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… and I’m already sad!  😦  While a couple of days have been rather hot and humid  sticky and miserable, the majority of the days at the Kentucky Highlands Renaissance festival have been nice enough.  The one Sunday with the storm was very refreshing and at just the right time.  Weather in Central Kentucky is absolutely fantastic right now and looks to be almost as good for the weekend coming up.  If you’re close by, do come!

To my utter shame and horror I was put in the stocks last Sunday.  I know what you’re thinking… “not Goodwife Sely!*  shock gasp  It’s true.  A young upstart was the instigator of this horrible crime against nature itself… so I just want you, all of my true and honest friends, to know that I was set up.  Well, yes *nodding head*.   Set up.  😉

THIS is my story.   When the front gate opens, Sely walks in, minding my own business.  Not bothering anyone in the world… being my unobtrusive and sunshiny self.  I will admit, I did have to push by Lady Sersha on my way in… but only because my wee one was running to pester one of the vendors.  I truly only meant to help!  REALLY!  And that wonderful man picks up my wee one with all of the tenderness and affection of a teddy bear.  But upon seeing me, he puts her down and (he does respect me so… I am the village Governess, after all) plays me a song.  My own song.  He does not play it for anyone else.  What am I, a poor peasant who gets barely any recognition for all that she does for the noble children of the village, I say… what am I supposed to do?  Shun his generosity to me and instead direct my poor, pitiful, under appreciated attentions to the Lady Sersha and kneel?  Have I mentioned that the *ahem* Lady Sersha goes through husbands like water?  That, somehow all of her poor, landed husbands end up dead after only a few days of wedded bliss life?  And she took offense.

And later, she took advantage of the miscreant upstart blacksmith apprentice’s rude and wholey traitorous act of sitting on THE royal throne to decree that I should be sent to the stocks!  *sharp intake of breath*  I know!  I couldn’t believe it either!  That the nobility would condone and even further such a traitorous act.  And she required some of my friends in the village, more that love, respect and wholly adore me… she forced them to follow through with this scandalous attack on me.  They did not want to, I know!

But there is more shame and humiliation that Captain Amos (!$X@!!) would have heaped onto my poor, miserable peasant head.  I can almost not bear to tell it… *sniff… choke*  He stood behind me, just as brazen as you will, and feigned to whip me… cracking that pitiful excuse for a whip… thinking he would strike fear into poor Sely’s heart.  ME!  But he did NOT!  And when I refused to quake in my poor, pitiful, soleless shoes, he truly DID whip me!  I know!  You are aghast at this terrible treatment of me!

But fear not, my wonderful and true friends.  For the Good Piper Caro had a say in the retribution.  It seems that she somehow came across a certain pair of handcuffs.  And with this pair of handcuffs, the rogue pirate met his punishment!  After suffering her own humiliation at his hands during feast ( calling her insane… crazy… and implying that she was somehow less than intelligent), she did pin him to one side of the feast table with a rolled up rug whilst I was able to secure help in securing his hand in a very secure leather handcuff.  That handcuff just happened to be attached to a similar, but in no way punishing, cuff on my own wrist.

You see, for some reason fair beyond my imagination, the Captain covers his ears and walks  runs the opposite way when he hears my beautiful voice.  *shakes head vigorously*  No, I do not know why exactly he would do that.  Except, perhaps, that he knows the very words I utter are true and honest and strike fear and pain in his miscreant pirate ears.   He has, after all, likened my voice to an angelic choir.

So, the vile pirate had to spend 3, count them, THREE hours chained to me… his greatest fear.  He did not get to lead his precious human chess match.  He was forced to sing his scandalous filth under my stern eyes.  He begged to be let go in order to play a game of rat pucking (which he tied for the win ONLY because I served as a good luck charm, I am sure). 

Oh, do not pity him!  Upon somehow convincing the good Sir Alexander the Bruce to appeal to the traveling masses, who did then beg leniency for the man, he was let go.  And he RAN!  In shame, I am convinced, for his wayward life.

May God have mercy upon his soul.


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Warning:  The following is a “blathering on” and “where is she going with this?” kind of post.

At fair the dear Morrigan and I have this little thing that rears it’s head every little once in a while where she is making royal proclamations and the like… not proper for anybody but a Bruce to do, but then, it is Morrigan, the inept spy.  She’s now been in the stockades for this… but that’s another story.

Her procamations include no taxes.  Otherwise said as tax-less.  I, being the loyal *ahem*peasant in the village, never in my wildest dreams saying even one small word against the nobility *ahem* ;), make the point to her that we are pretty much already a tactless village.  It’s really a lot of fun, but you may have to be there to really appreciate it.

All of this to say that tact is a very necessary skill that lots of folks just never learn.   Or get lax about (myself included) and let “telling the truth” mask our tactlessness.  And it can be very hurtful to those receiving our truths.

BUT, I am also a strong believer that we are very much in control of our responses to those around us.  Something else that is a learned skill.  You have to be able to hear comments with a large amount of salt and move on.  Maybe there are appropriate steps for you to take, maybe there’s nothing to be done.  But for heavens sake… don’t let it stop you!

In the end, as my Dear Heart says, “What are they going to do?  Take away your birthday?”  You have God and yourself to answer to.  Everyone else is extra.  We care for those around us, we consider their feelings.  Be loving, be kind… but take care of yourself and be repsonsible for yourself.  That includes your feelings.  God loves you regardless.

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Yeah… yeah… I know!  I haven’t been around in a while!  I’ve let myself be slightly consumed with renaissance fair stuff / keeping the home/hearth barely running since mid- March.  Oh, but it has been so much fun!  Week 3 is now lots of fun memories and only 5 more weekends left.

S has FINALLY found some guys that enjoy chatting with him and letting him tag along, so that’s a REAL blessing.  He hasn’t been too hip on the whole thing, since it takes a large chunk of weekend “free time” away (translation- time with a video game controller in hand).  But now he’s seeing that just because he has a place that he is required to be at it doesn’t equal chokehold on his fun.  He can have fun in places totally new to him.  And he’s starting to ease up a bit when talking with the cast… almost as if he’s a part OF the cast.  He’s not one for talking in front of people or being on stage, so this is a real leap for him.

P is a real blessing to me, helping to run down M when cast obligations have me tied up (though S shares the responsibilty) and just being some really nice company.  Her sword dance troupe has performed one weekend and has 3 more Saturdays to go.  We sat in on our own private drop-spindle lesson this past Saturday and she’s getting really good at it (much better than me… shhhh).  I think I’ll have to stick to carding the wool.  🙂 

M is the center of her own stage!  She makes friends wherever she goes at fair and is just having a ball being 4 at a renaissance faire!  I’m so happy that the site is enclosed on all sides (so she can’t really get out of bounds without somebody seeing), she has friends her own age to play with and there are about 20 adults and teenagers on cast “happily willing and even head over heels happy to have her as their shadow”.  Everybody loves her (which makes Mom relieved).  Her choice of cast personalities to cling to would make a mom flinch – the village drunk, the sneaky (and inept) spy and our own anachronisitc pirate – if they weren’t wonderful people in their own right.

As for me, lots of chiding the children that walk through our gates… asking them if they are one of mine, posing riddles for them to answer and playing string games with them.  Screeching at the top of my lungs to all of the young people of the village who don’t pay attention to me, walking away while muttering anything and everything under the sun, complimenting the local nobility ad naseum (you are the sun rising, the sun setting… the wind as it blows through my hair, the cool water as it flows over my toes… on and on and on) and usually winning a fiercest battle cry competition in human chess (it seems many people have not so fond memories of their own mothers screeching through their childhood neighborhoods after their not so innocent children).  We even got to play a game of red rover out in the rain yesterday evening!

Loads of fun!  Our Captain Amos calls it barely controlled insanity.  I would have to agree.  Come join us if you can!  Fair runs through July 19th.






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