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D is for dating… how appropriate as we look forward to Valentine’s Day (we’re sending some Valentine’s through Loveland, CO for their cancellation stamp this year!  Gotta get on that… but I digress.) and I look to the past with more frequency.

So we’ll start in the past.  And as the past always has implications on our future, I think you’ll see the connections.

My Dear Heart and I met in a crowd of shared freinds, as he went to a different high school than I did.  And we didn’t even meet until later in the evening!  But the crowd had gone to one of those high school “non-alcholic” bars that were sprouting up all over the place in the 80’s, and… well, you just can’t really meet anyone and chat with them with music blaring.  But the crowd ended up driving to a popular street hangout and just talked under the street lamps.  Things were going to get out of hand when some of the guys suggested a purchase of some beer, so I made like I was packin’ all “the girls” up, since I was the designated driver, and leaving if they were going to do that.

In gallops my white knight to convince “the guys” not to proceed down that wrong path and we leaned against the car and chatted for the rest of the evening while our mutual friends flirted and cracked jokes. 

Fast forward to the next week… homecoming week at my school… Friday night, I had to march in the band.  He came anyway!  We arranged to go to a nearby city the next day to the nearest mall.  And here comes the reason I’m reminded of all of this… we stood in the mall, out front of a bookstore, and read Calvin and Hobbs comic collection books for… well, it must have been forever!  Now imagine 2 high schoolers standing in the mall laughing uproariously and not caring (well, I didn’t) what everybody thought.  We had a ball!  And I really think this actually sinched “the deal” for me as I had made the mistake of falling asleep in the car on the way to the mall… Hey!  Give me a break!  It was a 1/2 hour drive and I was nervous anyway!

Then we went to see “The Princess Bride”, one of the best movies ever made, and of course shared the first kiss AND the popcorn.

We have been together since then.  We DID have hard times as a young couple and once in college he decided that we needed to seperate, but he was thankfully talked out of that.  By that time we had made a really serious commitment to each other and I think he was starting to feel the pressure.  I don’t know whether it was my doggish reluctance to let him go or what, but we stuck it out.  And life isn’t easy as a married couple.  It’s so very important to decide your attitude about a dating situation early on, because you may end up marrying this person!  Why give up too much of yourself to someone you won’t be determined to carry on with through the good and bad?  We had our twins while he was in grad school… very stressful and another time he could have convinced himself to give up on us, but he didn’t.  He’s spent a good deal of our married life pursuing careers and dreams which meant he was away from the home A LOT.  We find ourselves in that same place right now, actually.  But he has always been commited to me and our family and we to him.  So during the times we don’t get to talk much to each other and with each other, it’s the commitment that holds us together.  This great love that God has given us would be a pity to waste just because we’re lonely or “misunderstood” or, heaven forbid, not getting or way!  Some of those things we worked through a long time ago… but you can never be complacent with marriage.  You never know when something you thought you conquered as a couple in the past will rear it’s ugly head again.


Now I sit here in the present with a son and a daughter approaching the dating years and wondering how they’ll we’ll navigate those waters… yes, I changed it to we’ll… I’m not meaning micromanagement of their love affairs here… But they’ll make it through this stage with their eyes on what a beautiful gift love is, not to squander it, to recognize it in as many different forms as possible with the example that God has given them… their own parents.  Why would you want to totally disregard the example so prefectly capable of showing what-ifs and what-not-to-dos, just so you don’t have to be considered a meddling parent?  I think they will ask for my guidance… especially when it hurts or looks like it’s going to.  I also think they will shy away from my guidance… who wants to talk about the guy you just cannot take your mind off of with your mom?  I’ll keep my heart and eyes open… I’ll be concious of the example I’m being.

To find my other encyclopedia of me entries, put the term in the search bar in the top right hand corner… I started with “U”.

So, D is for dating…


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History/Drama yesterday afternoon, GS service project this afternoon, Destination Imagination Thursday afternoon and Book club Friday afternoon.  And all of that here at my house…

Plus P and I went to a new folkdance class last night (first time clogger here… not my favorite dance, but it will give my knees a workout!) and our regular folkdance group starts back up Friday evening.  YEAH!

Here’s some Calvin for you…


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The picture above was sent to me by their youth leader as his “excuse” not to do a scheduled lock-in this coming weekend!  LOL  P says the good thing about this pic was that she was able to get a good 20 minute nap in!  S is in the foreground, P is at the back of the table on the left… R, K’s daughter , is opposite her.  K, tell her she’s had her 5 seconds of fame!  LOL

This from the mom of a busy 2 year old…

Don’t believe it?  Well, consider that my 12 year old twins are away on their second trip to the Winter Blitz retreat with their youth group, and maybe you’ll start to get a more complete picture…

So I’ve kept us happily busy today.  Of course, checked my e-mail first (a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do..) then bundled the two year old up for a trip to one of the local playgrounds where it just so happens there is a letterbox I hadn’t snagged yet.  MAN was it cold!  After stamping in and freezing playing on the equipment for maybe 1/2 a minute I convinced her, sobbing to beat 60, that we could go to another playground that was inside, maybe eat some french fries and have a hot chocolate.  So we went to a mercifully warm food court in the next town over and she played on one of those inside jungle gyms for a good hour.  Thankfully there were a couple of nice young gentlemen (maybe 7 and 9?) who helped her navigate her way back down the levels to the ground.  She had an absolute ball keeping those boys going up and down (they kind of liked it too, I think).

Coaxed her down with the promise of a gumball out of the machine and with purple hands, escorted her back out to the car with much sobbing and begging.  She was asleep as soon as we hit the road!  LOL

At home I managed to check online for some information on a place I plan to hide a letterbox (sadly they’re closed on the weekends, so I’ll have to figure out how to use the area without having to get through the gate with a car), and carved a stamp with my new speedball lino cutter I got while out and about for the gather/bbq last weekend.  To my way of thinking, cutting with a speedball is like sculpting and cutting with an exacto is like drawing or painting… it’s definitily an interesting entry for my Holiday Hunt and Hike series.  Hopefully I can get more practice in with it…

So now my little one is up, I’m still wondering how it’s going with the twins and it’s quiet yet… a little too quiet… better go see what she’s up to and give her a bath and cuddle a bit… maybe a tickle fight before bed!

Happy evening all!


Well, it’s 10:15 and I need to get her to sleep now (riiiiiight).  We’ve played Reader rabbit on the computer, played in the bathtub, had a snack and read books.  She shows no sign of giving up…. at least I don’t have to pick the tweens up till 2 tomorrow!

I forgot, but this morning I also had time to research a couple more English country dances to teach and got them written into my binder… niiiiiice!

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I just want to know…

Who the heck keeps finding me by typing listerine and mosquitoes into a search engine?  You can find some funny things on your wordpress stats page.

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Been away from the buffet too long!  I hope my comeback meal is pleasing to the palate…

How many times per day do you usually laugh?  Oh, maybe a dozen or more?  Depends on the day.  But even on the worst days, it’s somewhere around 8 or 10.  Really, I figure being basically happy and laughing is the best thing I’ve got going for me… my physical fitness SURE isn’t going to keep me alive longer than expected!  Haha  They DO say people who laugh often are healthier than if they didn’t…  has to do with hormones released or something like that.

What do your sunglasses look like?  What sunglasses?  Seriously… if you find them, let me know.  I’ve forgotten.

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?  Alaska… my Dear Heart would like to go there, so I’m going with him.  Can we take a boat trip once we’re there?  That’s GOT to be the best way to see Alaska.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.  Very historic.  I’m sure a lot of cities and towns are historic, but this being the capitol of the state means they don’t have to fight quite so hard for funding to keep everything in good shape.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?  Uhmmm… probably just variations on the theme… blue/greens… light purple… pale yellow… Can’t be anything dark cause I can be somewhat psychotic when I don’t get enough bright light and skies (ya know… that winter thing… not enough daylight hours so I have to keep my feelings in check with keeping busy and such).  Pair this with that answer from the appetizer and you might just be a bit scared of me… I really don’t do the Jack Nicholson “manic laugh” thing.    Couldn’t be a red or orange either cause that would just make everybody too angry or on edge.  Nix the white too cause it be blinding.  Ok, I think I’m putting too much thought into this.

Happy eating!  And if you would like to partake in more feasts or supply one of your own… go to www dot friday’sfeast dot com.

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Isn’t it funny how different facets of your life can begin to talk on the same issue at the same time?  Took recently sent me grocery shopping to find out the difference in price between organic and regular milk and now there is a conversation going on with my homeschool group that I moderate as to animal practices in circuses and zoos.  So, for the blogging audience not privy to my other group’s conversation, and because I would be interested in hearing from you guys, I’ll copy and paste (same ol’ K… you can stop reading now, if you want… *grin*).  My only comment is that it must be very hard for hardcore vegetarians to socialize with those of us who are not, because food is almost ALWAYS involved. (Please scroll down to the bottom and read the posts backwards so that you have them in their proper sequence… I know, a pain… but it’s really time consuming to “fix it”.


We’ll try not to. .. lol
But that is a big issue for a lot of vegetarians.  I do have friends that won’t eat cheese unless they know it was not animal-based rennet.  I try to avoid it, but often wonder if Kraft and Sargento tell the truth. . .

Yes, I did google and eventually found out what was being discussed.  Can’t say I get behind this one, though… but you’ll not hate me, right?
Tammy  :):):)

Some cheeses are made with animal enzymes (rennet) cultured from intestines of young calves. . .Mostly off brands–Kraft and Sargento say that most of their cheeses are made from non-animal enzymes (except for Kraft’s extra sharp. .. )  This is hard because you can’t go to someone’s house and say “What brand is your cheese. . .”  LOL  Well, I can’t anyway. . .And the boys love getting the character cheese with Mickey on the package, which knowing all things mouse, probably isn’t truly vegetarian. 
Any of the organic cheese spoils way too quick for us and soy cheese is just yucky. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You guys know I wasn’t saying that the kind folks who are concerned for animal rights aren’t concerned for children… right?  Just want to be clear on that…
And I am googling stuff… so I am reacquainting myself with the issue.  I will say we went to a Shrine circus when the twins were very little and were SO not impressed.  It was in Lexington and not very impressive from any standpoint.  From what I understand, some circuses, like Shrine’s but not Ringling Bros… if I understood correctly…  don’t actually own the animals they use, so it’s the circus companies behind the productions that should bear the scrutiny (like this George Carden guy… he’s the owner of the circus in question, Shriners (and I have no connection to the organization) are responsible for hiring him… not what he does.
So far, I think I’ve managed to see some interesting information, on both sides.  You should note, though, the dates on some of the offenses listed go back to 88 or so… and while time doesn’t necessarily mean the issue has been resolved, a lot could have been done to better the situation since 1988… so I would be aware of that.
As with any issue, there’s more than one side and many different justifications AND ways to skew the information to appear the way that side wants it to appear.  It’s hard to be discerning.
Tammy  :):):)

I appreciate hearing all the sides to the story.  Personally, my heart and subconscious always consider the children first, then the animals.  Not that I want any animal to suffer.  So thanks for keeping it real on both sides of the line.  You would think the organization might consider hiring someone else if this Cardin has USDA fines against him (but I would be interested if anyone knows the background to those fines… the USDA IS a government arm…. never trust “the man”!) 
Now I have no idea what the “enzyme issue” is… so I’m going to go google it (“there are more things in this world, Horatio…”).
This is a topic that bothers a lot of thoughtful Christians.  It’s not my fight, per say, but I do like to know what’s going on.
Tammy  :):):)
(who, as the moderator, sees no problem with this conversation and in fact… encourages open discourse.  Just keep it nice!  And thanks for noting in the topic line OT… which means it’s off topic, in case some are scratching their heads.)

S, Thanks for posting this info.  We’ll be out of town, or we’d consider it. . .We struggle with the circus thing because I don’t like the animals being used for entertainment; yet, it is entertaining, especially for kids who don’t get to see these things up close.  We struggle with zoos, too. . .The argument being, of course, if kids/people don’t see these creatures, they won’t care about protecting them.  And it’s fascinating to see how smart some of them really are. . .
Being vegetarian (but not quite ready to make the vegan cut), it’s hard to know that there are difficult questions out there, not just zoos & circuses, but the leather, enzyme issue (which is a major struggle at our house), and silk (which we refuse).  We cave on the leather shoes occassionally, but many times, there are more alternatives than you think. . .
Thanks again for the info!
Yep I’ve been there, great places.  I am opposed to any circus using animals; there are more humane ways to raise money.  And as I said..just FYI in case anyone else is interested in a peaceful demonstration advocating better treatment for God’s creatures used in entertainment.  My intention was not to step on any toes, just disseminate information.The Shriner’s Circus is not a fundraiser for the hospital and they take steps to make sure that it is understood that it does not go to the hospitals.  It goes into a general fund.  A portion of the general fund goes to the hospital.  Gas for the vans that go pick up the children all across each state for free and bring them and their families to the hospitals.   If you have never been to a Shriner’s hospital, then you should.  They are wonderful places where children receive their medical care for FREE.  The Shriner’s themselves volunteer their time and drive the vans.  The Shriner’s paper drive, one of their times where they are collecting in the middle of the road, is what goes to the hospitals.  Any other questions, I would be glad to answer about the Shriner’s or find out the answer. 

In case anyone is interested in combatting the cruelty of Circuses
Please note that although they imply the Shriners Circus is a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospitals, the money goes into a Shriner  Fraternity Fund. Please join us (ALL~~Animal Lovers of Louisville)  for the Shrine Circus demonstration on Saturday February 9th at 1:00 .
For those of you that have never attended a demonstration before and are apprehensive, this is nothing radical. All you have to do is stand there for an hour and hold a sign.
Please help us. We need all the support we can get.
Please cross-post.
Thank you.
Louisville KY…Hi everyone, The Shrine Circus is coming to town Thursday February 7th thru Sunday February 10th.  ALL (Animal Lovers of Louisville) is planning a peaceful demonstration for the 2:00pm show on Saturday February 9th, 2008.  The demonstration will be held at the Main Gate at the Fair and Expo Center on Philips Lane.  We need to assemble at 1:00 pm at the Main Gate.  .  We will be there less than one hour.  I will have all the signs and pamphlets we will need…. just bring yourself and a friend.   Last year we had 42 people and the scheduled shows were cut by two days.   We are making a difference!   Look for the orange cones and we will be there.  No permit is needed for this part of the demonstration because we will be on a city owned street.  Parking is always a problem; however, we can park in the Transportation Cabinets’ parking lot, which is across the street (Philips Lane side) from the Executive Inn. They are closed on Saturday and we parked there last year.  You could also park in the Executive Inns’ parking lot but if you do, park away from the demonstration because they made us move last year.  My number is 502-267-4637 please call if you have any questions.   Please take a few minutes and call these people and let them know what you think of the animal circuses they bring to town.  The Shriners hire George Cardin who is one of the worst in the business.  He has multiple USDA fines for cruelty to animals.  This can be found online.  The Shrine Headquarters number in Louisville is 587-0406 and 585-5863. Kosair Charities (who support the Shriners circus) number is 637-7696.  Let them know you will not be donating any money to them.

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One of the tweens wants the internet…

So what do I do?  Find as many things as I can to take up time on the internet. hahaha  I’m just a little wicked that way sometimes! 😉

They decided to read The Riddles of Epsilon for their book club, which consists, currently, of 2.. .maybe three other girls.  Sam’s the lone boy.  AGAIN!

It’s a good book, though.  Kind of a little mystery with a bit of spirituality in it.  It’ll be interesting to overhear these conversations!

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