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The online Websters gives this phrase as part of a defintion for the transitive verb, poison.  I think, after 4 hot showers in less than 24 hours (yes, that means I was some semblance of awake at 3-ish this morning), that this is an apt description of poison ivy.

What I think I’ve learned:

  1. This is the reason folks wear long pants and sleeves when mowing the lawn.
  2. This is also the reason folks shower as soon as they’re done with the yard work.
  3. Hot water showers are a God send.
  4. Hot water baths are not and may even make it worse.
  5. It spreads, but not the way you think; through antigens in your blood system after exposure and absorbtion.  Not from oozing blisters.  Not generally from person to person.  Contact with the oil is the culprit… if you touch the oil before it is absorbed (into the skin), from pets or other animals… from clothing… from tools or other outdoors equipment ~ it may  result in a rash for you if you do not get it washed off thoroughly within say 10-30 minutes.
  6. Spending a lot of time in pools may or may not be a useful rememdy… spending a lot of time in the sun may or may not, but it makes mine itch worse.
  7. Drinking tons of water doesn’t seem to help flush it any quicker.  Or maybe I just can’t seem to drink enough to do any good.
  8. OTCs make it itch, BAD, for the first 1/2 hour or so and then keep it from itching for a good little while (how’s that for a subjective phrase?).
  9. Duration of symptoms?  I’ve read 10 days to 5 weeks!!!
  10. I’m still not going the steroid shot route.  My resolve may buckle in a day or two, though.

First hand lessons an article with more links on the left.



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So I’ve had this patch of poison ivy for several weeks now, right?  And it’s annoying, but not “stop me in my tracks and do nothing but scratch” bad.  And as allergies go, it’s not as bad as the aspirin allergy, which has the potential to close my throat and send me wheezing to the hospital (hasn’t happened yet, but I know it could!!).  And, as I’ve told a few friends and family, it is really not fair to develop an allergy to something like poison ivy this late in the ball game.  I didn’t have it growing up.  Happily tromped through many different woods and forests without the slightest problem.  I step out my backdoor, into my own backyard, mind you, sometime in late spring and mysteriously wind up with poison ivy on the inside of my elbow.  Go figure.

But those little things that don’t pester you when you’re awake and busy can be real bothersome at night when all you want to do is lie quietly and let sleep take over.  Cause you can’t.  You want to scratch!!  That spot that hasn’t really bothered you all day long is the one spot you wish you could cut out and cast away.  Jimminy, it does offend me!!  Maybe Paul’s thorn was a constant case of poison ivy??

But after spending a nice afternoon at K’s pool yesterday, I came home, took a shower closer to bedtime- in hot water (it has been very moderate temperature wise here in KY)- and put some Gold Bond cream on the offending patch.  Now, it itched like the dickens before the cream dried, but then stopped.  Took a claritin before going to bed, sat there through an albuterol nebulizer treatment to break up the guck in my chest (caused by not knowing exactly the best anithistamine route to take with this ivy thing) and went to sleep.  The whole night.  Whew.  So nice with the temps cool at night, the windows open and no itch.  Slept so well that I was awake at 6:45 this morning to greet my Dear Heart, home to change clothes and head out for another day.

I think my next course of action in the poison ivy system purge is to keep water with me all day today (after I finish my coffee) and to throw it under the hot water every time it falirs up to even think it’s going to itch.  Hopefully by the end of the sumemr I will have this thing gone.  Yes… no, I don’t want to go to the Dr cause they’re going to want to put me on a steroid, right?  I already have a slight cataract (at frakin’ 37!!) because of the steroid course of action for breathing issues.  So, no… I’ll tough it out for now.  But sneak me into your prayers, if you don’t mind.  A little divine intervention would be appreciated.  Though I think I would get the same rebuke as dear Paul… “My strength is sufficient”.  That and the topicals You made it possible to exist!!  🙂

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Just want to say, man how much a person can/does/doesn’t change over the years. I last took this test in June of 2004 and the results were eNFj (extravert/intuitive/feeler/judger-5% of the population is this type)- also known as a teacher or clergy type. Now I’ve changed just a bit into an iNFp (introvert/intuitive/feeler/perceiver- 1% this type)… more of a searcher and a psychiatrist. Hmm Probably has more to do with what I’ve required of myself this past year… taught a class, picked up new hobbies… not sure.

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Some Thoughts…

FOR TODAY , 6/10/08

Outside My Window… the leaves of my flowering magnolia and bradford pear just about block out the view of a freshly washed sky with leftover clouds streaking through.

I am thinking… it’s nice to have a cool morning in mid-June without the overwhelming sound of cicadas and WITH the beautiful chirps and songs of my birds back (if only til the cicadas decide to wake up today).

I am thankful for… my parents.

From the kitchen… last night it was s’mores cooked over a fire in the backyard (yum!)… today it’s an easy breakfast… probably a nice, filling chef salad with rasberry vinegarette for lunch and whatever I can lay hands on from the freezer for supper.

I am wearing… cool, comfy summer jammies.  The top says “dream” on top of little pastel polka dots.  I’m not really a polka dot kind of person, usually… it’s a kooky side of me that mostly comes out in private.  😉

I am creating… a letterbox series based on the book “The New Policeman” by Kate Thompson.

I am going… out to check on letterboxes I’ve planted today and to try to find a few our local public library has put out… so staying near home, but maybe exploring some different places.

I am reading… The Braid by Helen Frost; Duchessina, A Novel of Catherine de’ Medici by Carolyn Meyer; and The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation: Volume 1, The Pox Party by MT Anderson

I am hoping… that this little bit of chest congestion from sleeping in front of my window fan does not get worse.

I am hearing… crickets and birds!! Glorious sounds after the weeks of cicada buzzing. Which, oddly, I like, too… but you do learn to appreciate everything, huh?

Around the house…a grocery list of things to try to do… necessity means I’ve already opened the windows and put the fans in. I’ve also traded my comforter for a thin cover… garden is in and weeds sprayed (thanks Dad)… would like to redo the stucco on my home’s foundation. Today…laundry

One of my favorite things… rain
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: some letterboxing, some reading, some homeschool tracker work for next school year, ordering curriculum.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing:


This was the beginning of the end of all of our busy’ness before the summer could actually get started.  Now we’re at the end of the end and the only repsonsibility left is VBS at the end of June… everything else is foot-loose and fancy free!  Just the way summer should be!

Now you can head over to The Simple Woman to check out other’s thoughts and journals or sign up to participate yourself!

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Uhm… yeah

Aside from the first line, this might just be eerie!

What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class.
Your taste is refined, but you are not picky.
You are often the first to try something new.

You are down to earth and lovable.
A true friend, you're very tolerant and understanding.
In fact, your friends' biggest problem is that they don't like each other!

You love being around people. Friendships are important to you.
You feel lost when you're by yourself... so you tend to avoid being alone.

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No, it’s not an alien sighting, but cicadas.  The 17  (what, can’t I count in Roman??  that’s supposed to be 14) year cicada to be exact.  And they’re everywhere!  Well, at least here in my town they are.  They cover my trees, my yard, my foundation, my peonies… everything!  I think if I stood still long enough they would cover me.  But apart from a cacophony of sound in the afternoon and early evening that I remember from my childhood (I’ve lived through apparently 2 other emergences), there is supposed to be no real danger.  At least, not the biting kind.  I’ve read that they cut slits into tree branches to deposit their eggs, which, when hatch, then burrow down into the ground to feed off of tree roots.  Well if that’s not destructive…

Here’s a site where you can learn more about the cicadas (no, they’re not locusts), chart their emergence and even add your own siting!  There’s teaching resources too.

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