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crockpot casserole

Yeah, a friend of mine has 7 children, so she does a lot of crock-pot cooking.  Every little once in a while she’ll forward me a recipe from this “A Year In Crockpotting” blog.  Checked it out today before going to the grocery and had P put on this one:


It was ok… a little sweet.  Next time we’ll cut the sugar (and probably cinammon too) a little and add more carrots.  We used one of those Uncle Ben’s seasoned rice boxes… turned out fine.  A do-again.


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Icky too!

Have seen several blog posts and comments that indicate the icky-yucky, glazed doughnut – nose season is already upon us.

Let’s compare notes… On Monday I felt like *$X, so I spent the day (as well as Tuesday), sitting, doing nothing but reading.  My sinuses have shifted again, so here I am doing the same OTC shuffle and refiguring.  Chest congestion, stuffy nose… which leads to late night coughing and interrupted sleep.  But since Dear Heart plans on going in for Thanksgiving with us, then I WILL NOT succomb!  On the trip back home Friday, I tried to nap… didn’t work but I ended up with no voice for my troubles.  Took some of a year old script for cough/congestion (you know… the good stuff…) and slept like a baby last night.  Now my ears are clogged up so I can’t hear, but I’m able to go.  Which is good, cause Sunday is the beginning of the advent candle lighting season (actual advent being all year, every day, in your heart… but I don’t want to watch the candles every day… I’m notoriousely bad with candles) and my “calender” that I still need to hang and put everything in.

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So, Took had to go and inspire me to make a Thanksgiving post … thanks Took!  Now I guess I’ll just have to put my cleaning and holiday prep and all of those unfinished projects aside to write… geez!  *snicker*

Thanksgiving growing up in my family was always an extended family affair.  Waaaaay back when, it involved a lot of cleaning prior to because it was at our house.  And I LOVED it!  Well, let me clarify… I loved having all of the cousins at my home.  I loathed the cleaning.  (Still do, actually… sigh, but we have responsibilities now, huh?)  I grew up in this wonderful large, square, brick, 2 story house… the kind that didn’t afford you no room for escape, but you could make a complete circle from the living room –> dining room –>kitchen –>stairs upstairs –> back into the living room.  Can you guess what the cousins did?  YES!  We ran around in circles until the adults made us stop.  LOL  That was fun.  Of course, you kind of slowed down as the house started filling up with aunts and uncles and cousins… but still!  Sometimes you could find my little sister downstairs in our dirt basement playing with cars and younger cousins… but mostly I remember her annoyingly admiringly close-by. 

And since this is circa 1980’s, the dishwasher… that stalwart champion of piles and piles… loads and loads of dishes, was the kind that you could move around.  Making our race course an obstacle course.  But that meant I didn’t have to do the dishes.  So, one more thing to be thankful for!  I can remember that dishwasher standing, awaiting further orders, between 2 windows that faced the brick wall of our next door neighbors, three feet away.  It was the extra “table” for the kitchen, even when it was moved across the floor to the sink and hooked up to the faucet (which meant you better have your water before, or you’d have to unhook and rehook everything all over again).  Did your family have one of those growing up?  As an aside, and since we’re discussing families here… my married-into family had a built-in that I was initially enthralled with.  Until I found out that it didn’t work and they used it as a garbage bag storage unit.  I SO love my families!  Truly!  Unique is our middle name!

So, Thanksgiving was a potluck kind of thing for us… which my Dear Heart lived through, but recently told me he doesn’t prefer.  You see, his family has pretty much a standard dinner.  Complete with cranberry sauce (which I love… but had no clue about that first year).  For us, Thanksgiving meant mom’s lunchroom recipe rolls, Uncle Curtie’s macaroni salad, Aunt Linda Lou’s baked beans, Aunt Floy’s pies (coconut cream, chocolate, pumpkin) Aunt Linda Sue’s garden salad (yeah… there are several Lindas in my family) and a host of other dishes, cause everybody provided a least 2 or 3.  Can you say gluttony boys and girls?  Granny always helped make a bunch of things, cause she spent the night with us (after the house was clean, of course) for that purpose and to get her hair fixed.  She often cut up fresh veggies and arranged pickles and such on trays too.  And SHE always got to taste things.  But let us try to taste, and… well…

Now, last year was our last with Granny, so I took the children into my folks house (not the one I grew up in… so really, no memories) and tried to make the last of some memories… and I’m grateful for that, but there were to be no more memories for Granny.  So, we have only the effort on our part.  Dinner was great (gone are the days of potlucks) and Granny ate pretty good… kind of like a picky toddler given heaps of choices.  But she wasn’t smacking any fingers. 

And we use to go for Thanksgiving dinner with the church at the local steelworkers hall.  That was usually fun… usually work, cause I do remember at least one ubiquitous pilgrim play.  Mom was the turkey!  You rock mom!  Make us proud with that gobble!!  LOL  Now we have our church’s dinner, but we didn’t go this year because of some sinus issues.  Oh well.  This year I have in my grubby little pawas a copy of The Thanksgiving Primer.  And if I can convince some folks at my church that it is a worthy historical recreation project, then maybe next year we’ll do that for church Thanksgiving instead of a potluck.  If not, then you better bet my children are gonna get the ancient New England Standing Dish of Pompion, a boyled sallet, furmenty and cheate bread along with their fowl.  😉

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Don’t want to divide my time and thoughts between cyber world and real world right now… lots of projects to start, work on and complete!  I think of you all a lot, though… be assured!

Here’s something my pastor passed on today and really thought it was meaningful and timely!

Today we offer thanksgiving for those other things.
For troubles that shape and sharpen our patience, for doubts that faith moments shine and for confusions that keep our lives from being rigid.
For sufferings that help us share one another’s grief, for fears that mark real terror in the world, and for pains that open our eyes to joy.
For sorrows that join our hands to hope and for loneliness that leads us to the heart of God.
For all these gifts by which we have become more human, we give thanks. Let our thanks reach out and embrace the daily small ingratitudes of our lives.
This is our prayer, O Lord. Amen.

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