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Every once in a while, for no reason whatsoever, I’m reminded of how sorry I feel for those Jews who do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  And how easy it must have been for those contemporaries (though, how anybody could actually be a contemporary of Christ is a whole nother time-space continuum discussion) to not acknowledge Him.  I mean, by that time the Jewish nation had not heard peep one from God for a very long time.  Generations.  What we call the intertestamental time.  Nothing.  Things had definitly happened… the Maccabees were kept quite busy trying to keep God in the center of it all.  But after those minor prophets we read from at the end of the old testament, God didn’t speak to His people.

Have you ever gone an insane amount of time without talking to someone you love?  I’m not meaning a favorite aunt or something… but someone you should be having daily contact with.  And you don’t.  For whatever reason.  I have found myself in that place and when you’re nearing what you hope is the end, doubt suddenly becomes a niggling little busy-body “friend”, no matter the actual happenings.  Your loved one can have done absolutley nothing to base your sudden doubt on, but it’s there because of your own weakness.  And what do you do about that?  Give in and start actually questioning your loved one?  If you do, I hope that loved one is very long-suffering because people tend to not appreciate being doubted for nothing (which is their perception).  Although Christ almost seems to revel in prooving Thomas’ doubts false, I think we can agree that most of our loved ones are going to find it hard to do.

I chose to keep it private (relatively) and I’m glad I did.  But gosh it was painful.  Not something you wear on your public face… stuff only meant for prayer converstions.  Stuff only meant to strengthen my relationship with Him, because He went through every pain I’ll ever feel and then some.  And I can find some peace in that, at any time of night.  Thomas was a good man and Jewish Christian.


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I went to Walmart earlier today.  First mistake.  I almost always get aggravated when I make the wrong choice to go to the store in order to combine my household and grocery shopping.  It ALWAYS takes too long (because I’m in the same building, it just aggravates me all the more).

So, everything is going along ok… picking through the clothing rack for P a sweater (I hate shopping for clothes), searching for forever for a rechargeable battery for my camera, remembering to drop off my perscriptions (2) and knowing it’s not a problem that it will take an hour to fill (after all, $4 each… that ain’t bad), stopping for a visit with the fish (M always knows when we are in the vicinity of fish tanks), then heading over to the other side to get my groceries.  Oh yeah, reminding S that he has some consumer math he’s been hounding me about for weeks that he has to do while we are there.

Spent… take a deep breath Tammy………..

3 hours in that store!!! ARGH!  But still, expected… I’ll send the kids out to the car to pack the trunk and get M into her carseat while I go pick up my scripts.  And, oh yeah, I want some drixoral too.  So the lady behind the counter finally finds my large bag (it contains boxes of albuterol for the nebulizer in case I need it), grabs a box of drixoral off the counter and proceeds to have me sign half a million things on those blasted little machines (how can they even tell that’s my signature???).  I need to see your drivers license.  Oh yeah, I think, and konk myself on the forehead like that V8 commercial for not remembering that.  Shuffle through my change purse looking for my id, cause I’ve sent my purse proper to the car with the kiddoes.  It’s not in there.  I have half a dozen other cards with my name emblazoned all over them, but none of that will do.  It has to be a drivers license. 

Which, I know all of this.  I’ve been on sudafed it seems like my entire life, so I’m familiar with the new restrictions.  But it still bugs the total tar out of me.  I had to go out to the car to get my id, wait in line again, sign all the insurance, privacy policy and everything else bologna again and show that blasted id to get my sudafed laced drixoral.  One box, mind you.  And that’s all I can have for the month (never mind that there are four of us in this home that can take the stuff).  What I want to know is, why do I have to show my id for something that doesn’t take a perscription from a doctor, but not for a doctor controlled substance.  How do they know I’m the person on that perscription?  They don’t.  They don’t even care if I am.

I ALWAYS despise the hoops I have to go through for sudafed.  I know there’s a meth problem.  But, ya’ know what?  I don’t cook the stuff, buy or sell the stuff or take the stuff.  And what’s more, I think anybody who does is beyond stupid.  Yes, I completely understand the depths, while thankfully not having to have been there, that people get pushed to and turn to these things.  I understand that there are addictions and an addiction is not something you just choose to walk away from.

BUT…  how to put this… I don’t care!!  Decide what the punishment is going to be for these people who cook/sale/take this stuff and deal with them.  Not me.  I don’t need to be punished for someone else’s bad choices.

I had one lady behind a different pharmacy counter argue with me one time that anything that would save one teenager from getting hooked on this stuff is the right step to take.  Uh, no.  If  they want it, they’re going to get it.  If one of my children were ever so stupid as to so thoughtlessly throw their life away like that I believe I would beat the tar out of them, forcefully stick them in a rehab clinic and give them something that they could complain to their phsychiatrist about.  It would make me madder than a hornet.  And if there was anyone that I found out sold them the stuff, I would do everything in my power to see that person put away in a prison for a very.. long.. time.

So what’s next?  Are they going to find out that some stupid person out there has devised a way to make my artificial sweetner a high maker and start carding me for that?  How about glue or spray paint or hairspray or that stuff you use to unlock your frozen car door locks in the winter?  What else can my government decide it is in my best interest to save me and mine from??

And to beat it all, I didn’t even make it home with my other perscription for lyvoxil.  I know that clerk is going to cringe to see me coming ( I do feel sorry for her… not her fault her representatives are stupid…).

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gotta read….


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Awesome webpage for the lyrics.  Thanks Gran for sending this one my way!

Have to read through the lyrics every time and I always cry.  How awesome that a little baby clothed the Great I Am in human form!

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It’s the holiday season and you probably already knew that would keep me from posting as frequently.  I’ve also had a touch of the sickies too, so haven’t really felt up to posting much.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say M is completely potty trained… day and night!  Yeah for us!  She has gone to bed all week without a diaper and hasn’t had one accident.  She even woke up one night calling out for me to go to the potty.  Now, I’m not trying to say this is any great feat… it has probably as much to do with me being able to curb her drinking in the evenings as it does her abilities.  But who cares??  No more diapers!!

Did you watch Tin Man on the sci-fi channel?  Oh, it was good.  If you like adaptations of old movies, you’ll probably like this one.  The first episode wasn’t as good as the 2nd and third, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.  It all tied in so smartly, I thought, with just enough sci-fi edge.  It even kept the same level of fear, I think, without going too scary.  It’s probably still not a movie for the more sensitive children, but then, neither was the original movie (which I SO love and remember watching when I was, like, 4 or 5, maybe.  Scared the bejeebers out of me, but I still watched it).  I think it’s supposed to play again back to back this Saturday if you missed it.

In years past I haven’t been that “with-it” with the Christmas decorations.  Just haven’t quite been able to pull stuff out that quickly after the big turkey day.  But this year I decided to wrap advent into our school stuff, so I’m a little more on the ball!  Had to start in October finding stuff, but give me a break!  Phshew!  (M makes that sound while wiping her forehead now… she’s so cute!)  This year I managed to get the advent wreath out before the first advent Sunday and I even fasioned an advent calender for the kiddoes.  One of the olders gets an assignment on the Saturdays to research the advent verse and think about lead the discussion on how the word for the Sunday is related to the verse.  That one also gets to decide who will light our Advent candle and to lead the prayer for us.  I saw another really nice idea out there called a “Jesse Tree”, referring to Isaiah’s description of the Messiah as a “branch from the root of Jesse”.  I tweeked it a bit… bought a tiny little blue spruce to plant on the first Sunday this month and we’ll talk a little about Jesus’ genealogy on subsequent Sundays as we keep an eye on our physical reminder of the family of God.  Loved it!  The original plan has ornaments involved and more Biblical “big picture” type stories (the flood, Moses etc) than I want to focus on at this time of year, but it’s still a great thought!  We’re reading up on Hanukkah right now, playing dreidel and eating latkes.  One week we’ll talk about the art of  Christmas and make some cards.  We’re also going to be reading some of the Christmas classics… A Christmas Carol, Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Little Match Seller and, of course, watching my favorite, “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  M has had to learn a little self discipline in not taking down more than one box at a time (I’ve put little chocolates in each, too, which she loves) and I hope it carries over to not fiddling with the tree decorations when they go up.  I myself have really enjoyed learning what I have in order to put this together.  I’m really going to like all of the reading too.

Oh, oh, oh… I never did post on our second cookapaloosa.  It went well.  Did it before Thanksgiving here at my house.  A chicken pot pie we made didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but the turkey and wild rice bake was pretty good.  As always, if you have a good freezer recipe you want to pass on, I’m all ears!

On letterboxing news… while we were at my folks house for Thanksgiving we got in a day of traipsing around in the woods for little pieces of plastic.  Took my folks and sis/hubby galavanting all over the tri-state to find 3.  It was a fun day out and was able to get a little excercise in.  Also planted a box, too.  Not too sure how that one’s going to fair as the park is a busy one.  The bad side is there’s not a whole lot of LB’ers in that area to look for it and plant others for me us to find.  The good news is there’s not a whole lot of lb’ers in that area who might not hide the box as carefully as it needs to be to prevent letterboxing muggles from finding it and tossing it.  Really, if you want to get outdoors a little more, put this hobby on your new year’s resolution list as a fun way to excercise.  I just mailed a stamp the other day to a lady in the “big Louie” for a winter bbq and letterboxing party she’s hosting in January.  I’m looking forward to that.  It’ll be fun to meet some folks that I so far only associate with a trailname.  I’ve also told somebody I’d carve and plant for a superhero series he wants to see state wide.  Got any suggestions for which I should carve?  Not to mention that I’ll need to plant a box in January for our holiday hike and hunt series in our neighborhood park.  Hmmm… thinking about the old year/ new year faces looking in opposite directions for that one.  I think that’s the Roman god Janus, but I could be mistaken.  And, no I’m not going to go google it right now cause I’d just get side-tracked! 😉  Also have in mind to do a workshop for our girl scout service unit and maybe see if the troop could plant one at a nearby camp.  We’ll see. 

So, I think that about catches you up.  Maybe I’ll be in more of a posting spirit in the next few weeks!  Merry Christmas if I’m not!

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Today is “f”… let’s see.  What would interest you about me that begins with f?

Frozen grapes… ever tried them?  Thanks to K, they are my new anytime dessert.  I have regularly bought up 3 or 4 bags of the cheapest grapes in the vegetable aisle, come home and frozen every last one!  The children like them too.  I have to agree with my friend.  Even though I don’t routinely wash fruits or vegetables before eating, I will rinse these off cause they’re just a little bit better with a tiny glaze of ice on them! 🙂

Fruit cake… ahh, I can hear the groans now!  I have never ever bought one from a store and I’ve never received one in the mail.  I’m not sure about the fabled fruit cake that is just making it’s way around everybody’s re-gift list either.  Every time I make one of these things, I can’t stop with just one.  I have to make more.  There-in lies the problem… that little log of sugared fruits and nuts weighs even MORE on my hips!  Mom, can you make one for Christmas to save me from myself?  LOL

Forgetful… yep, I forget a bunch of stuff.  Stuff I’m not supposed to forget and things that make me emotionally healthier when I DO forget.  I’m not one for grudges, although I do have a pretty decent memory if you’ve hurt me or one of mine (it just takes a lot to hurt me).  Someone once told me that if you can’t forget something, then you can’t forgive it.  I don’t think that’s true.  I’m glad I remember some things because they remind me of how to behave better. 

Now, I’m also going to say that this blasted encyclopedia thing always hits me at all the wrong times cause I can’t think of witty things on the right day!  I’m going to have to start stock-piling my alphabet days for future use.  🙂

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