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A Tiny Post

Some have wonderd where I am (just busy… everything’s fine)…

Some have left quizzing comments concerning the Expelled movie (trying to formulate my response and have time to post it)…

And some have graciously responded to my many comments on her own blog very thoughtfully and I haven’t had a a quiet moment when I didn’t need to be doing something else in order to do follow-up (sorry Took)…

Until I’m back (MsND performance pratice kicking into full swing, Letterboxing gather that I’m hosting next weekend, creating and teaching a Maypole dance and a folkdance message board)…

Here, for your delight and perusing pleasure, is another blog I purposefuly ran across this morning:     http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/                Yeah, like free range chickens, only in the “human bean” variety ( as Dootsie says in one of our current favorite books, Love, Startgirl ).


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Fun Saturday

Woke up this morning after an hour or so of M snuggling beside me.  “Momma!  Wate Up!”  holding my chin with her little fat hands…  Upon telling her that I was trying to wake up, she goes to climb up on my cedar chest and investigate the contents of my dresser.  Well, me being the recovering packrat that I am, that chest is stuffed.  And the lid doesn’t exactly go down tightly.  So it pinched her foot, just a tad.  Not enough for her to be hurt or even to cry.  Just enough for her to report that it pinched her foot.  The exchange:  “*deep over-exagerated inhalation* it piched your foot?”  “mhum”…  “That monster pinched your foot?”…  “what? (cocking her head with quizzical expression)… “monter?”  *she hops down off the chest*  “You better stay off that chest or he’ll pinch your butt!”… “pincha my butt?”  “monter?” *turning her attention to the chest * “NO!! Monter!!”  Gives the chest a nice hard smack and runs away.  After I’m up for a while she, she convinces S and P to go get the “monter” with her, which they do, and come back with her first Halloween costume: a zip up flower thing.  She wants to out it on and be a http://commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb/browser.htm  monter.  Yes… she did the sign but said the other word.  She’s too cute!

The other daughter is approaching car driving age and can’t get there soon enough.  We were preparing to go letterboxing and I send her out to the car to see if my logbook is there.  After I think about it for a minute, I remember where it is and go to the window to tell her not to worry about it.  So I look out and what do I see?  She’s sitting behind the steering wheel with her hands on the wheel, driving… looking from side to side… bopping her head to imaginary music… TOO Funny!  When she came back in I asked her where she was going… “You saw that?”  Uh, yeah…

I’ll post after dinner on the letterboxing page…


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eXpelled - the movie 

The Issue:The freedom to legitimately challenge “Big Science’s” orthodoxy…without persecution.

 DNA, microbiology, The Big Bang, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or of the human genome. Each of these discoveries has, in one way or another, led a growing number of scientists to reconsider the simple view espoused by Darwin that life is a random, purposeless, chance occurrence. The universe, and life itself – is turning out to be far more complex and mysterious – than Darwin could possibly have imagined.

Darwin’s theory isn’t a single idea. Instead, it is made up of several related ideas, each supported by specific arguments. Of the three, only Evolution #1 can be said to be scientifically “settled.”

Evolution#1: First, evolution can mean minor changes in features of individual species – changes that take place gradually over a (relatively) modest period of time.

Evolution # 2: The Theory of Universal Common Descent – the idea that all the organisms we see today are descended from a single common ancestor somewhere in the distant past. This theory paints a picture of the history of life on earth as a great branching tree, from a single cell that “somehow” materialized.

Evolution#3: A cause or mechanism of change, the biological process Darwin thought was responsible for this branching pattern. Darwin argued that natural selection had the power to produce fundamentally new forms of life. Together, the ideas of Universal Common Descent and natural selection form the core of Darwinian evolutionary theory. “Neo – Darwinian” evolution combines our knowledge of DNA and genetics to claim that mutations in DNA provide the variation upon which natural selection acts.

    When you see the word “evolution.” You should ask yourself, “Which of the three definitions is being used?” Because arguments and evidence supporting #1 do not support #2 or #3!

    What Is Intelligent Design?The theory of intelligent design is simply an effort to empirically detect whether the “apparent design” in nature acknowledged by virtually all biologists is genuine design (the product of an intelligent cause) or is simply the product of an undirected process such as natural selection acting on random variations.

    “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” rejects the notion that “the case is closed,” and exposes the widespread persecution of scientists and educators who are pursuing legitimate, opposing scientific views to the reigning orthodoxy.

    The Controversy

    Neo – Darwinian theory is taught in schools as if it is the only plausible scientific explanation of how life originated and developed. Yet Intelligent Design theory has recently emerged to challenge neo-Darwinian theory.

    Both are scientific theories, and the debate is therefore legitimate. Why is the debate being suppressed?

    At stake are two very consequential views of existence: Is life purposeful, and intelligently designed? Or is it random and purposeless?

    Question #1:
    Knowing this – should our government be engaged in official, de facto promotion of the exclusively secular, materialist worldview inherent in neo-Darwinian theory in our nation’s public schools, universities and research institutions? Why?

    Question #2:
    There is growing support among scientists that there is evidence of intelligent design operating in nature. Yet these scientists, researchers and educators are being routinely persecuted for their scientific views. Who is behind this persecution? Why is this happening in America? How did this situation develop?

    Question #3:
    Should the enterprise of science somehow be treated differently from all other forms of human knowledge, and accorded a special privilege that exempts it from robust debate or inquiry, especially when such debate or inquiry may alter viewpoints that raise important questions concerning larger issues that extend beyond the limits of science itself?

    What are the consequences over time of teaching this one-sided worldview as if it were fact rather than theory?

    • How will ideas of morality change, if life is thought to be purposeless and undirected?
    • How will the role of Government change, if the individual is taught by The State that one is accountable only to ones self?
    • How will the role of “science” change, if “Big Science” alone determines our worldview?

    Such a change in our government’s official policy represents a deeply troubling shift in our cultural identity and a radical departure from the very principles upon which our country was built. America is the first Democracy that was founded on the distinctive worldview that “a Creator” conferred “inalienable rights” on human beings, rather than the State, or another institution, such as “Big Science.”

    So…how was it decided that the teaching of such a profoundly different worldview should become the official position of the United States of America’s public institutions?

    Who was behind the decision? And…why?

    This was all taken directly from some downloadable material from the site.  Please click the banner to find out more information.  For anyone who cares what I think… this viewpoint is solid HOWEVER… as pointed out above (I believe) it should be taught as theory… the problem in my mind is how passionate a teacher will teach a theory… or, in teaching it, does it sound like more than a theory?  Parents and  churches need to be teaching religious beliefs in the home and empowering the children to ask the questions in their classrooms.  Classroom teachers SHOULD NOT be in the business of teaching religion, of any brand.

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    Edited to add:  For some letterboxing laughs, go to  http://aqboards.blogspot.com/

    Because, through everything, life is wonderful and a joy… here are some laughs for you to share today.

    From A to Z Homess-cool Homeschooling:

    How many homeschoolers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    No less than 5.

    1 person to contact HSDLA to see if there is a legal loop hole to change a lightbulb without first asking the local department of education.

    1 person to contact the co-op to see if there is enough interest to have a field day to watch the changing of the lightbulb.

    1 person to form a committee to determine whether this is a homeschooling or unschooling type activity.

    2 people to actually go out to the store and purchase the lightbulb (this should ideally be a 2nd grader and their parent so that the parent can explain about the price per unit item as well as point out the differences in wattage).

    For more homeschooling funnies, check out:





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    On my hotmail front page it gave a teaser for an article concerning a judge ordering someone to learn English or go to jail.  Hmmm…  I didn’t bother clicking on it because, well… I know English.  I don’t know anybody who doesn’t speak the language.  In general I would lean towards empathy, but may very well side with the judge if I knew the specifics (which I don’t want to know cause I don’t want to get wrapped up in it today, which you know I would… see?  Aren’t you proud of me?)


    Still haven’t posted any pics or videos… M was sick Saturday night/Sunday (throw-up stuff…eyew!!)… P had dizzy head congestion yesterday.  Too much youth blabbing going on in this house for me to think straight (no… not conversation… just talking to hear themselves talk *groaning sigh*).  Plus the weather has been hit or miss with the rain.  Better than freezing cold and snow for this time of year, but doesn’t allow you to make solid plans to be outside.  I feel spring fever creeping up…


    My son… my dear, sweet son thinks April Fool’s Day is the 4th.  Did he bother to look it up when I told him to?  If he did, he promptly forgot.  So he tells P today that he wants to have an April Fool’s Day party on the 4th and she wants to invite some friends to further “get him”.  I’m debating…


    Our fishtank keeps slowly loosing inhabitants.  S’s hatchet fish jumped out (ok… that was my fault… should have covered the tank better)… P has lost 3!! 3!! albino cory cats, one right after the other (for a total of about 3 or 4 weeks).  She doesn’t know about one of them.  How in the world can a child have such bad luck with fish?  Basically everything she gets, dies.  She has one fish that was given to her that survives through it all.  We have, as of this morning, now lost 2 snails.  Let me just tell you, should an aquatic snail happen to die on you, DON’T jiggle it or otherwise mess with it.  The resulting “thbt” sound when the body comes out of the shell is kind of gross.  Even for me.  I mean, I didn’t throw up or anything, but it made me fake gag.  And it’s not a pretty sight.  Also dearly departed is one of my high-fin serpae tetras.  All of this since January.  Water tests fine.  Algae continues to be an issue, so we continue to do water changes, vaccum the bottom and scrape the glass.  I have started feeding less and leaving the light on less.  Unless something is getting messed up when we add fresh water (yes, we add the de-chlorinator), then I don’t know what’s going on.  Maybe just a natural evolution of the tank.


    Added another letterbox and think I might finally get around to posting my variation on the stamp tutorial on the letterboxing page today… hopefully M will take a nice nap and the others will quietly do their work.  *HAHAHAHAHAHA* 

    The thing about my letterbox page is that it doesn’t show up as updated unless I make a note of it here.  So if you’re finding me from Atlas Quest’s blogroll, that’s the deal. 😉

    In other LB news… check out my letterboxing page from the top nav…


    On a somber note… my Grandmother is not doing well.  I would appreciate your prayers for her and her family through this transition.  May head out of town in the next week or two, but the children have some things they need to finish before we do.


    My house cleanliness is being maintained…. not making any new headway, but not experiencing the 2 steps back phenomenon either.  Yeah for us!  Granny would be proud (she cleaned a hotel and her church for many years).


    Ok… the house is too quiet now… this can’t be good.  Later!

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