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Hands In The Air

Well, we don’t do THAT particular school memory, but we are slowly getting back into the swing of this school thing.  So this Monday morning finds me awake at the *still way too* early hour of 7 AM, tip-tapping away.  Fitting in a little me time before the tweens wake up and start having asking to use the computer for this-that-and the other requirement.

Now comes the qualification that every self-aware (yeah, that’s me… https://snpnmnmi.wordpress.com/2008/06/10/mypersonalityinfo-badge/  ) homeschooling parent will tell you:  

1st- we kept a few schoolish things going over the summer, not the least of which was my frame of mind;   2nd- we are picking up a few topics at a time… last week we started on geography because we have our first culture lunch coming up this Friday; doing a test assessment of how our 7th grade went (with much drama from my dear 13 year old hormonal girl); and lastly… some free choice reading.  Yeah, I have to make them do that (shaking my head nooooo).  Today we’re adding in our chosen language arts study guide (Progeny Press’s A Wrinkle In Time), some algebra and geometry from Keys and they will be made aware of the an online format that they will need to follow for writing summaries/reports on their free choice reading (something they were supposed to be doing last year but Momma never dropped that shoe on them).  Next week they’ll add science (Apologia).  Though we don’t square up perfectly with the philosophy of this curriculum, I find it very well executed and systematic.  So far it hasn’t been hard to show my students where I believe a dangerous extreme has been taken.  Mommies agenda has been to put all of this information into Homeschool Tracker and pray the computer doesn’t decide to quit on me.  I’ve got to find out if I can save that to a rewritable CD…. it would seem that I should be able to, but will my older and somewhat disgruntled (yeah, we have been rough with it) laptop let me do it?

Also on my agenda has been working the History In Drama class out on paper.  We’re supposed to start the beginning of September and it doesn’t help my desire to finish this and get it out there that I have some from last year who have already indicated they won’t be with us this year and some that haven’t commented either way.  On a class that will be exploring social class differences, I NEED TO KNOW!  Sure, I’m still breathing.  And it’ll be done regardless cause I’m commited to it in some form… just one of those niggler kind of thoughts that give me an excuse not to get my butt in gear.  ARG  I hate those!  But I have the first and second classes worked out.  The other 10 will follow pretty easily.  Maybe.

Now I say all of this… but looking back on the calendar and into my stress level memories, I’ve got to say that everything is still pretty much in keeping with the style of… I don’t know… time management (?) that I adopted back around Advent… https://snpnmnmi.wordpress.com/2008/01/06/christmas-season-recap/  … plus, now we have a garden that is actually producing (anybody want some cucumbers??), so it has grounded me (excuse the pun) in the physical year’s cycle all the more.  I’m actually enjoying the schedule!!  Huh!?!


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