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Good Day and Well Met!

I’m fairly excited!  You’ve seen me mention the renaissance faire, so now I’ll tell you a bit more.  Rehearsals for cast got started a couple of weekends ago.  Interesting to go from only knowing someone through what they post on a message board to meeting them, singing and joking with them and trying to come up with scenes to act between our characters.  See, this isn’t one of those things where you get handed a script and you memorize lines.  Oh nooooo!  That would be too easy!  But it has been a fun challenge for me.

I knew going into it that I was doing it to give my chidlren another example… you CAN try something new and act like a fool and enjoy it.  I hope they realize it is not something that comes easily to me.  But of course, if I’m doing it well, maybe they don’t know!  And hopefully they will learn a bit more about soemthing historical.  A lot of license is taken with the subject matter, but still.  How could you fail to pick something up if you are immersed in it for several months?

So we go about 45 minutes away for practice on the weekends, the whole brood.  The tweens are tasked with keeping M within sight and fairly happy with snacks and playing with frisbee and ball and just roaming around the site… but M hangs out with me and the cast quite a bit too.  Thankfully, the cast fairly loves her!  The first day we were there, she lays down on the gravel and starts making a dirt angel!  So, one of the characters, the “town drunk” comes up, plops down on the gorund and starts making them as well.  I warned him!  You better watch or she’ll be your best friend for life!  And she was, for the rest of the day!  One of the acting activities had us acting like animals.  He was a sloth (fitting for a town drunkard, don’t you think?) and she decided she was a cat… or a dog… it changed quite a bit.  But whatever she was, it was an animal that was always hissing and barking at him!  Good practice for the patron corwds, I guess!  A week or two later I hear from someone else that he has remarked how cute M is.  yeah!  Wait til you get to know her!  LOL  no, she is a cutie, and she does add an extra little element to the fun, so all’s well!

One of the things I was most concerned about was getting that Scottish accent down.  But it has been surprisingly easy!  The director had us hold jellybeans under our tongues the first day and that basically did it!  Besides the rolling r’s, everything else is just a matter of getting your mouth to move down instead of opening wide and to the side.  We have been cuationed… there are to be no hillbilly Scots in this village!

I’ll share more later… the kiddoes need the computer and M wants to play a game.  have a great day!


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Camping Again

Whew!  I’ve had things that kept me hands and me mind occupied for the past little bit… so I’ve not been here.  ARGH.  I will think, “you should write that down”… and then I don’t get a chance until I have forgotten more than I put on the list!  So here I am, and here I’ll be for the next few minutes… until a child “needs” the computer.

Speaking of… I was hoping after getting this wonderful new tippity tappity under my fingers and the accompanying machine that makes it run, that things would run a litle smoother with 3 people needing to use the computer and there now, technically, being two in the house.  It hasn’t happened that way.  *rolling my eyes*  Everybody wants to use the new computer!  And then, once we got past the “but I hate using the old one… it hangs up… blah,blah,blah… well, then it became something about everything they do has to be done with speed.  It’s a good thing they didn’t have to use a computer when they were dial-up.  So even thpough we have two, it’s as if we are working with only one well-loved friend… the other is too loud, too slow, too… whatever.  In fact, I don’t know how I’ve managed to have the computer for these few minutes this morning without hearing “when you gonna be off, Mom?”

So, what can I choose to catch you up on?  First, the weather looks like it’s bouncing back to a spring-like state today… mid 50’s by noon.  Which is good, because I have a tent that has been standing out in our backyard since Sunday, ostensibly to “dry” from the rain we got when we went camping last week.  See, the thing is, it needs to be dry to keep it from mildewing in the bag while stored and unfortunately, it has rained and flurried every day since we put it up.  So today looks like the day we’ll get to fold that behemoth back up and see if it’ll fit back into its original bag.  Sort of like those maps you hate trying to re-fold.  We’ll see what happens.

Ah, the camping trip.  Since we had our new behemoth tent (3 rooms this thing has… fairly decent for a family of 5), I told the children we would get in at least one camping trip in the spring, before the renaissance faire gets started in May.  And that trip happened to come about last week, during the local spring break week.  Yes, we homeschool, but several things we do are scheduled to do function within that calendar, so it was still the right week to try to make something work.  We did miss my Dear Heart, who couldn’t get away from work and other responsibilities… but it was a good chance for some “us time” without the book work forcing us into the standard teacher/student roles.  We went to one of my favorite places in the world, Cave Run Lake. 

And there was only one thing that I really wanted to do while there.  Besides enjoying the time with the children… walk up that mountain trail!  I haven’t been up that trail since I was probably around 13 myself.  Oddly, it has gotten both smaller and steeper at the same time.  How did THAT happen?  P and I even created a series of 3 letterboxes to plant along the way… we’ll see if they are ever looked for. 😉  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Wednesday was a beautiful day!  Nice weather to set a tent up in.  Which is really a good thing, cause it took about 3 or 4 hours to get it up.  Now, stop that laughing!  We had never put this tent up before and like I said… it was large!  But we did finally get it up, after a little arguing and a lot of the standard speech… Come on guys!  It won’t do any good to argue that you’re doing it right and the other doesn’t know what they’re talking about!  Let’s just try stuff and we’ll get it up eventually!  Let’s work together!”  We also found out that the bathouse we thought would be open and therefore we chose our site based on, was not open… and we would have to walk through all kinds of brambles to get to the one that was.  Oh well.  And surprisingly, there were quite a few folks camping!  I think I counted 6 other sites occupied in our loop alone.  Of course, that’s nothing like the peak season when every site is taken… but still a lot for a week or two into the beginning of the camping season!  Mostly families… but one group of what looked like college students.  After pitching the tent and gathering some firewood  (“I think that’s enough, Mom… No son, it’s not!  It will burn up in 5 or 10 minutes!”), M wanted to go walk to the “pond”… yeah, in actuality it’s  a lake, but really… a body of water is a body of water.  So we walked down to the lakeside and walked for about 1/2 an hour before heading back.  Got a nice toasty fire going, enjoyed an early bedtime for M (I guess we wore her out) and the twins and I sat up basking in the firelight and the standard stories form my childhood.  Sleeping that night got a little nippy, but we survived without any dew collecting on our sleeping bags… that was not an incident we wanted to see repeated from October.  But we didn’t have to sleep anywhere near the sides of big Bertha, so we all stayed dry.  THAT night.

The next night, and our last, was a different story.  But again… getting ahead of myself.  We woke up and got moving somewhere around 7… so we had about 3 hours to wait for my Mom and sister (with the baby) to come join us.  We piddled around with the fire… ate girl scout cookies, apples and dry cereal for breakfast (because I forgot the milk…) and got water on for coffee and hot chocolate.  I think I might feel fairly confident about my camp stove abilities if I get one more shot to work with it.  LOL

When the others arrived we sat my mom, who was not going to be able to walk up the hill, down by the fire with a book, piddled around for a little while more while we exchanged traffic stories and other camp set-up tales.  Then we started on our hike.

Needless to say, M was not too happy about having to walk a bit more than usual.  I broke down and told her that if she couldn’t behave I would take her back to Mamaw and she wouldn’t be able to see the pond from the top.  That worked for a little while.  At about the half way point she says “momma, I don’t want to behave… I want to go stay with Mamaw”.  Uhm… yeah… too late for that!  I ended up carrying her on my shoulders for about 3/4 of the 4 mile hike.  Still, not too bad, I don’t think.  Once to the top we stripped off shoes and socks, ate some apples and enjoyed the view for about 1/2 an hour while the baby ate.  It was s great walk… a little taxing at times for this one who is out of shape… but worth it!

The letterbox series, if you’re interested!

Mamaw slept in the truck that night and the rest of us piled into the tent after the wind and the storm that had threatened all evening got going, around 10:30 or so.  And, surprisingly we slept good!  The rain came down but we stayed dry!  Mostly.  There were a couple of puddles that we never quite figured out how they formed…. but we mostly stayed dry.  Woke up abruptly when the storm picked up.  My P wakes up, looks at her watch and proclaiims that it’s 7:30.  WOW!  I must have slept good!  Turns out it was only 4 something… she calims she was tired and read her watch wrong… uhuh… oh well… back to sleep for a few more hours, praing that the rain would let up enough to let us strike camp.

Which it did.  Headed into Morehead for some breakfast (because, who wants to eat in that kind of weather) and some hot coffee and made it back home by 2:30.  We had a really good time, again!  Maybe we can sneal one more in with Daddy before the end of May and faire season starts.

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