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Vacuum Giveaway!

Oh my gosh!  I have a pretty decent bagless vacuum cleaner, but I’m always up for a better one!  Over at Five Minutes For Mom, they’re all into the awesome cleaners too!  (Who isn’t with children?)  So hop on over to their site and register for a Dyson Slim, to be given away on April 4th.  Even if you don’t have a blog (Mom, Gran and everybody else!), you can register through e-mail and they explain how.  If you don’t want to register for yourself, I think it would make a wonderful present! 😉  My allergies would sure love it if our home got lucky!


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It is almost 8:30 here in my part of the Bluegrass state and it’s still dark.  Rain clouds tend to hide the sun.  I got on here this morning thinking just to get this rain induced feeling of calm out into the blogosphere, but I think there’s more to it than that now.

Way back when the twins were little ~ maybe 3 or 4 ~ our family lived in a little 2 bedroom duplex.  It was an OK time for us.  My Heart has always worked his butt off, so the family time we had then was the same as it is now.  Which means Mommy was Mommy 24/7…. dry cereal or toast with peanut butter or a slice of cheese on it, reminding them to potty or, later, to pick up their toys… scheduling playdates, going to the park, meeting with a childhood friend a county over ever so often to  share comfortable space and laughs together… making trail mix out of whatever was in the pantry (some kind of cereal, raisins, MnM’s, coconut, pretzels, goldfish, marshmallows… anything tasty and tactile)… reading countless books, going to the library for storytime (refusing to read the same book over again when we had so many others to choose from ~ yeah, I’m not into repetition when it comes to children’s book.  I know it’s “what children do”, but I don’t.  They can get their repetition in other activities.  Books should also be read front to back.  That’s just the way it is.)  Lots of trips to see the grandparents 2 hours away (something I know they miss, but school and the additional activities, not to mention the possibility of a little family time, keeps us here most weekends now.).  Dinner, playtime in the backyard we shared with our neighbors, bath and into bed.  And then we did i all over agin the next day.

I ALWAYS held their Daddy up to his children as a wonderful man that they should respect and love, no questions asked.  Just because he spent his days and a lot of evenings away from us did not mean he was any less of a Daddy nor that he had no influence over them.  I take my position as my husband’s helpmate very seriously… a lot of what they get from me, they realize they are actually getting from their Daddy.  I couldn’t do this without him.  But physically, he’s not with us for a lot.  I hate that he has always felt like he was missing their childhood.  I wish there was something more that I could do for that, but everything just seems to emphasize the challenge in a negative light.

It was during this time, after the children became verbal and slept through the night in their own beds, that the mornings were sweet for me.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  The pre-cursor to busy days.  Rainy mornings, more than any other, bring those memories back with such force.  I can close my eyes and almost be back in that tiny eat in kitchen (the farthest that I could get way from their room and still be in the house… just maybe 20 steps away from their door), sitting at the always cleared table, spending the smallest bit of time with my Bible, a study and a cup of coffee ( or 3 or 4).  I was the closest I had ever been to God then.

Homeschool kindergarten soon took over that kitchen table (which, even through a move, hasn’t been perfectly cleared off since).  That first drive to teach, and them to learn, took over in my head and spirit then.  Thanks to practically everything in the house being labeled with big 2 inch tall black words, and much drilling, they were reading 3 and 4 letter words easily by the time they were 5 and we had moved to this house.  My morning time vanished though.

Through the spelling and math AND now doing it all over again with our precious M, every little once in a while I get a sweet rainy morning to remind me of the peace in the joy that I have in Him.  That, even though things might look a little tough, and it feels tough on the inside where nobody gets to see, it’s only if you’re looking at it from the wrong angle.  Just because He’s not always physically here doesn’t mean His influence doesn’t permeate everything.  It soaks in ~ just like the slow rain on the ground.

Thank you, my Heart.  And thank you, Father.

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Milestone Monday

Do you have any great and grand milestones you want to shout to anybody who’ll listen/read?  Or some little something that makes you smile and you just have to remember when it happened?  I’m going to post on Mondays some of the things that happen in my family that make me realize  “time and tide wait for no man”.   If you would like to share, please post your link in my comments section.  I promise I will go to everybody’s site to check out where the tides are taking you!  (I’m still working on the Mr. Linky thing and coming up with an image, so stick around to see how we grow!)

So many things happen when you have a little one in your home!  My husband and I have always said that, once you have children, time seems to speed up.  You gauge everything by what little timmy was doing at the time.  Well, with so many things happening, it’s hard for me to pick just one to start Milestone Mondays off with. 

The little thing that has made me smile the most over the past month or two has been M’s growing fascination with things.  Well, maybe her fascination isn’t growing, but her responses are much more apparent and easily recognizable.  Whenever something really amazes her, you almost always hear  “a-woooooow!” along with the big saucer-sized eyes and excited pointing in the direction of whatever it is that is so dog-gone amazing.  She’s a hoot!  Now I can’t wait for her to put some more words to her amazement, so that I know exactly what lfe loooks like through the eyes of my littlest one.  I’m sure that time will come all too soon.

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Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?

Tom Brokaw… he always seemed so genuine.  I don’t remember ever feeling as if he was trying to sell me anything; political or otherwise, he was a reporter first instead of part of what he was reporting on.

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.

Several different varieties of mixed vegies, fish patties and chicken patties, bread

If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?
home (I’m ready to move on, now that I have the moving bug.) 

Alternately, a geographic place I would name maybe Spireton, if I could make the city build some tall towers, or something like New Haven, to make people feel welcome and protected if they were to move there.

Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?

Whatever book that has a cover or title to strike my fancy as I’m rushing through the young adult section in the library.  The next book I know I want to read is the upcoming Harry Potter book, Deathly Hallows.

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?

Physically, their eyes.  Personality-wise, it would have to be if they engage in conversation easily, not letting the other person talk too much or too little, and having relevant conversations, not weather or hot topics.

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Up For Another Meme?

I, like a lot of you, I’m sure, have tons of milestones from the baby, the twins and just day-to-day living that I want to be better about scrapbooking or memorializing in some way.  So, since I don’t see one already in existence, I thought a “Monday Milestones” meme might be the ticket.  If any of you know of one like this, please let me know.  Otherwise, get your memories and milestones in order and we’ll start posting them this coming Monday.  These posts can take any form… pics, words or music… and can be any milestone you’re set to yell to the rafters about!  I look forward to seeing yours and sharing ours.  Now on to figure out the Mr. Linky thing (if I can even do it on my WP.com blog).

What follows is my attempt to add a Mr. Linky so that we can all share the fun, milestones and memories.  If there is something here, please sign the Mr. Linky *and* leave a comment if you like.  If there isn’t anything here, nevermind! LOL

<a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=snpnme&postid=22Mar2007″><img border=”0″ src=”http://www.blenza.com/linkies/graphic.php?owner=snpnme&postid=22Mar2007″></a>

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I’m in trouble, cause she’s only 21 months old and she wants to talk on the phone to anybody and everybody!

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The children and I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon outside.  It was Beautiful… must have been at least 70, slight breeze.  Since MFemale went down for a nap at 12:15, we ate a quick bit of   lunch and headed out at 12:30.  (She slept till about 3… love the “1 long nap” in toddlerdom.)  The garage and the wintertime “piled-in-the-middle of the doorway-cause we’re-too-cold-to-put-it-where-it-goes” mess was calling me.  This mess consists of a toilet waiting to be installed, a soccer goal set, a Christmas tree with a few of the last decoration boxes, empty dog food bags, boxes of outgrown clothes and outlived but not outloved toys, a dismantled weedeater and a motorcycle that fell to the way when we found out we were expecting M 2 1/2 years ago (not quite sure why a baby is more important to stay alive for than tween twins and a wife, but that’s OK… paranoia comes in many colors, shapes and sizes.).

I lit into the boxes in the center, just knowing I would now, at last, find the hand me down clothes for M that I had been remembering.  PFemale   helped me because she loves to go through old memories as much as I do.  The earliest images that she can’t remember, she relies on me and these occassional walks down mommy memory lane to fill in.  SMale fiddled with the broken down weed eater which he took apart last fall, trying to diagnose the problems and put it back together.   If we get many more of these pretty days, I can be assured of some sort of Frankenstein-hybrid weedeater/lawnmower/go-cart… or “something that blows up”, as he put it.  Actually, it was a question ~ “hey mom, what do you think the likelihood is of getting something that blows up out of the weed eater parts?”   My S is like the 50’s version of all-boy… he likes to tinker with stuff, doesn’t particularly like to get dirty, likes to camp, likes to spend time with his family (not including his twin sis so much any more if friends are within hearing distance… ewww), gets bored easily in church ~ think Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn, but doesn’t like to get into fights and doesn’t like hurting people or being hurt.  So we enjoyed a few hours of doing the things we can’t normally do with a toddler running around.

With M waking up, we shifted into placate and adore M mode.  Playtime!  There were several pairs of shoes that she wanted to try on (thanks Ms. Sue) and a preschool barn bingo kind of game that makes an interesting boing sound.  We shifted stuff back into the garage and pulled the doors down.  S & P hatched a plan to put the tent up and sleep outside for the night.  I walked M around the yard, picking sleds up and opening up the sandbox… flicking dead leaves around with my finger to inspect for further signs of spring and admiring the already bloomed crocuses and waiting daffodils.  And just like that, we went from the hopeful expectation of just one more good snowSledding, to the giddy “please won’t you stay” thoughts and activities of spring.  With DST, it is now light out until about 8 or 8:30, so there was still plenty of time to scratch our spring itch. 

We built a fire in the outside fireplace and grilled hamburgers, which tasted much better than usual with a little flame-burnt-broiled kiss and a breeze .  M played in her sandbox with P while I played in the fire.  Unbelievably, M turns out to be scared of the fireplace.  That would be good, except that I’m such a firebug!  Still probably a good thing, though, and something I’m sure my grandmother would approve of.  After all, you do not play in the fire unless you want to pee in the bed.  Neither do you carve your name into a picnic table because “fools names and fools faces always appear in public places”.   Carve A Tree      You can learn a lot of rhymes from your grandmother… not that you particularly follow the advice.  We do, after all,  play in the fire and we have our own homemade picnic table that I’m sure we will all inscribe our names on for posterity if we leave it here when we move.  But I digress in my digression… there’s also the everpopular “30 days hath September, April, June and November.  All the rest have 31″… except for February and I can’t remember that part of the diddy.  Or do you remember the one about chatty hens coming to no good ends?  ~ something to do with gossip, I think.

Anyway, we did eat outside, M got to swing and run around “like a chicken with her head chopped off”  (thank my mom for that saying) and S & P camped out last night, under the stars and additional warm blankets.Good Night  So, we close the chapter, hopefully, on another winter and run pell-mell into summer.  Now with any luck, March will go out like the lamb it’s supposed to and there won’t be an outlandish amount of April showers, because my May flowers are already up and     don’t want to be flooded out!

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