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Tip 8

OK… I’ve spent a few months here at my starter-blog and I’m feeling a bit confined.  What??? You say?  But you have 2 columns and pictures and RSS feeds and a sandbox and youtube.  I know, I know… but I’m starting to get that itch.  You know the one, “If we tear down that wall, put a few spolights there, redecorate this corner… maybe I’d be so much happier with my place.  Wait, you mean if I tear down the wall,  might find that the room isn’t square to begin with and the floors slope and I’ll never get it to look just right?”

Now, besides the fact that I know just a little too well the misery and woes of redecorating/remodeling an old home, I kind of know that somtimes it’s just easiest to go somwhere and build your own.  Trouble is, it takes  while to get up to speed.  Anyway, here are some reasons I’m looking at WordPress.com  .

1)  These guys do what they can because they like doing it.  And it’s a “community built” kind of service.  If you can “code” (I cannot), you can submit anything and you just might see it there!  There are 2 different but related entities here…  one hosts your blog as well as gives you tools but you can’t use the things that might cause security issues; the other you host, or find a different host and use all of the tools word press offers at your discretion which means a lot more customization possible… which also leads to a lot more user created customizations.  Something they call the “tag surfer” helps you find other blogs in the wordpress community that are talking about the same things you are… that’s easier surfing I can get into!

2)  I don’t know if this is available on any of the blogs you use or frequent, but a lot of the WP blogs I’ve looked at for ideas have a calendar in the sidebar that you can use to get through the blog… point and click at the last date you visited and you get directed to those posts.  There are also the blogrolls we’re so used to as well as recent comments made on the blog posts (no need to sign in and such).  You can also inlcude buttons and such without a sandbox.  Now, I know some of these things might be doable in live spaces, but I’m a little tired from looking for the work-arounds.  And folks that come to a word press blog don’t have to have any word press id or try to figure out the alphabet soup “type the word you see” into the box for security’s sake.

3)  One of the coolest things about word press is the ability to have pages, sometimes they’re tagged on the top nav, sometimes just in the sidebar.  That looks like the place I’m going to put most of my pictures… and maybe a page for each of the heirs… what else?

The biggest problem with using word press is that there is soooo much to go through.  Sure, you could pick a theme and start blogging.  But the reason I want to move is because I want my blog to look uniquely me.  So I guess I have a bit of reading to do!


BrendaFor some strange reason when I started to read about you getting that “itch” I thought of the song from the 70’s MacArthur Park where the lyrics are:

MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down…
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
‘Cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh, no!

I know, weird!!!!  Not sure where that came from other than it took so long to get to this point and you may never have the recipe again!!  🙂 

Ok, I’ll stop now!  I’ll have to check out the links so I can picture this.

Take care,


February 27 9:44 PM


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Another contest over at 5 Minutes For Mom… it’s a cute little Easter bracelet.  I like how they promote other moms’ online businesses.  Check it out!  Party’s coming… mark your calendars for March 2-9.


Updated my 5 X 5 list… maybe I can be a little less scatterbrained this way.  Last week didn’t go half bad, so we’ll give it another go.


We had friends over last Friday for our Backyard Ballistics co-op.  I always have such a good time chatting and sharing with these moms!  Encouraged one to try some herbal tea that I had (last time she drank it, she didn’t sweeten it – Blah!).  She liked it… also discussed what our children are reading – she has some issues with the Harry Potter series so I asked her if she let her son read the Lord of the Rings series (she does… we can agree to disagree on Harry Potter).  They had seen the movies, but he had not been able to find the books at the library, so I loaned them mine.  She is so sweet!  She e-mailed me the next day to thank me for  introducing her to the tea (“Herbal tea, this is T… T this is sweetened herbal tea”) and to say she had bought some at the store.  She likes trying and finding new things.  We could have been cut from the same cloth, me and her!  Nice to sometimes know when we impact the lives of others, no matter to what little degree!  I am sooo going to miss my friends here when we move! 😦  Don’t dwell, Tammy… don’t dwell.

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Since Amy is taking a leave from blah, blah, blogging… and since it looked like fun, I thought I might try a new meme. Bon Apetite!

Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?

I have 4 scars… one on my head, one on my right hand, one from a c-section and one on the bottom of my right foot.  Going from head to toe… the first was received when I was about 9 or so… I was attempting a back flip off of the side of the public pool and didn’t quite clear the concrete edge (did I swoon from the head trauma or the handsome lifeguard?).  The one on my hand is fading, but it is the one that I am reminded of most often because I see it all of the time… I put my hand in a hot oven to snatch something out, my mom caught me, I was startled ~ my hand went up and touched the heating element.  The c-section scar is pretty self-explanatory, and is the one that means the most to me… some scars you just have to earn, and that one I did!  The last one is the oldest… I was maybe 5 and running through a neighbors backyard when I stepped on a can lid… left a mountain shaped scar on my instep.

What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

Well, I just mentioned a post or two ago that I don’t hear God talking to me through bushes or anything.  There was this one time, though, that I had been praying for some time over a possibility.  I felt as if I heard my name.  Just like God saying, ” I hear you, Tammy.”  And if a sound can remind you of something tangible, that one reminded me of metal… or a metallic sound.

However, Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  I agree 110%… which is probably why I get such joy out of “shiny nickels”.

Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.

Bill Mahr

Main Course
What was a funny word you said as a child (such as “pasketti” for “spaghetti”)?

kife for knife… you see, I knew *one* of those letters was silent!

Fill in the blank: I have always thought children are amazing.

To share the meal, go to http://fridaysfeast.blogspot.com/ .


BrendaI love your newest photos – I like the pictures of days gone by. 

Thanks for praying for Becca and her family – after her graduation ceremony yesterday she peacefully went to the arms of Jesus.  What a day for her – graduating from HS and then “graduating” from her earthly existence. 

I really like this Friday feast – I think I’ll join in a little….

Appetizer:  I have a scar on my inside right knee – from a horse running over me when I was 13.

Soup:  Hmmm… a miracle…. for ME?  Not sure??

Salad: Dorothy Lucey of Good Day LA

Main Course: funny word – Ruin pronounced rueen.

Dessert:  I always thought rainbows are God’s promise of faithfulness.

Have a great Saturday!


February 24 12:23 PM

  • Serenity Seekers

    Serenity SeekersInteresting… I love old memories.  I just don’t have the energy to do all that ‘thinking’ right now about myself… I guess that is a bad sign!  No, really I am nursing a cold.  I am not flat on my back, but running on low for sure.  Just wanted to see what was new over at your place.  I commented on some of your photos- I loved the beehives and the other olides!  Great addition!


    February 24 1:08 AM

  • g.j.

    MylifeAPPETIZER:  I have several scars…the biggest is from my c-section and the other once to mention would be the scar on the top of my forehead from when I was jumping on a bed in my toddler years and clock fell on me and cracked my head wide open.  Then i fell off a truck a couple of weeks later and cracked my head wide open AGAIN in the same place!!

    SOUP:  After a friend of mine died very suddenly and unexpectedly, I was so mad!  I couldn’t get over my anger with God for taking her.  After she died, I started getting a really bad ear ache and I prayed (to myself and her):  “If you are okay…please send me a sign…my ears really hurt and I want the pain to go away.”  Within an hour…the pain was gone and I haven’t had an ear ache since!  That is my miracle.  I was okay after that…no more anger…it was gone too.

    SALAD:  John Stossel (i don’t know how to spell his name)  He puts down teachers.

    MAIN COURSE:  Blankie for Blanket (still do)

    DESSERT:  I have always thought that friends and family are amazing.

    February 23 10:16 PM

  • meg

    megHey, Tammy~ thanks for the link to “Gracious Parcels”; I’ll be sending something along for her next project & passing the link around my knitting group tonight.

    February 23 1:35 PM

  • JHS, Esq.

    (no name)God spoke to you. I believe that. I’ve had similar experiences. I like the shiny nickel approach. 🙂 


    February 23 12:29 AM

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    Growing up in church I started singing with a group of other children and then when we got older the adults started trying to get us to sing duets and solos… older, contemporary songs.  I was a standard teen and eventually convinced myself that I was nervous and I couldn’t do a good enough job.As an adult, back in church after several college years away, singing and leading prayer became the things that I knew I had to work through… God told me he had given me talents and I would loose them if I didn’t put them out there for Him.  So I did, and I do… it doesn’t get terribly easier… I get choked up by a lot of the messages in the songs (I don’t sing them unless I like them, so, there are, inevitably catches in my voice and such).  I’m not a super singer, but I hold my own.  The thing is, I put myself out there … that’s always good for children to see, whether I mess up or not.  And I have had to talk through it with them sometimes, because they want to know why I end up crying.

    Some years ago I had a friend remind me, after his own shakey, but good performance (he has a wonderfully rich baritone voice when he’s comfortable) that we don’t do it for ourselves or even the people in the audience.  I had gone up to him to shake his hand and tell him what a good job he had done.  But the compliment made him nervous.  I see his point, and agree… but I think God wants us to get to a place where we can take joy in what we accomplish in Him.  I think that takes a lot of practice!!

    Now, Sam has a wonderful singing voice and is the class clown type of funny man, but he won’t do it for people or in front of people for nothing.  Perrin will, but she still suffers from the nerves… I just hope not debilitatingly.  Not so much that she would avoid possibilities.

    When I had gone back to my childhood church home for a visit, one of the same adults who had worked with me growing up asked me if I would lead prayer in sunday school.  I said no.  And kicked myself the rest of the day for it and every time I thought about it until I just pushed through it.  I talk with friends a lot and find out that they’ve experienced this same thing.  One lady told me she was afraid she wouldn’t know what to say.  I talk to God a lot during the day in casual conversation ( and no, for the benefit of those like my dear heart, I don’t hear him talk back through bushes or anything… jiminy, sometimes I think my Heart wonders about my sanity… oh well), so not knowing what to say has never really been my problem that I can remember… it’s kind of like conversations in rehearsal.  When you’re in communion with church family, you get things out on the table in prayer that have hit you through the week in your head.  Yes, there are definitly times that prayer should be formal, I think.  Those are the ones I have more trouble with.  I believe that prayer is a lot of the times just as much a participatory, audience thing as it is to send up those sweet aromas to the Father.  So I was always more concerned that I didn’t mess up for the people around me… cause Father always knows what’s on my heart (WHEW!).


    AnnI love hearing the prayers of our kids (Kindergarten – 2nd grade) at our church Kids Club on Weds. nites…some are silly “please let me get a kitten, I will name him Sunshine” and some are pretty deep… we really encourage it, so they won’t grow up with that fear.  At least, that’s our hope! 

    February 22 3:43 PM

  • Brenda

    BrendaI can relate.  There are times though that I’m compeled to lead prayer and I seriously don’t know what I’m going to say.  Somehow the words come – and sometimes it is a verse that is given to me that I share – and sometimes it is in the silence that all I can say is thank you Jesus, You are so good!

    Speaking of praying, please pray for a young girl, Rebecca, she is in the end stages of leukemia and any day now she will see Jesus face to face.  Please pray for her family.  She has such a strong faith in Christ and I’m so encouraged by her journey of faith and hope.

    Take care,


    February 22 12:30 AM

  • meg

    megOuch- this get me where I live 😛 I’m in music ministry, so I’m often on “performance” mode- practice, practice, practice – & constantly reminding myself it’s for Him, not the benefit of the audience. Like you, leading corporate prayer is something I dread & avoid, yet I talk with God almost continually all day.

    February 21 7:30 PM

  • Guinevere

    GuinevereI’m the same way, Tammy!  I don’t know why.  God knows our hearts and knows what we need or what someone else in the group needs to hear.  We need to just focus on Him during group prayer and not be thinking about what we might sound like.  But…easier said than done.  :o(  I applaud you for putting yourself out there.  That’s a big step and the hardest one!  :o)

    Have a great day!

    February 21 9:47 AM

  • Amy

    AmyI can sympathize.  Although sometimes I wonder if my bigger issue is making it somewhat of a performance.  When I’m in a round robin of prayer type situation I spend the whole time thinking of what to say and how to phrase it in order to make it sound good.  I need to be more present with it and allow the spirit to move.

    Take care,


    February 20 9:37 PM

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    Cheryl over at Cross and Quill has this question for us: If you could rewrite one pivotal moment in history, good or bad, to make a change, which moment would that be AND what are some of the consequences that you believe might come from that change?

    I have always questioned just what might have happened had Lincoln not died.  But a recent wonder has been what would have happened had China not decided to remain closed to the rest of the world for so long.  That is a huge nation with a strong and proud culture!  And if the Asian races were truly the predecessors to some of the Indian and Alaskan cultures, can you imagine how different the US would be if that influence had continued?  Perhaps the Asian people wouldn’t have been harrassed during the gold rush time… maybe Japan would not have sided with Hitler (I know that’s Japan, not China, but they had to have been an influence on one another to some degree).  Perhaps Christianity would have spread to that great nation much quicker and to others much faster as a consequence??? hmmmm

    To a much more trivial and less serious degree, maybe this country would have had fireworks and spaghetti quiker!

    What do you think?



    February 20 9:35 PM

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    What fun for Mommy!

    If Your Momma is a Lamma..

    Over at Adventures In Babywearing, Stephanie has decided to get us all in trouble with our moms by having a little photo-tag of mom game…  Your Mom looks like a hoot, Steph… adding my pics to my photo album down below!  Check out the hair through the years!  And, as an added bonus, snaps of Momma’s Momma’s Momma… she’s not a lama either.

    Story Earns third place honors… film at 11. 

    My son got his “foot in the door” and I win because of it!  Well, Ok… so I already won when they were born (awww), but now I won QTPies third place honors for the story, too!  HeHaw!  Go check out the rest of the stories. Thanks again, QTPie, for hosting this… it was just the kick in the pants I needed to get my birth stories online and therefore, down for the annals of time!

    Are You a Slacker Mom?

    Well, what do you know… what I see in me as totally slacker, someone else (at least the automated, couldn’t care less quiz at chatterbean) sees as “zen”.  Kinda cool!  I don’t know if I would recommend taking the quiz, though… that’s why I’m not putting a link here… you end up submitting your e-mail address to get the results (and what are, I’m sure, very useful education and product endorsements) plus you end up clicking through a whole list of university ads.  But hey, it was a fun little encouragement (in a slacker- I’m spending way too much time on the computer-kind of way) and it would seem there is a way to create your own quiz.  Hmmm, THAT looks like fun , all you have to do is “become a member… it’s free and easy”.  Uh, huh.

    Your quiz score makes you: Zen Mom

    How do you do it? Even when explosions are all around, you are able to take a deep cleansing breath and chant your mantra “this too shall pass.” You are a calming influence on your kids in a hectic world.


    BrendaI would be seriously scared to take the Slacker Mom quiz.  See I”m here at the computer instead of cooking dinner!  Yep, scary!

    You made me laugh with your comment about what’s the point in paying us to be at work when my company could pay me to stay at home today….I’m not sure how having 30,000 employees work today saved them money but I’m sure some actuarial person crunched the numbers and gave them the good news that this was a good idea!  Oh well. 

    Take care,


    February 19 9:46 PM

  • Ann

    AnnThis has nothing to do with your post, but I was looking at your book list, and saw the author “Ayn Rand.”  When my daughter was born, my b-i-l on hubby’s side sent us an Ayn Rand book (a different one) that he said he loved; his fave book by fave author, and the ‘heroine’ in the story had the same name we’d just given our baby – he was impressed.  I hated the book- very depressing.  Made me wonder a bit about my b-i-l!!  Maybe the one you read is…better??  🙂

    February 19 2:56 PM

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