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Sometimes, when you have to suck it up and give somebody bad news or turn a problem over to them, it’s not easy.  You’re afraid you’ve done something wrong.  Messed up.  That it’s all because of you and recriminations are coming.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like confrontation.  I don’t like being spoken to loudly and harshly.  I don’t like that look.

But God continues to teach me that the people He has put in my life are growing WITH me.  Yes, the immediate conversations of solving the problem or figuring things out are not going to be easy.  Here’s the hard part – you’ve got to trust that the other person cares as much for you as you do for them and the problem is what is making everything so large and out of control.  You can deal with things if you just maintain for the long-haul.

The hard part for me is that I usually try to hide things long enough hoping that I can “fix” them.  Granted, most things don’t fit in this category… they are just not big enough probelms to even bother with hiding to fix.  They are what they are.  But when I start feeling antsy, I start to think there’s a problem that needs to be fixed… and just give me a few days or so, and I can fix it.  About half of the time, my waiting seems to make it worse, though.  Which means that the problem has just become that incremental bit harder for whomever should be dealing with it, to fix.

And so this morning I’ve been taught, yet again, that the best thing to do is rip the band-aid off as quickly as possible.  Just get it over with.  Maybe it will end up being as bad as I’ve imagined… maybe not.  But at least it’s out in the light of day after that.



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I am in a crabby mood.  Woke up fine, went to Kmart and Kroger and stopped for gas.  OK, so that made me a bit edgy, but still ok.  Until I started thinking about it.  $50 for gas and I didn’t even fill my tank!  And no, it’s not an SUV, but I guess maybe that’s obvious.  I shudder to think what THEY have to pay.

So, I’m thinking more and more about it and getting crabbier and crabbier.  Took the twins to the library for a game night that ended up not happening and M and I went to the playground.  She played, I read some homework (prep for the history in drama class).  That helped.  Still have myself all worked up though… cause I feel my stomach in knots.  M is breaking down because she wants this, that and the other thing and what she needs is to go to bed.  She brightens up when I tell her I’ll take a bath with her.  Which we do and it it remarkable how much better I feel.

Still a bit crabby.  But a good night’s sleep will help.  Maybe I’ll go carve a “crabby” stamp.  Therapy with an eXacto knife and Speedball.  Ahhhh!  🙂

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Here I was thinking it was another beautiful, cool summer morning (sorry Californians… thoughts and prayers are with you!) and I could do another entry in the Simple Woman’s Daybook.  Or whatever that was called.

Anyway, I head over to Meg’s to see what her Monday is looking like outside her window and find a Bucket List instead.  Cool!  I’ll do that.  (They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…)

So, some things I want to do before I buy the farm, push up daisy’s, sleep with the fishes, cash in my chips

Kick the Bucket (list)

  • See my children happy as adults
  • Hopefully with solid marriages and some grandchildren in the bargain
  • float down the Mississippi on some sort of comfortable boat with my Dear Heart and then sail up the Atlantic coast
  • discover that elusive thing that my Dear Heart and I will do together, happily, for the rest of our lives
  • become one of those History Live! kind of reenactors… I’m working on this one.  Sealy is my other name.  😉
  • play an instrument by ear (I read music, so the “by ear” part takes some doing for me)… maybe a recorder?
  • Explore Ireland
  • See and explore the Galapagos Islands
  • Vacation in the Florida Keys (I’ve heard it’s not all that anymore… but I still want to do it)
  • Get this house fully remodeled to mine and my Dear Heart’s total liking (THIS will keep us alive until we’re into our 90’s or kill us one!)

 I’m sure there’s probably more… but I’ve oddly come up with a “perfect” 10, so I’ll stop there until that other brilliant thing pops into my head.

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Can you hear that song in your head?  Really did not intend for THAT to happen, but I am a child of the 80’s.

My real intent was to gab a bit about the word “promise”.  I think we make too big of a deal about this.  Here’s some definitions for you:
1. Promise: to afford ground for expecting: “The sky promised a storm.”
2. Expectation: the degree of probability that something will occur: “There is little expectation that he will come.”
3. Probability:  Statistics. a. the relative possibility that an event will occur, as expressed by the ratio of the number of actual occurrences to the total number of possible occurrences.

So, just cause you promise something, the audience shouldn’t count it as guaranteed.  Only that your intent is to follow through.  Things happen and circumstances change.  I don’t think that means I broke my promise.  I think it means I’m (and my audience is) a victim of chance. 

Not that I’m in to playing the “victim”.  😉  And I’m not lax on giving my word to folks and then following through.  Just don’t like needless guilt being felt.

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Said with 3 year old slur and delight, hands out and palms up… eyebrows raised in excitement.  Yes, that’s M’s new thing right now (along with wrapping her lips around her teeth and gumming us to death for “bug bites” and calling out to me “momma…momma… MADRE!”

Anyway… VOILA!  The room, she is finished!!  My dear daughter helped me paint the top coat in my bedroom (all day project) while dear son kept little bit entertained.  They even stayed up till 12 last night while I hung 1 Roman Shade ( urg… I hate hanging blinds!!), just to make sure I didn’t drill a hole in my finger or fall off the stepstool.  Lucky for me, I only busted my knee through a pane of glass.  Even luckier, the windows have to be open right now anyway (no ac here).  How’s that for looking on the bright side?  Maybe I can post a picture soon.  But I haven’t been very good about that lately, have I?

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Yesterday I mentioned on the Letterboxing page (up there on the top bar) that the library has done a letterbox series that is at once pretty cool AND pretty sad.  https://snpnmnmi.wordpress.com/letterboxing/

We ended up going to retrieve 2 of those boxes yesterday, one at a roadside vegetable stand and the other at an historical location here in town.  That first one was not hidden at all.  Lame.  The second one was probably the best hidden of the lot, being in an well, I’m not going to tell you cause that would just spoil the best of the bunch.   The historical interpretor on the property was very nice and even commented that at various times there had been a couple of other things people had searched for there, including either a geocache or a waymarker.  *wink wink*  Yeah, one of which is ours, but I didn’t tell him that.  He said people have asked before and he doesn’t care if they’re planted and people go looking.  After we checked on our own plant, I took him the image from it with the clues and he had explained that he was worried they had had to cut down the trees hiding them this past spring.  So, my good letterboxer deed for the day:  I explained there was an online site they could go to and contact placers if this ever happened.  Well, maybe not so much good deed as self preservation.  LOL

Afterwards we went to the library where we overheard the librarian talking with someone else about some boxes that were missing.  Sadly, one of the 2 that is currently missing has already gone missing before!  I think I may have been a bit abrupt with her (poor woman), but I told her the problem was that the boxes were just too big.  To which she replied “that may be”.  Sadly, my foot flew into my mouth, unbeknownst to me, and I reply rather tartly “No, I KNOW that’s the problem.”.  She goes on to tell me (gotta give her credit for sticking to her guns) that a nearby library had done it last year with LARGER containers and she just wonders what is so different about our community.  So, hoping to smooth my previous snarkiness a bit, I explained to her that we had been happy in this hobby for a year (yeah, all of you old timers are snickering at me right now… “All of a year?  WOW!  That IS a long time”) and everything we’ve hidden or found has been no bigger than a sandwich square or a couple of inches deep and round.  Also explained that they were not hidden to discourage muggles and pranksters, even admitting my own slacker losses of a few boxes these past few months.  I don’t know if it was a positive conversation or not.

I’m going to go back and apologize for my snarkiness… maybe I’ll offer to do a workshop or something (would they even take me up on that?).

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Couldn’t resist that one!  The poison ivy is cleared up (finally).  Even down to the phantom “there’s nothing there but it still itches” itchies.  And I held out!  No steroid shots.  Yeah for me!

And for you letterboxing pals… an update, all beit, kind of boring, on the Letterboxing page.

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