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Why do I do it?  Why do I allow myself to get sucked into conversations about homeschooling with folks who either A: want to argue or B: are arm-chair quarterbacking the issues?  Why do I read someone say “for the sake of the children and society in general, there should be some accountability of parent/teachers” and WANT to respond?  I’m not even good at those responses!  I need to just stop.  Is there a 12 step program?  But since this is my blog, what I would have said (yes, I did stop myself from responding… see!!  Aren’t you proud of me already?) may have contained some of the following:

Accoutability doesn’t seem to have helped the public school system out any… what would more accountability accomplish for private homeschools?  See, I think most of these quarterbacks choose not to acknowledge that homeschooling works to the advantage of society.  Or if they do, they just don’t want to admit that it works without somebody outside of the homeschool watching over the school’s shoulder.  “How can something work if society doesn’t have concrete knowledge of how it works?”  Here’s a good article: http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICDocs/data/ericdocs2sql/content_storage_01/0000019b/80/29/e6/28.pdf

So, are they just nosey and saying it’s for societal good alleviates the guilt of being nosey?  Can folks truly just not be content with staying out of other people’s business?  Yes, I know there are bad things that happen in isolation… but why is it better to regulate and limit innocent whole groups to save a small number of bad things from happening than just punishing those guilty of doing these limited number of bad things?

So, when I made that point on a messageboard I was told that the libertarian philosophy is nice but just like communism, doesn’t work in practice. *sigh*… I really don’t belong in debate circles… I’m not cut out for it.


The holiday weekend was very nice.  P participated in a “Day Between” service at church meant to make you more aware of the depth of loss the disciples would have felt and therefore, the great hope that we have after resurrection.  It was a poignant service… all the teens were dressed in theatrical black, there was a Mary and Joseph carrying in a baby Jesus to begin and a reverse advent candle ceremony where candlelight was extinguished one at a time to emphasise everything the disciples believed they had “lost”.  At the end, each teen walked out and flanked the door with small votive candles in hand.

Easter dinner was here at home and my family came up but my in-laws didn’t want to be caught by bad weather.  Did I tell you we had about an inch and 1/2 of snow on the ground Monday morning?  It was gone by noon, but still!  Anyway, their Aunt surreptitiously hid eggs in different rooms of the house for them to hunt (I would have made them go outside) and I lazily put together different aspects of the meal all day long.  We had ham, Sam made biscuits, asparagus, steamed peas, baked beans and potato salad.  I had made a cheese torte the night before that was highly addictive with wheat thins and my cheese cake was a mess (I don’t know what happened… it was floating in water when I brought it out of the oven, but the springform pan was tight… don’t know.  So I bought a cheescake and everything was fine).  The tweens played darts with their aunt and the little one just flitted from one endulginf relative to the other.

Did I get my grand plan of home cleaning completely accomplished?  No, but we did make a lot of headway.  I still have some broken Christmas ornaments on my mantel that need to be repaired before packing up… still several boxes that need to be stored (including toys that overwhelm the upstairs spare bedroom) and ceiling tiles that need to be replaced in the kitchen AFTER I get up on the roof and sweep off the puddles of water (flat roofs are ALWAYS wrong!).

I rearranged my bedroom and that’s nice and the office is clean and orderly – that’s VERY nice.  Laundry is a constant and it seems the refrigerator stays messy and yucky.  Oh well.

Yesterday found the children and me dying Easter eggs and beginning to craft a tree to hang them on for a spring centerpiece.  Yeah, it’s a day late and a dollar short, but I’m not terribly fussy. 😉


Our itty-bitty production of Act 2 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is in full swing.  My dancers are all picking up the 3 dances and one variation (Heart’s Ease, Maypole, Petit Reinse and a variation of that) nicely and we have 5 more 2 hour meetings until the event.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us as we are having it at the local nature preserve in a huge open meadow.  Tempting fate?  Probably, but we have a raindate and it’s free!  P is Puck, so she has a lot of lines to memorize… *biting fingernails and hoping she doesn’t see me*

And life goes on!  How is your spring going?  I’ve got some pictures I’m going to try to post soon and maybe a link to a video…


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Well, it’s been a week of bloggity-hopping and very little blog writing.  Can you believe there were almost 2000 partiers during the ultimate blog party?  That just amazes me!  This internet just makes the world so small when you can party with folks in England, Ireland and New Zealand without even leaving the comfort of your own home.  They announce who won the door prizes tomorrow… I’ll let you know if I got luckier… you know, I’m already pretty lucky to get to cyber chat with so many wonderful women! 😉

I had the awesome opportunity to teach MY Sunday School class this morning.  So cool!  One of the teachers called me up on Valentine’s Day to ask if I would teach on this Sunday and actually apologized that the material would be so heavy for my first time with this group.  You see, we are rounding up our study of Matthew which put us squarely at the crucifixion today.  When she called I told her I would think about it and pray and let her know by that evening.  I can’t remember the specifics now, but that day had been fine, going along gang-busters, until after she had called and then everything just started going wrong all over the place.  I can not help but think that it would have been a bad time for me to start doubting myself in Christ and what gifts He has given me.  And every time I thought about that, it kept occuring to me that it was Valentine’s Day and I was being asked to teach the most loving story my God has for me.  So I put everything aside and told her yes!  And isn’t it great to get to teach people your age and older… folks that know the story or have at least heard it a million times, but you get to study a little deeper and see if there are any new stones to turn over.  I don’t know if I was able to turn any stones, but while I was studying, a few were turned over for me.  Try Isaiah 22:22-23… “What he opens, no one will shut.  What he shuts, no one will open.  I will fasten him firmly in place like a peg…”  WOW!  and I can hear echoes of God telling Moses “I Am Who I Am” when Christ tells the pharisees and priests “Yes, I Am” when they asked if he was the son of God.  It is always a thrill and amazement for me when I catch glimpses of prophecy revealed… strains in the song that God conducted from the beginning of the world catching my ears.  It was very nice to get to spend time with my SS peers on this lesson.

And today I took the girls to the nature preserve park here in town and finally got to plant the last 2 of my Incredibles letterboxes.  Phew!  I’m so glad to have that done.  They were fun, but it’s an anxiety game to a little degree when you agree to be a part of someone else’s letterbox series.  But it’s done!  Yeah!  And they’re all in a really neat area of town too.  Like I said in one of the clues ~ “Who’d have thought there was a wetlands here in Frankfort?”  Nothing really pretty going on yet in nature, but that will change in the next few weeks.  And it should be absolutley bursting with life and color by the time our Girl Scouts host their letterboxing workshop at this park in about a month.  Ooooohhh the aniticipation!  I hope somebody plans on coming!!  NINE boxes in this little nature preserve for the GS’s to hunt for.  Woo-hoo!

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Went for the third time to yoga last night.  If you’ve never tried this exercise, here are some key points to remember:

  1. This is not a “come for the fun of it”, gregarious type of exercise.  If you participate in aerobics or other group exercise formats because you can laugh and cut up with those around you (“gee, I didn’t know my body could do that!” or “I haven’t been able to touch my toes in years hahaha”), this may not be the exercise group for you.  I’m almost sure that at one point or another K and I are going to be kicked out of the class for being a disruptive influence on our sun soluting peers.
  2. Balance is a good thing.  If you have inner ear issues, you may want to stand next to the wall.  OR, stand close to that friend you keep disrupting class with and make sure she goes down with you.  Then, at least, maybe the teacher won’t be able to tell who caused the problem in the first place when everybody is staring at you lying in a laughter convulsing heap on the floor.
  3. And lastly, and the point of the title, do not think that this innocent little calming “ahhhhhhuuuuummmmmm” form of exercise is merely going to leave you well stretched out… you will “become aware of what your body is telling you” (yeah, she says that) for days afterward.  Like, for instance… the joints between my legs and my torso are currently reminding me, loudly, that they were not nearly as flexible before last night as they are now.  I did not ever think that it was possible to feel that joint as keenly as I do now.  Kind of like how your abdominal muscles feel after a c-section.  Yeah, that “there’s a silver lining here if only I can find it” kind of muscle memory.
  4. One more thing (yeah, I know I said #3 was the lastly, but you gotta know this)… if you go into this class not being able to breath through your nose, you will get to a point in the middle when you can.  Not only CAN you breath, but you will need a tissue or two to catch the post nasal drip.  You have been warned!

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That’s My Answer!

Every little once in a while the questions for the feast aren’t that palatable, so I go for something else.  Here’s my something else this week:

On My Sleeve

How emotional are you? Do you wear your emotions on your sleeve? Do you put a lot of thought into what you say before you say it?

Oh, my!  I am one of those terribly complicated people who are VERY emotional, but not outwardly most of the time.  I will let go of the emotions at church and occasionaly with really good friends if I feel they’re not terribly burdened with anything of their own at present.  That said, most people know how I feel about stuff just cause I’m usually that blunt clueless and tell them without thinking.  I much prefer writing things out because I can put thought into what I say and get as close to possible to what it is I mean and not just the emotions behind them.  Those blasted emotions.. sometimes they get in the way of a good discussion!

Throw Down!

Who would win in a grudge match:

Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard?  Captain Picard, easily!  Yeah, I know the obvious choice would be Kirk.  Well, maybe a young Kirk.  But with Picard’s disciplined authority and brainpower, I think he would best Kirk easily.  Yes, I do enjoy Star Trek… what of it?

Jason Bourne vs. James Bond?  Well, I’m going with Jason Bourne here just cause there’s been way too many dang Bonds!  Plus, doesn’t he always seem to have his hands full with all those women?  Giminy!  Love me for my brains not my… well, just love me for my brains!


this is our haiku

syllables five seven five

one line at a time

I’ll begin with five syllables, the next person will write a seven syllable line, then the next person will finish up the poem with five syllables. Person #4 will begin a new Haiku, etc…..

This one I’ll have to go there and look into and play along… I’ll bring back my entry and you can play along here or go there.

Bev said “Chatting with Snoopy” to which I added:
Bi-Planes whizzing overhead

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Mo Ball!

That’s what M says when it starts snowing and she can wrap her hot little hand around a couple of already melted snowflakes.  She even throws the snow water at you and has a hoot doing it.

Well, it’s mowing buckets here now… she’d probably have enough for a whole arsenal of mo balls!

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It’s that time again!  Time for women everywhere to go cyber-partying with Five Minutes For Mom!  If you didn’t get to join in the fun last year, you are in for a treat.  It’s a lot of fun to take a week to go peruse other party sites you might not normally see.  AND the opportunity for doorprizes… cool!  There are about 100 or so nice prizes… here’s my top 10 in order of preference (the list is for the ease of our wonderful prize hander-outter… but you can check’em out too, cause their stuff’s cool… you don’t have to be a blogger to sign up for the prizes, but all of that info is on the link above).

  1. A Rocking Horse that M would absolutely LOVE!
  2. A Story Package from Cherish Bound that might make a good gift from me to ????
  3. A Photo necklace from Elemental memories
  4. A Living the Dream t-shirt (cause I so AM!)
  5. A porcelain Easter egg (generally I’m not a knick-nack kind of gal… but these ARE pretty)
  6. A $25 gift certificate to Amazon… who can’t use more books?
  7. A Pirates of the Carribean portable CD player… cause.. well, I like music and that pirate! Argh!
  8. A 6 week fitness plan ~ sure, why not?
  9. And two blog designs here
  10. and here.

Will I win?  Who knows?!  Either way, it’s all good… and it’s nice to be able to spread a little link love once in a while.

So, welcome to my Wonderful Life!  It’s probably no better than your life, but it’s my little affirmation on those bad Monday mornings that my life really is wonderful, no matter what!  Hope you bring your favorite cup to sip out of and a little nibble of something… I’ll do my best to refill your cup with myrth and good will and to pass along some plates full of the spices of life… but this really is a “make yourself at home” kind of place. 

serving food

If you haven’t been here before, consider yourself introduced to me and mine.  Maybe if the crowd hasn’t quite arrived yet we’ll have enough time to sit and chat about shared interests… “oh my gosh!  You read that book too??” 

books or “what’s new with you?  Well, my family is still relatively new at letterboxing… it’s such a fun hobby… maybe you’d like to come out with us some time to find our next treasure?”.


Or maybe we can take a little time to share our challenges… “hi… my name is Tammy and I’m a procrastinator and a carb-food junkie“. 

You might even join us for a dance  English country dance  or some fun and games.

It’s all about this wonderful life and I’m looking foreward to enjoying a bit of it with you for this short time.  Maybe you’ll like it around here so much that you’ll come back often to share some quiet moments or joyful playdate days.  Whatever you do, enjoy the music, good conversation and Welcome!

edited to add:  I’ve added a page to my top nav to help me keep track of the places I want to revisit… and why.  So, check’em out if you don’t want to bother going back to the main linky thing for right now… 😉  party on!

And… oh my gosh!  810 partiers at current count!  How am I ever going to get around to everybody??  More importantly, how are they all going to get around to me??  I was so psyched today that this blog surpassed my other “most hits” day last March!!  Pretty neat since the post that gets the most hits here is usually the one about mosquitoes and listerine?!?

1263……. 1263!!!!!  There’s absolutly no way… and I’m just scanning through to pick out the wordpressers first… oh my gosh!

8 or so more to go before I finish going through the first column!!!  The first column!!! And that’s only the WPers… *sigh* ” so much time, so little to do… strike that, reverse it… on we go!”

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Today was my second yoga class and I liked it a lot more than the first.  After the first class I was left thinking “I can do this in everyday activities”.  Today I have a much better appreciation for the art?… sport?… hobby?… exercise (I guess).  It was a ton more strenuous than I even imagined it could be, but not at all aerobic, which is nice for someone who can’t breath very well out their nose most of the time.

The class had a very nice flow from easy warm-up stuff to a strenuous climax to a cool down, stretch it all out kind of deal.  There was a lot of the happy go lucky “feel your energies… center your feelings… let your favorite color engulf you” talk… she really didn’t stop talking the whole class.  But somehow it ended up not sounding near as pseudo-health nut as I expected it to. 

And at the end, while we were relaxing all of our muscles and all, the teacher just casually segued into a scripture reading and prayer thing that really brought it all together nicely.  She compared a mountain pose to the mountains around Jerusalem… the strength and God’s protection and included the nation of Israel in her prayer.  She thanked God and acknowledged His authority over us.  She spoke (or read… I couldn’t tell… I was dozing off relaxing) from Psalms and the warrior poses we had done reminded me of David.  It ended up being more than I thought it would be.

Now, I know some consider this Christianizing of yoga to not be a good or healthy thing for the church or it’s members.  And I suppose my brain could think “yeah, using the conventions of the church to make something acceptable”.  But my heart says she’s not doing that.  I enjoyed the class and look forward to it again next week.

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