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Well, sure.  Maybe.  Hold the jig for me, please.

Went to folkdance tonight with a gimp knee.  It’s baaaaaaa-aaaack!  The same achy feeling in my knee that had me hobbling around fair site last winter with a walking stick.  Only now it feels twice as bad.  And I can’t put any pressure on it either.  Aw, come ON!  I’m not old enough for this!!  😦  So, since I can’t recall injuring it in any way, I’m assuming it’s the nastiness of arthritis rearing its ugly head with me.  How do I deal with this without aspirin?  Isn’t that the common pain reliever?  Only, I can’t take aspirin, so…..

Oh well… I’ll make due.

The fun stuff?  How about a song called “Go Down To The Devil and Shake Yourself”?  No kidding.  And it’s a heck of a lot of fun to dance hobble to.  Puts you in the mind of that song of the Charlie Daniels band… “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”.  The other fun thing?  My son actually had a good time playing guitar with the band.  After I basically forced him to do it.  He was really reluctant… not very confident at all.  He’s only been taking lessons for about a year now, and he’s never really played with a group.  So he needed that kind of experience.  And he needed it with a group of people who didn’t care if he missed notes or couldn’t keep up.  What did I get out of it?  The satisfaction of him coming to me at break and saying “OK, I admit it.  I do like it.”  and afterwards, “You know I’m going to have to go back, right?”

Gosh, if they’d only listen to me in the first place, we could skip all of the drama!

And just because I haven’t mentioned it yet… a sense of accomplishment for me this week… finally took caulk-gun and glazier points in hand and replaced the panes of glass in Moira’s bedroom window.  Two down, one to go!  I may just tackle finishing the plumbing in my upstairs bathroom before it’s all said and done!  And I still have lye soap and lotion bars to make this fall, too.  Ain’t no gimp knee gonna keep me down.


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An Interesting day

That was what my Mom said on the second day of our visit to the Amish area in Ohio… an interesting day. 😉  Though I think her comment had more to do with the comical banter between our driver (love you Dad), me trying to calm  him down a bit, and all of those other terrible drivers, it was an interesting and fun trip.  We had a really good time, despite the rain and road construction and because our driver was such a good sport.

One of the tenets of homeschooling that I’m trying to get back into a firm habit of this year is getting out and about to engage in our world… to learn things while we’re experiencing it.  To that end, P and I had planned to visit Lehman’s while there.  On the demonstration floor was a lady who introduced us to our newest hobby (like we need another one…): rug hooking.  First, let me just tell you that you will need an entire day to explore this store if you go.  It’s gigantic!  Even M said so.  Which really shouldn’t come as any great surprise since most everything larger than her bedroom is gigantic.  It just happens to be one of her interesting new adult words.

Perrin's Amish Trip 010

Anyway, this hooker extrordinaire’s name is Holly and she was gracious enough to spend about an hour sharing her craft with us.  Yes, we did laugh quite a bit over the “hooker” moniker (“P, it’s time for you to become a hooker!”); no, not everybody considers it a craft, but more of an art.  Holly’s not that type of rug hooker, though.   And, wouldn’t you know it… Holly is a homeschooling Mom!  Which just goes to show, homeschoolers are everywhere that interesting stuff is happening! 🙂  Holly let us sit down with her own supplies and try our hand at it and it’s SO easy!  What an interesting fabric art (that’s the artist coming out in me).  Do you have problems with attention span and can’t manage to count stitches or knit ones and pearl twos?  No counting involved in this.  Has your eyesight seen better days like mine?  YES, you TOO can hook!  And Holly was such a delight to talk with… sharing how she came to the hobby, what she’s done wrong, pieces she’s proud of and a sisterly relationship that has grown through the sharing of this hobby.

Perrin's Amish Trip 014

Perrin's Amish Trip 021Perrin's Amish Trip 025

Perrin's Amish Trip 019

So, of course we’re HOOKED!  🙂  Came home and we now have in our possession a piece of burlap, a homemade hook, a hoop and a dream.  We finally found some designs we want to start with and are already set to make our first new hookers mistake: starting out with a piece that’s too large!  LOL  We found a pair of designs we’re content to start with – a stylized yellow toned sun on a blue background and it’s partner moon on another blue background.  And I already have a place to display them when they get finished in 2011 (see, I’m patient).  Now all we have to do is get some second hand wool coats or skirts or something at Goodwill (we’d take donations, too!) and cut them up into little 1/4 inch wide strips, dye them the appropriate colors and get to hookin’!  We can’t wait!

Thanks to Holly, one of “Two Sisters” who made our day, probably our decade at the rate we’ll go, and shared one of her loves with us.

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