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*updating to add a link to my letterbox, The Catch:  http://www.atlasquest.com/showinfo.html?gBoxId=95872

We were finally able to pull it off! After several attempts to find a date… a few cancelled camping events and a lot of waiting on work schedules to fit around… we made it happen. Yes, camping in October in a tent is on the chilly invigorating side of fun.  But for one night, totally doable.  M FINALLY got to eat marshmallows (she doesn’t like them roasted) and hotdogs at a campfire and sleep in a tent.  We all got some very needed and thouroughly enjoyed time with Daddy and each other.

Chose a campsite with a veiw of the lake.  Just for future reference… this would have been GREAT during the summer and hot weather.  For this time of the year, it made the campfire (and the $32 worth of wood my Dear Heart bought because we forgot our hatchet or saw) very appreciated.  We did manage to haul what was left of a 4 or 5 inch diameter tree, with root end, up to burn.  It was still there for hot chocolate and coffee in the morning.  There were 3 other sites around us occupied, but thankfully, they were all asleep at roughly the same time we were.  No loud parties to worry about.

We ate some lunch and took a nice long walk on the lake and back hrough some of the sites that had already been closed down for the season.  All without any great aches and pains for those of us unuse to hiking with a 3 year old.  She walked most of the way by herself, which was great.  At one part we stopped to investigate some beench nuts and she was thrilled to learn she could eat them.  Which meant we had to stop every time we saw them on the ground so that she could pick up a bunch and distribute them, one each, to everybody she loved.  We pocketed them.  Which turned out to be a good thing, as she quickly and quite accidently dropped the stash she was holding in her own grubby little hand.  It would have ended very loudly had we not had some to “find” out of our pockets.

We skipped the “summit” trail… a one mile hike up and around a hill in the center of the campgrounds.  Would have loved to take it… there use to be a beautiful observation deck on top.  But Dear Heart hasn’t done much hiking (even less than me) in the pass couple of years and was afraid to be thoroughly out of commision the next day if her attempted it.  Back to the campsite for dinner and a campfire.  M got to go take a shower… something else she has been waiting for… and we just had a very good evening chatting and catching up with each other (cause you know the 3 year old didn’t make it much past dark… she was worn out!).

I don’t think I slept much, but that’s ok.  Was warm enough… but trying to keep M comfortable was another matter.  In the end, she and I “woke up” for good at about 6 AM… still very dark, but she was already complaining she was hungry and she wanted breakfast.  When the site next to us started showing signs of rousing, and the tweens went, one at a time seeking dryer and warmer shelter in the car… M and I got up and Daddy went to take a shower.

We took our time watching the last of the campfire, supplemented by the donated wood from our departed neighbors, drank some coffee had breakfast and was packed and hitting the road at 11:30.  Stopped to plant a letterbox (you didn’t really think I wouldn’t, did you?) and got home around 3:30.

We really had a wonderful time!  I’ve already kind of hinted to my Dear Heart that a group campout would be nice for the children in the spring.  Gotta get a bigger tent, though!

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More Ren Fun

Burnt orange or Pumpkin?

Burnt orange or Pumpkin?

I’m in the process of dyeing some material to make my surcoat with, so forgive me if I make a mad dash to the washing machine to keep it from draining (it has to agitate for at least 30 minutes).

Since I can’t go too far from my washing machine, I’m surfing through some of my favorites and seeing what else I can get into.  While at the KYHRFaire site I find this little blog (and it’s WordPress to boot!):  http://aribabybug.wordpress.com/2008/06/23/photoblog-kentucky-renaissance-faire/   So, even though I am seriously bad at uploading pictures, you can still enjoy the faire!

And THAT’S the other thing I found to while away my dyeing time… adding polls to my blog!!  How cool is that?

I’ll come back later and show you what color my material turned out (I’m shooting for a rust or burnt orange color.  But since I started with a khaki brown color material… who knows what I’ll get!)

*edited to add the picture up top, 10/23.  Is it too bright for the 1300’s?  For my poor memory’s sake, I started with a whole bottle of wine RIT dye + 2 packages sunshine orange… with that combo I got wine (where’d the orange go?).  Since this wasn’t the color I wanted, I sent the material through two more bleach washes… still not right.  Dyed again with 2 more boxes of the sunshine orange and ended up with what is pictured.  Probably could have used a tablespoon or two of the wine color with the original 2 packs of orange and ended up abut here too.*

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Prayer 2

  • prayer changes things
  • pray without ceasing
  • it is like an incense going up to God
  • pray expecting things to happen
  • leave your requests at the cross
  • So, let’s go into this a little deeper by listening in to my thoughts on this bullet list.  (Yeah… I keep thoughts going around in my head for a while and then forget that the people listening to me haven’t been running around in my head too!)

    *  Prayer changes things:  Yeah, there’s Joshua who prayed for the sun to stand still and it did.  Believers who prayed for Peter to be released from jail (Acts) and angels were sent.  Many women who prayed for babies…  lots of tangible things, big things… not your everyday normal stuff.  And the prayer of a believing person was heard by God who then acted.  (Though, those who worshipped many gods also seem to have been heard in regards to a believer, as in the sailors on the ship with Jonah.)  So, I DO believe prayer changes things.  All the time.  I think the prayers of one person are heard and acted upon just as the prayers for one thing/person by a large group (it’s not a competition between believers.  I think prayer in groups is a good thing because it encourages the prayers, but it’s not the reason a prayer would be answered or not… I don’t think). 

    I also believe that the change occurs in the person who is praying.  Prayer makes us more observant of the things, situations, desires going on around us.  And when we’re observant… we SEE more.  And how can a person that sees, fail to be changed?  Sadly, many see the change going on in themselves and then refuse to be a part of it.  And of course, when you see that what you’ve prayed for has been acted upon, is it not normal, then, to believe that God heard your intercessory prayer?  Did He act on it soley because of your prayer?  Maybe… maybe not.  We do have to remember that God has a plan and things either fit in it, or they don’t.

    * pray without ceasing.  What does this mean to you?  Are we talking about the marathon praying of the believers for Peter’s release?  I think that’s one aspect.  What it has come to mean for me is more of a constant conversation with God.  Now, I will admit that my weakness in this, and I try to keep this as a caution for myself, is that it can seem to trivialize the relationship… bring it down to a human level.  (Another facet of this is that God puts Himself on our level in the OT tabernacle AND in the person of Jesus Christ, but that’s a different thing than this.)  The consequence being putting yourself in the wrong position in relation to God.  God is always and will always be the Creator… Omnipotent… Alpha and Omega.  We can not do anything without Him being involved from THE top, down.  And since He’s always there, I guess I just tend to talk to Him all the time.  And I think that’s why I tend to a joyful feeling.  So when I start realizing that I’m not so joyful… that I’m snapping or being argumentative or whatever… I start wondering if my conversations have been fewer and farther between.

    The other problem with this is that I tend to forget one of the other forms of prayer… the honest-to-goodness, down on your knees, closet type prayer.  Well, I don’t know if I forget about it, or is it needed at a particular time?  Is that one of those types of prayers that usually has A need… something with a big purpose?  Cause I do pray like that.  Just not very frequently.  Is this a deficiency in my prayer life, or a bounty? 

    *leave your prayers at the cross.  Often I have heard people worry that we bring a request to prayer in a group, and then it seems like we keep bringing it back… over and over again… indicating that we never let it go long enough for God to take control.  Don’t let it go long enough to be observant of the request and what IS happening with it.  I think this is a hard one.  Maybe it is meant for prayers for situations and not people.  Aren’t you always supposed to pray for your leaders and your loved ones and those who are mean to you?  But in a right way, maybe?  Maybe there is a way that we bring these things to prayer that belittles them in our own eyes or the eyes of those who are hearing the request.  Sort of puts us in a position of authority over them (or the situation).  And so, by bringing them to a prayer group over and over, we’re constantly one up on them/it.

    I think prayer is all about relationship.  We pray to God acknowledging that we should be thankful to Him… that He is all-powerful… that He is all-seeing… that He loves us.  We pray for those around us as intercessors (and this is one of my favorite images of Christ – the priest King), strengthening our ties to our brothers and sisters and those who need Christ’s salvation.  King David seemed to do an awful lot of conversing with God.  Didn’t he have some rather odd prayers too (for destruction of his enemies and all… that doesn’t sound very nice)?

    I guess I’m just left always wondering, questioning, thinking… are my conversations with God, through word and deed, pleasing incense?  Hopefully not a stench He’d cover His nose for.     Still thinking…

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    I love this guy!  Check out John Rosemond’s article:


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    THAT is a rousing cheer of enthusiasm!  I am really excited to say that I’m at least a little closer to that historical reinacting thing I mentioned in my Bucket List.

    A month or so ago it was a boring day on the computer so I hopped over to the KYRenFaire to check out their forums, lurk a little and just see if anything interesting was going on.  I was tickled pink to see a cast call for next summer announced!  Huzzah!  This was also soon on the heels of our drama in history class for the homeschoolers being cancelled… so doubly tickled!  Yesterday I pop the children into the car and drive over to Eminence, an hour or so away, to check things out in person.  Of course, we went to the faire at the beginning of the summer for P’s birthday… so we knew “the stage”.  But a behind the scenes peak is always fun!  A little more casual/modern look at some of the actors.  I’ve gotta tell you… a fella name of Bob plays the most uproarious cad of a pirate, and seemed like his character wasn’t far from his truth! 🙂 It was just a meeting to lay out the ground rules, but we still had a bunch of fun.  Seems that if you show up for this “early in the year” meeting, then you are automatically considerd part of the cast.

    Woot!  I think I’m excited about that!  I really am at the very beginning of this journey, so I hope one of the veterans will take me under their wing and let me play to their character a bit.  We got the “this is a serious thing… but have fun” speech and introduced to the main characters of the fife… folks that have been around all 3 or 4 years.  King Bruce, a mayor, a barmaid, aforesaid pirate fellow… and a few behind the scenes but very important people (the owner, for one).  Thankfully, when practices start in March, they will work with us on dialect/accent.  That’s probably going to be the most challenging part for me.  In the meantime, I get to chat with folks online a bit and flesh out who “Sely” really is… is she a widow or a floosey?  One of the character possibilities is a gossip.  THAT sounds like it could be fun.  I’ve also been hoping to get to use some of my folkdance background and there’s one fella that was thinking of a scavanger hunt kind of thing for the children.  Sounds a bit like letterboxing to me!   That would be right up my alley.  I did tell the one lady that oversees garb that I would see my character as a sort of oddball.  Someone the children are a bit scared of… but not witchy.  You know what I mean?  There will be no burning stakes for Sely!

    Briarwood (the name of our village) is set in Scotland in the 1300’s.  I KNOW Meg’s got some input for me there!  Gonna have to study up on my scottish country dances (are any documented to go back that far?) and sew a surcoat (my skirts that I made last year are not appropriate, as I need something to cover the top part of my chemise that is not form fitting).  We’ll get to camp onsite if we like during the faire weekends; P is excited to play an “extra” (she can’t be on the official cast because she wants to be out of town a few weekends during the season); S is ready to spend all summer perhaps earning a little spending money at the faire helping out one of the vendors so he can then turn right around and find bunches of stuff to buy;  M is even excited to see her “friend” again… yes, in the short 2 hours we were at the meeting she made a fast friend in a little 8 year old girl.

    I’ll let you know how it’s going as it goes!

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    It’s been a while since I’ve planted a local letterbox.  Today was the day!  Since I neglected to plant a box for September’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day” last year, I was determined not to let it pass by again.  Yes, I know.  It’s not September anymore.  In my defense I DID plant one during the last few days of last month, but it was in WV.  And it had nothing to do with any odd holidays… just one more in my New Policeman series.  I did enjoy planting that one (it’s a nice park).  But it wasn’t pirate-y in any sense of the word.

    So, while I was at my folks home I went ahead and carved a stamp for my pirate box.  Note to self:  No matter how many times you carve letters, start by admitting that it will be wrong the first time.  Although, the mistake did force a recarve that actually turned out pretty cool – sort of reminiscent of a flag.  Given that the box is named Jolly Roger, that was a cool turn of events.

    I had already scoped out the location a few weeks ago, so M and I headed out before lunch to pay the utility bill and plant our “box”.  This one is actually a camo’ed baggie… I think doing them that way may actually be better for me.  It makes the plant a little easier and it may be a tad cheaper… definitely a little more accessible, as I always have freezer bags on hand and a roll of camo duct tape should last a while.  It wouldn’t work in an area prone to flooding, though.  Too easy to not get sealed properly and result in water damage to the logbook (which is SO sad).

    As a small aside – you know?  Making the logbook is starting to be the drudgery part of my plants.  As this is the beginning of my second year in this hobby, perhaps I now have a better understanding of why you carve and create miscellaneous box materials during the winter months.  Still, I won’t be able to carve or create anything with a particular place in mind without going out as soon as possible to plant it.

    Anyway, M and I begin our walk and clue gathering.  It’s a beautiful day here… sunny, crisp autumn air.  The bugs aren’t so numerous.  But, YUCK!  The stench of a dead animal is always bad!!  M got out of the car and immediately pinched her nose – “Ewwww… what’s that smell?”  We got to walk a bit, spot some odd shadows that ended up being little shoals of fish and then a HUGE lazy pike or gar (from that distance, who can tell?).  It was so neat that M’s fear of walking where we were (can’t give away too much here) totally vanished.

    So we had fun.  I can’t wait until my Monopoly Freak wants to go hunt it.

    If you letterbox, I have a question for you:  If the majority of the hike to the box is easy going, but the last few, maybe 10 or 20 steps are pretty extreme, do you list it as an extreme box?  Yes, I would and did remark about it in the clue… but those icons at the top sometimes make me wonder.

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