are proud of you and you ARE doing something with your talents… (she really stresses way too much).

    I and a few other moms are working on creating a new homeschool group here in town… something that is not religiously based, even though all of us are devout Christians (our current group is running into some problems that sort of stem from the “whose denomination is Christian and whose is not”).  Yes, I will hopefully be moving about an hour away sometime this summer, but I still wanted to help if I could.

    I’m also trying to edit a friend’s e-book, so I’m doing a few things.

    I’m supposed to be tracking down some donations for a raffle to be held during our folkdance group’s midwinter program… but I’m having a little trouble deciding to do that… yes, just make some phone calls… but, oh well… it will get done… I’m just dragging it out way too long.  And then there is the practice that goes along with that (not exactly easy when you can’t breath well, so I have to beg out of some).
    The children and I made doughnut holes the other morning and had a ball.  I’ve really tried to pay attention to spending some quality time with them that isn’t school.  Let me just tell you, that is hard!  Sat down with Moira at the computer the other morning… she was writing with a pen on her hand.  Then I gave her a clean slate… my hand.  Then we drew faces on hers and my fingers… it’s the little things that are fun when you don’t mind the nagging Mommy in your head.  Also fixed the VCR… she had stuffed 2 golf tees in the tape slot and one of them got jammed.  So we can now watch “B” (pooh bear) again… yeah!

    Well, I gotta take her for her nap ride… she’s actually fallen asleep several times in the past week or so by herself… but I’ve got too much going on this afternoon for her to get cranky at all the wrong times!  I’ll tiptoe a little later for some commenting!  I’ve missed you guys!


    AnnHope you are feeling better!

    January 24 2:26 AM

  • meg

    megThat’s one of the things that kept me from homeschooling (beyond my complete lack of teaching ability & marginal patience) was feeling like I was always “on the job” so to speak. You seem to have the ability to separate “teacher-mom” & “mom”, which is probably why you have been successful at it.

    Glad to hear you are feeling a “shift in the wind” health-wise; keep on top of it & be better.

    January 19 11:46 PM

  • Amy

    AmyI was wondering what happened to you!

    Sounds like you’ve been busy, kids will do that to you.

    That’s so cool that you let your little one draw on you…life is too short to be worried about stuff like that1

    Enjoy your weekend!


    January 19 6:00 PM

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