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Don’t Drink The Teabag

Yes, I’m up and at’em this morning.  Trying to get caught up still yet from my January sickness.  And I’m just now feeling as if my brain is coming out of the fog.  Does it seem to take forever for you to get back on track?  I guess I have a little red roadster mentality inside me somewhere.

Trying to get through some stuff, sipping my Early Grey and I just about chomped down on the tea bag.  That is how “with it” I am this morning.  Of course, I’m trying to be with it with other things, so perhaps my brain is just not up to muti-tasking just yet.  It shouldn’t be that hard, though… type… sip tea… breath… do not ingest tea bag.  Shaking head.

The three year old is doing her funny 3 year old stuff again.  The other day she’s sitting on the table watching her “bubby” (how I loathe that nickname) watch a “crazy frog” video on youtube.  Go google it… I’ll wait….

The videos are funny in a mindless entertainment sort of way.  But the 3 year old is sitting on the table, just bopping along with the music and all of a sudden shouts out “that guy rocks!”.  She says that kind of stuff all of the time.

Just a little while ago she found some little safety mirrors.  She is in the doorway between the office and the living room and just groaning and growling…. “OW!”…”Auuuuugh”… and the like.  When we look at her, she’s holding one of the mirrors up to her face and looking at her small little scratch by her mouth, moaning like she’s going to die.  Had she not had the mirror, I’m confident she would not have remembered the scratch was even there.  But she’s glaring into that mirror like the person in it did this to her and boy is she going to pay!

Well, I’ve got to go get some more catching up done.  Hope you feel better soon Took!


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