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I’m going to take the banner off of my side bar, because I have finally rented and seen “Expelled- No Intelligence Allowed”.  Most excellent movie!  Besides supporting the claim that Intelligent Design was and is at work in the world, that there should be no problem with intelligent people pointing to our Creator in this amazing world of ours… Stein also asks the question “just where would we be if we do NOT allow for the possibility?”  Free will and basic kindness to each other can easily be shuffled out the door if the universe will do what it will and only the strong are meant to survive.  Of course, he makes the point much better than I do.  Watch it with your teenagers, if you can.


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Getting Out?

Not on your life!

  1. I’ve been to the hospital for pneumonia a week and a half ago and recuperating from that…
  2. Have you looked outside??  Well, outside MY window, anyway… snow and ice have kept even the city schools closed all week.  We’re in for a tiny warm up tomorrow (41*… down from the 51* they were hoping for).  But then another bought of snow dumping on us Monday and Tuesday (supposedly little or no ice, though).

Now, if a foot of snow wouldn’t threaten to pour into my doorway should I open it, I would be stir crazy by now.  A few days ago I did manage to creep, slowly and with MUCH caution, outside to check for any tree damage and how the dog was doing down in his lot.  (Yes, he’s fine… plenty of fur, plenty of straw and a well positioned doghouse that he refuses to use.  He’s a cow herder… they’re meant for such things.)   Lots of limbs down… the sound of ice crashing down off of the roof one night was exciting…. but no real damage.

Inside, we lost power for about an hour one day and we are trying to resist the urge to use the kerosene heater (no outside vent=poor air quality for the lungs).  It could be worse… some of our friends have been without electric since Wednesday.  The tweens in turn have gotten their own chest congestion, but not near as bad as pneumonia or even bronchitis… just upper respiratory stuff.  They’re apparently young enough to bully through.  S is bucking the down time all the way, though.  He absolutley HATES being cooped up inside when all of this snow is going to waste.

So, I’m going to go read through and catch up on some of your lives, then I’m gonna go do something else restrained and quiet, wihtout physical exertion.  Hmmmm…

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“W, H , Y-ma bean”  and then she sang “now I know my A B C’s”

Earlier she and I were “playing” junior manopoly.  We replaced a die for the Mr Manopoly, who can’t “count” the little squares he’s driving over for squat.  I had M count along with me… 1…2… and she jumps up and down… “I can know my numbers now!”

She’s an intellectual genius, she is!

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This isn’t the Christmas recap… sorry… it’s coming, but probably a weekend thing.  THIS weekend?   Oh, I don’t know… depends on if I can get the Christmas tree completely down or not.  Well, no.  It really has nothing to do with that.  Cause one minute the lit but undecorated tree inspires me to remember my wonderful holiday season, the next it just yells at me that I’m being a “put-offer” and I should just get it done and get life back to normal around here  the table moved back into place and things straightened back up a bit more.  We have more physical room without the tree up.  But there’s also a little gap left in my spirit… a gap that equals dull and boring and routine.  I’ve got to change that!  Giminy… taking the tree down is NOT the end of all smiles Tammy!  Get your act together!

OK… now that that is out…  The little everyday things are starting to crowd around in my head and beg to be written down before I forget them.  And since we have this wonderful new computer (yeah!), it’s actually a pleasure to tap on the keyboard a bit.

Whether or not ya’ll know it, I check my blog often.  I like to see who’s lurking, where they’re coming from and use my sidebar to get to all of your pages.  This morning in my blog stats I find that somebody has navigated to my page who is Almost an Empty Nester.  Huh!  If you read this (you’ll have to know who “you” is, cause my stats only tell me so much…) I’d love to know how you found me!  It’s just the curiosity in me.  She’s got a nice blog, though,  so go check her out!  What a nice time in your life… to be awaiting a new family member!  Anyway, I scan down her list of blogs she likes to read and there’s little ol’ me.  Huh!  She must like inconsistency and long gaps between writings… *blush*. 

She also had a little quiz to take, so you know I did!  It’s a little difficult to pick my answers, though.  The first one really got me.  Cause, if you must know, several of those choices would make a great Sunday for me.  I just could not pick practicing my faith… I’m not sure about that.  I love going to church, teaching or learning… talking and sharing with all of my family there.  But getting “it” all together and going anywhere when I have to be “on time” is not going to be a favorite activity.  Now, if my Sunday School class would come here to my home for breakfast and searching and sharing… THAT would be a wonderful Sunday!  😉  Anyway, here’s my color quiz:


You surround yourself with art and music and are constantly driven to express yourself. You often daydream. You prefer honesty in your relationships and believe strongly in your personal morals.

Find out your color at QuizMeme.com!


Some M-isms for you this new morning…

My little 3 year old has picked up A LOT of things from her older siblings.  No longer is she the little being who knows nothing else but to be acted upon.  She’s now at that most interesting time… emotions are right under the surface because showing them means things happen.  Yes, there are the ubiquitous tantrums.  Though she knows it doesn’t make anything happen for her, if she doesn’t get what she wants she will lay down on her belly with her head in her arms.  Sometimes she continues crying.  Sometimes just the act of lying down, having me ignore the behavior and getting up again is enough to blow the storm clouds away.  But for the most part, she’s starting to understand that the crying fits will get her nowhere… good or bad. 

The emotional little child that makes me curious, though, is the one who, just this morning, pats Sissy’s hand and croons “It be ok sissy… it be ok”.  Or the little lady who will run to the side of a crying baby and start hushing it and wanting to put a calming touch on the wee one.  Last night it was W’s baby boy and the only thing she could reach was his socked toes.  By the way, this baby boy has a sister M’s age… they are constantly bickering over the correct way to “mother” the little one.  It is VERY funny!

If, during the course of our school day, I start to loose “it”… you know, voice raises just a bit and I pull out my angry eyes (but that never happens in your homes, does it?), she will run to the rescue of her older siblings with “you hurt my bubby’s/sissy’s feelings”… “no mom, no!”.  And she is forever apologizing for things…. “waury mom”.  Even if I’m not in the same room!  You better believe when I hear her say it I’m running to the scene of the crime!  LOL  Mostly it’s just some little something… a spilled cup of water or she’s “broken” something that is easily fixed.  But you see, the apology doesn’t seem to be her way of getting out of something (I’m not even in the room or she’s had many past experiences- the spilled water- to know it’s no big deal).  But it does seem to me to be genuine regret for what she’s done.  I don’t know.  Maybe you think I’m reading too much into my child’s behavior.  What I know is that if I continue to respond to her as if it’s genuine regret, then that is what she will learn.  I LOVE rasing my children!! 

This past weekend we were at P’s volleyball game and she was upset because she couldn’t join the gymanstics class in the other part of the gym.  So, down on the floor she drops, crying.  Her Daddy tisk-tisks and remarks that she is spoiled rotten.  He has very little patience for public displays like this.  I have to admit, they make me flinch.  But I’ve always worked under the assumption that a harsh reaction is just as apt to continue the behavior as a crooning “give-in” reaction.  She laid there for a minute until she just couldn’t help but stop the crying and divert her own attention back to the gymanstics class activities.  Then I went over, picked her up, remarked that the behavior was not appropriate… and acknowledged her desire to be a part of the class… and diverted her attention to a potty break.  When we came back she was ready to cheer for sissy, walk the bleachers, play a little bouncing-ball game with Daddy in the recently vacated half of the gym and make a friend.  She is a little body, full of emotional tumbleweeds.

Out of the blue, without anybody’s attention fully on her, she will shout out “BEHOLD!”.  She’s got some little thing she has marked on, or a dress-up piece she’s put on or something else she feels is worth attention and comment from her adoring masses.  And we give it!

She has been very concerned about baby Jesus recently and just where He is.  For our church’s  Christmas madrigal, she was a shepherd and close enough to see “baby Jesus”.  One night he was crying, the other night he was happy.  And, of course, his happiness was because of her presence.  You’ve really got to love the simple A=B that children have.  After everything was over, and for the month since then, she wants to know where He is.  So I explain that He wants to be in her heart… that he’s not a baby anymore.  She tells everybody that Jesus is in her heart… and, by the way, he likes blue… and pink… and whatever else she thinks babies like.  This past Sunday she comes into my Sunday school class (ours ALWAYS lets out after all of the other classes, and my chidlren are ALWAYS waiting for me, and my class is never REALLY finished… probably a bit of why I would love to have class here at my home… no time restraints) and announces that she has found baby Jesus and he is back in the corner of the church!  (Just in case you were wondering….)  I smile as I write this…  my 3 year old has something that most people loose.  Without knowledge or being “of age”, she’s close to Jesus.  And she knows that SHE makes Him happy.  Her being makes Him happy.  And I cry because she’s on a path that He wants her on… closer to Him.  Tickling His socked toes, crooning sympathy to those who need it, doing little things that should beckon great attention and somteimes being righteously indignant at injustices around her.

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I’m Here…

Just trying to stay focused on a few things to be a “good girl”. I tend to get sidetracked easily (could you tell that about me?) and I’m trying to make more deliberate decisions about what I do and when I do it. Mostly trying to keep things picked up around the house so that I get better at that whole “housework” thing. Cleaning for the 12th Night party last weekend was intense. And we have a group coming to the house next month for a culture lunch. WOuld like to avoid “intense” again for as long as possible.
But I have been doing stuff! Check Out my historical garb page for recent sewing exploits!

A rundown of the holliday season in the works!

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