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I LOVE a stormy morning!  It necessitated an early rise out of bed  to check open windows, but I love it, none the less (or is that phrase one word?).  I love to hear the thunder watch the lightnin’, as it lights up the sky… you know it makes me feel good!  (Did you catch the little Rabbit?)

Michaelmas Ceilidh
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I just love these pictures!  Little M in her Medieval gown (one of P’s past recital costumes).  All were taken at Liberty Hall Gardens during our recent Michaelmas ceilidh, which was a blast even though it was hotter than heck!  It’s definately cooler now with the rain.  Now can we get back to seasonal temps and beautiful leaves?  I like those too!  Next revel (that’s another celebration word) will be our  “All Hallow’s Eve” bonfire… this rain is a good step towards seeing that happen.  The farm owner is a little skittish about a bonfire in drought conditions… wouldn’t know why? 😉

Hope this rain doesn’t spoil T’s plans for a get-away today (she’s heading south with her hubby and I’m a little jealous).  Have a great day everybody!!

Another Mom’s smilebox of the event above.


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New Category

Hello all!  During my internet travales for Renaissance and folk dance, I found a bunch of stuff that will be helpful for me through the year.  So, since I never know who’s looking at me or what you might find interesting, I’ve added a new category with links to folkdance and other Renaissance culture stuff. 

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Susan wanted to see some video, so here it is!

This first is a dance called the Gay Gordons.  The Gay Gordons is a popular dance at céilidhs and other kinds of informal and social dance. It is an “old-time” dance, of a type popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in which every couple dances the same steps, usually in a circle around the room.  The Gordons were a military group, I think.


This second dance is the Gothic Dance. From “The Civil War Ballroom”, the Gothic Dance is #14 in this list of dances and their steps.
http://www.vintagedancers.org/ball_in_box.html                                                    About half way through the video you’ll see I get to dance with my beautiful older daughter.


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Peasant Costume

I have danced with our community folkdance group for 3 1/2 years now. I’ve participated in 3 period performances… middle ages kind of stuff. Plus this summer’s Squire Boone drama. I’ve not had a proper costume for any of it. Until NOW! YEAHAW!
Thanks so much to another of my good friends, and a wonderful seamstress to boot… W has 6 children that she homeschools and she took the time out of her busy day to come help me figure this out. Thought she was sewing one up for herself, but no… she was just doing it becasue “that’s what friends are for”. I am often awed by the generous friends that we have.
These two pieces plus a Goodwill jacket that will soon become a bodice… all for $18. Good friends and great seamstresses… priceless!

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OK, we cooked on Tuesday, but I’ve been kind of busy.  So it’s Friday and I’ve got my freezer stocked and I can post the pics. We were cooking from 9 AM till about 4 PM. PHEW! But even that long stretch isn’t so bad when it’s with a friend. The menu for the next coupe of weeks will include parmesan chicken, mexican chili and chicken chili (which are similar, but the previous has ground beef in it), chicken tetrazzini, brocolli casserole, stuffed pasta shells, mexi-pasta and I’m sure I’m forgetting something… oh well… I’m know it will be good. Plus we went ahead and cooked some ground meat for other dishes and just froze it seperately.
You would not believe the rearrangiing, stuffing and crowding that went on in my freezer when I came home. But a full freezer is an efficient freezer… so, yummy and pass the utility bill!
Got any great recipes that freeze well? How about side dishes? Let us know about it.

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A Quickie Give-away!

I promise I’ll come back later and overload you all with posts and updates, but you gotta check this out now!

It’s a Dyson “pink” give-away at Five Minutes For Mom.  Check it out and leave a comment if you’re like me and need a new, dependable vaccuum.

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Want to play?  Go to www.fridaysfeast.com or click on the link in my right nav bar.

{Featured Flickr Feast by tclement}

What is your favorite type of art? Impressionist… I like the emotional peace it usually gives me… the warm fuzzies in a very real kind of way!  LOL  It also doesn’t hurt that it seems like a very forgiving kind of style if I were to try it myself.  I like realism too… one of my favs in this category is of a woman with a toddler girl on her lap and a wash basin in front of them… I think it is a Cassat.

When was the last time you got a free lunch (or breakfast or dinner)? Who paid for it?  Our friends invite us over for dinner quite often and payment is usually in the form of my sad attempt at conversation!  LOL  Thank K!  Cause I know you’re reading this… if it were possible, I bet you’d be reading it “over my shoulder”, but I don’t think my connection is quite THAT fast. 😉

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how emotional are you?  Probably a 7… but I hold a lot of it in… my Dear Heart hears most, but nobody else hears.

Main Course
Approximately how long do you spend each day responding to emails?  Well, I’m going to include blog replies in this and I’d say it averages out to about 2 hours a day with some long stretches when I’m not giving much of anything but a short and sweet to most.  BUT some days I’m on for the whole morning it seems, so about 2 is a decent daily average over a year.

To what temperature do you usually set your home’s thermostat?  78* in the wintertime keeps me toasty but not too hot (mostly).  Probably because our house is long and I can generally get away from the hot spots easily.  We don’t have air, so summertime is whatever God and the awesome planners of this house give us.

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