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Here’s a fun one for you!  I’ve had M out playing in the backyard a lot the past few days.  Her new favorite thing to do is go down the slide on her belly, head first!  She gets more daring every day.

Post a link to a recent milestone or post a new one.  Long or short, doesn’t matter!  Your child’s milestone or yours, either way!  By the way, S is going to be working on an image for me pretty soon for this meme.  Fun!  Also, I think the Mr. Linky thing is redundant.  Which just goes to show… when you figure something out, you really have no use for it anymore… isn’t that the way it goes?


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So, in yesterday’s feast the question was put: “what will you do this weekend?”.  To which I replied… well, it was a fabulous list and chock full of merit.  I will be real proud of myself if I get a third of those done. 

Fast forward to today and it is beautiful outside and I am in a go get-em kind of mood, with no new library books in sight.  So, what exactly will I do?  Hmmm… I think I’ll get some more laundry going first (that one’s easy ~ it’s the folding and putting away that gets me).  M slept until about 4:30, then spent a frustrating hour or so trying to convince m to nurse her.  So, maybe she’ll take a good, relatively early and long nap.  The tweens were at a church lock-in last night, so they are worn out.  Both of those things mean I may actually be able to put my energy to use.  ‘Cause,  it’s going to be a quiet kind of day.  3 children who are not constantly talking to me. 

I think at least I should mow the grass.  All of the recent rain and the dandelions are taking over!

Ye-Haw for spring rain and blooms to follow!


Finally got M back into the  habit of please and thank-you.  Manners matter sooo much to me.  I believe it is so much easier to train a child to be well mannered when they are little and probably have little understanding of what they are doing, than trying to start when they are preschoolers or older.  One of the magazines has a good article on teaching your little one manners in this rude world.  I’ll try to remember to dig it up later and let you all in on it.  It just makes me flinch when a child, while in your car and with conversation going on all around them, will flip open a cell phone just to call another child.  Uhm, this is not a long car ride… can’t that wait until you get home?

Ye-Haw!  for polite society.


And one last teaser of a ye-haw!  Watching my carbs is SO paying off.  I really didn’t imagine it would be this quickly because I can’t go total Adkins like I did before.  But check out my “It Fits Me” page for the rest of the story.  All I’ll say here is YE-HAW!


Ammended to add a final Ye-Haw!…M plopped P’s “lost” money down on my lap, just out of the blue!  Must have been ferreted away in her room or toys somewhere.!  So P can now… finally… go get her fish that she has been wanting!! 

I’m going to go take my little ferret outside to enjoy the day while my last load of laundry is drying!  🙂 

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As I was doing my tip-toing through the FF list of participants, I happened across someone else who apparently didn’t know what their WPM was either.  So, of course, I had to check it out and verify that I, in no way, fudged my personally tested time.  So go to the site and check it out if you want.  Here’s my score, in case you were wondering.

44 WPM with 82% accuracy… told you I wasn’t a secretary! 😉

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{Featured Flickr Feast by missycplayground}

How fast can you type?  I really have no clue.  Despite what my children say, I am not a secretary.  When I was in high school, I had to take the obligatory typing class.  It was a real pain.  Can you say boring?  Of course you can, especially if you had to take it too!  T,T,T,T space T,T,T space.  Yuck! And now, since my minute of self timed typeing is ending, I have typed… 42 words in a minute, give or take.  And that’s with a crappie keyboard that misses letters that I know I hit and 1 knowingly misspelled word and a few missed commas and what-not.  Not exactly a stellar wpm… I never wanted to be a secretary anyway.

What is your favorite online game?  Hmmm… I don’t often play the online games.  Once upon a time I did get quite into Mah Jang Tiles, though.  Wasted a LOT of time.  It was a depression thing.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as highest), how intelligent do you think you are?  Oh, maybe a 7…ish.  My husband is surely a 10, so I’m reluctant to peg myself.  It’s a little humbleing.

Main Course
Name three of your best teachers from your school years.  Mrs. Lacy was one of my 4th grade teachers and I loved her dearly.  Mr. Skaggs and Mr. Miller were both band teachers, middle school and high school respectively.  For more on this, go to my 101 About Me: https://snpnmnmi.wordpress.com/2006/12/19/101-things-i-need-to-remember-about-myself/

What are your plans for this upcoming weekend?  Weeeelllll… the tweens will be away tonight, so peace and quiet until tomorrow.   Hopefully then I can work some more on clearing a small patch for a vegetable garden (dare I dream that I could even plant it?) and/or perhaps cleaning out the garage.  Which I still haven’t gotten around to.  I hope to be able to look at the remainder of S and P’s lit review and math books too, to peg down exactly where we will call it a year.  Maybe I can even get that laundry completed (again).  In reality I may accomplish 1 of these things.  But I don’t currently have a book I’m reading, so maybe 2 can be tucked under my weekend belt.  Maybe we should go to the library today.

Thanks for sharing with me today!  Come back on Monday and link us up with a milestone you would like to share ~ doesn’t HAVE to happen on Monday… could have been last week!  Just trying to be aware of even the little milestones in my life!

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Now, there are many things that just bug me.  I’m a pretty laid back kind of gal, so mood extremes are usally not my MO.  Bunches of things do “just bug me”, though.  Take, for instance, what has been happening the past couple of days.

Because of generous friends and generous gifts with attached freebie’s, I have been the happy recipient of 3 magazines this past little bit: Parenting, Parents and Reader’s Digest.  On top of that, we are routinely going to the library and joyfully coming home with at least 15 books to peruse.  Now, as much as I just absolutely love reading and absorbing information, I seem to have at least a tiny bit of a problem remembering it all.  Besides, one of my mottos since becoming a Mommy has been “don’t even try to remember anything that you don’t have to”… there’s just too much.

These magazines are chock full of interesting little tidbits and, in general, stuff that makes you say “Oh cool, I gotta try that”.  And when you purposefully check out books at the library, you automatically have ideas in mind of the information you will find therein.  I grab a minute (or half hour) to read and collect oodles of mind ticklers I just have to remember.  Glancing through one of P’s books on Ireland I find a list of web addresses in the back, one of which should give her some information on modern day news in Ireland (just the ticket for her International Fair  project).  “I’ll have to remember to tell her that when she comes home”.  Fast forward a day or two later, she’s complaining that she doesn’t know anything about what’s going on in Ireland today and wailing about how she’s a failure (yeah, it’s drama queen time) and I’m trying to fire up the old wheels to turn my recent find into  a save for her and a “Mom, you’re a genius” for me.  Took me actually, physically sitting down at my desk and typing in a few things to recall that it was not in anything I had read online.  I only got lucky and saw the book a little off to the side afterwards (because she has a problem with putting things away when she’s done with them).

Today I need to go to the store.  One of those, just buy what you need days.  I’m trying to watch my carb intake a little better than pregnancy/nursing days, so I want to be able to put together a few not so ordinary, but still relatively inexpensive meals and snacks for the next few days.  AHA! I remember reading something about being able to put in a list of ingredients that you have on hand and AllRecipes will spit out a bunch of recipes that match.  Can’t find that particular function on their site though, so I have to find out where I read that so I can pinpoint the exact location.  I went through both of my Parents/ing magazines before I found it.  Took me about 1/2 an hour and P remembering that she had read it too before I found it.

Never mind that I go to the site, find the “tool” and it’s not as good as I wanted it to be.  #growl#

Not remembering where I saw things: $10 in extra “my time and effort”  (yes, it’s worth that much).

Finally finding it and it being A1 information: Priceless

To listen in on my progress in the eating healthier arena (cause it is a battle sometimes), check out my “It Fits Me” page.

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I had resisted getting a proper fish tank for many years. S and P had many goldfish when they were littler… the poor little guys had numbers as names ~ One becasue, how creative can a 3 year old be?… the rest becasue that’s how many succumbed while under our “care”. Bowls are very hard to keep “just right” and trying to raise the twins meant I didn’t have much nurturing left to go around, I guess.  Anyway, 2 Christmases ago P got some money as a gift from her Grandparents and aunt and she was determined to get a fish tank. We had the talk about taking care of the tank… routinely cleaning it, changing water, feeding and that it was totally hers – cost and all. So she ended up with one of those little hex tanks meant for a table top. MISTAKE! Those things are worse than bowels! She contented herself with betas, which seemed somehow hardier and she was a pretty good little aquarist. We still suffered losses, but these few had names… albeit, the same names (Bob and Sara) because P liked those names.  So, when a free 10-gallon was offered through our homeschool group, I jumped at it. I was too late. It had already been claimed but I had decided to keep my eyes open. A week or 2 before Easter the lady e-mails me to say that the previous claimant had decided not to take it and did I still want it. Yeah!Brought it home and the goldfish that then resided in the hex tank (after the untimely death of a beautiful crown beta) received a new home. Oh boy, was he happy! But S and P wanted tropicals. So we kept that goldfish in his 10 gallon palatial estate, giving the water a chance to cycle before we made the switch.

At Easter they received money again from their Grandparents, and the new pet store on our side of town received a visit from us. The tweens researched, looked at the offerings, considered what fish would live together happily and we prepared to take the plunge. M is only 22 months, so who could blame her for wanting to be involved? Maybe she thought she was feeding the fish like she had seen us. When our backs were turned (there’s a lesson for you… do not turn your back on a 2-year-old), she “fed” the goldfish some milk. Yes, milk. It was lovely. We did the water changes over a few days, the goldfish was moved back to a bowl (what a shock that must have been… felt a little sorry for him. But he’s in P’s room, where she is lavishing all of her nightly attention on him) and decided that a catfish was the safest fish to purchase, something that should be a scavenger anyway, right?

His name is Odo and he is an upside down catfish. He’s kind of cute in an ugly sort of way. When you can see him… he likes to hide.  We also bought some of the little ghost shrimp. Now they ARE cute. You can actually see them eat and swallow their food. Too cool! Wait…wait…wait for the tank to acclimate to the fish change and we’re off to the pet store again. P was supposed to make her purchase of some cardinal tetras, but she had lost her money (we’ve looked everywhere to no avail), so S bought his 2 fish. They were supposed to be a male and female, dwarf blue gouramis. We also got 5 more shrimpies because they put so little stress on the tank and they like to be in groups. Besides, they are just so darn cute! Do you want to know that, after only 2 hours in their new home, all 6 shrimpies were gone! Their names were apparently appropriate ~ breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper and snack. Now you might ask, with names like that, didn’t you expect them to be eaten? Well, shrimpies are part of the food chain. But no, we didn’t expect them to all be eaten in one big feast.  *Sigh*

Now the gouramis, Sir Ami and Jaws, were well fed and we thought happy , for a little while. And then S starts noticing that Jaws keeps picking on Sir Ami. “Back off fish!”  tap-tap-tap. Get away and leave him alone. No, she won’t ! She keeps nipping and spoiling for a fight. What a bully! So now Sir Ami is struggling and we’re wondering if we don’t perhaps have 2 males because females aren’t supposed to fight like this. The pet store won’t do trades, so I don’t know what we will do. We continue to nurse Sir Ami in the hopes that he develops more of a backbone. Meanwhile I am considering putting a nice large piece of wood in the tank to make it look more real and provide some hiding places. More plants, too.  Hiding places are good, bully transvestite fish are not!

R.I.P   One through Nine, Destiny (1 & 2), Bob (multiple), Elisabeth (mult), Sara (3), Dirty, Iask and all the shrimpies mentioned above.   RIP

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I couldn’t pass this one up!  I usually try not to do too many of these in a week, and since I did the noble name thing earlier, I thought I had reached my limit.  But who can resist a quiz that pinpoints your true Princess Bride character?



Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

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