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So, to me, the whole Facebook thing seems to be about getting as many applications in one thing as possible while practically pulling off the whole Instant Messaging thing (if everyone in the conversation is doing the same). Which is great… I’ll probably end up doing it more than I want. After all, it’s one more way to stay in touch.
But it makes me realize that I really do miss posting as much here as I was once upon a time. Not that I have any more computers to handle the load of the “I need on the computer” s around here. Or any more time to write longer posts. Or any more funny, thoughtful or ventful material for that matter. But I’m not really very good at the whole pleasant conversation/chatter stuff. I’m usually either quiet (yes! I CAN be quiet) and listening or I have more to say than can be comfortably put in a one liner.
And I still don’t know if the WordPress/Facebook application is working correctly. You’re supposed to see a brief snippet of my WP posts in FB… somewhere.  But I’m not sure I’ve pushed all of the correct buttons for that.  *shrug*  Oh well.  Look for me on both, I guess.  Try http://www.facebook.com/snpnmnmi


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Too Much?

I don’t know… we’ll see. Right now I’m just futzin’ around with the Facebook site to see if I like it. But maybe it’s a bit more than I should be allowed to have. I am easily addicted to communicating with people online… as if I don’t already have enough to keep me busy.

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