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Ahhh… Time to Process

Do you do that?  Process stuff in your head for a while, then want to put it all in print?  As of the past year or so I have not had time to put it in print like I was… FB has sucked me in TOO much (thank you to all of my FB friends who cajoled me into the FB world…).

So, I’m thinking that something I’ve added over the past year may be having a slight positive affect on my sinuses that I did not realize until this morning.  But this winter it has seemed that I make it through most nights – like 98% of them – breathing through my nose.  And as anyone with sinus/sleep issues can tell you, that’s a GOOD thing.  So I’m going to continue with the supplements and see how things go.  Added one the other day, so maybe I’ll make it back in a year to tell you IT has helped.  🙂

Sam has received his movie pick in from NetFlix – Spaceballs.  Oh, we’ve reached THAT stage of teendom.  *sigh*  Ok.  That’s alright.  I can handle hilarity… helps you live longer.  Just hope we can keep most of the plain ol’ crude humor in it’s place.  Yes, I know.  I’m a spoil sport.  But potty humor gets boring over time.  Hilarious in the short term and I have been known to laugh at most 1st or 2nd attempts.  But then you just crave a higher level of… funny.  Ya’know?  So, looking forward to watching this fun movie with them.

OK… you all have to tell me if you do this.  (And no, I don’t think I have millions of readers.  And yes, that means I know who Ya’ll are… so I’m expecting responses… in fact, as you’ll see, I need them.)  I crave to know about people.  Anything… everything.  Not everybody… there might be a person or two who reads this that I don’t want to know more about.  But I doubt it.  No, I’m not talking stalkerish kind of stuff here… and that’s, I guess, why I’m seeking company in this need.  Cause I’m really NOT one of those people you should be creeped out about.  But I absolutely LOVE knowing how my friends think through things.  How they feel about things.  What their preferences are.  And, if you know me… like, we’ve shared more than 1 or 2 conversations and I don’t inch towards the door after a minute, then you can most certainly consider yourself a friend of mine.  And fortunately or unfortunately for you, depending on how you feel about me, you’ll have to flat out tell me if you’d rather just be considered an acquaintance.  Cause I’m surely alright with that.  I don’t live under a mistaken belief that everyone loves me.

So, do you (yes, if you’re reading this, YOU) search out information on your friends?  Love to know as much as you can about them?  And a correlated question – do you consider yourself to have a lot of friends?  Or just many acquaintances?  And if you’d like to have the same from me, you know all you have to do is ask… or tell me.


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Just Gotta Write!

As I start this post (it may take me an hour or so…), Moira is content eating breakfast and watching Agent Oso, the tweens are getting going with breakfast and prep for the day, the snow is flip flopping between gentle currents of big, fat flakes and fast driving whirlpools and I am drinking my tea and needing to write.  There is practically nothing happening on Facebook, unless you count all of the game playing apps people are into.  I’ve already been to “visit” a new friend’s pages on FB (NO!  it is NOT stalking… it’s being curious, an interested friend, nosy… well, heck!  I don’t know what you want to call it, but I am a REFORMED stalker, thank you very much.  Besides, why would they fill out all of those “get to know me” memes if I wasn’t supposed to filter back through the last 8 years and get to know them? *sheesh*).

So, Moira slept through the night again in her own bed… that’s probably about 5 of the past 8 nights.  Yay! for my growing up “big girl”.  She just ran into tell me that “I spilled my orange juice, but I know what to do, but… someone’s in the bathroom”.  See, we try not to cry over spilled milk around here.  So, since we spill A LOT ~ thankfully mostly water- she has been told to go get a towel to soak it up.  Now, when she was first learning this, she had problems taking her attention from what she was doing to what she needed to do.  So, I would ask “What are you supposed to be doing?”  Thus, the “I know what to do” statement.  And thus, Mommy may have had a glaring light placed on one of her OWN little challenges.  Me?  Have problems doing what I’m supposed to be doing?  Naaaa…

She came to me soon after she woke up and told me “kissing little kid boys?… don’t do it… they don’t like it”.  This after she decided that since it was Valentine’s day yesterday she should kiss one of her little friends.  Where was I?  Enjoying dinner and a movie at our church… a youth fundraiser for their missions trip this coming summer.  What was the movie?  Fireproof, a story about a a married couple fighting in, through and to keep their marriage.  The movie was good.  Hearing from my older daughter that my younger daughter has decided to expand her affection-showing to kissing boys was not so good.  Hearing that one of the adults there may have over reacted a bit to this (it was her son), did not thrill me too much because that then means I have to correct the “well then, all the more reason for me to do it” concept in Moira’s brain.  So, I told her as basically as I could on the car ride home last night that I do not want her kissing her friends.  See?  No mention of boys… just friends in general.  Did I tell her why?  Because their Mommas don’t like it.

Never mind the fact that we do not want to be swapping germs, 4 is not an acceptable age to be showing THAT level of affection and I do not like it.

I’ve told you that she’s  a social kind of person, right?  And you know she’s a hugger, right?  Both things I like, right?  But in this family we do not consider childhood the time to kiss or investigate girlfriend/boyfriend relationship kind of stuff… the stuff a LOT of people think is cute.  I don’t think it’s cute.  Over the long haul, I believe it sets everybody up to put too little concern into what should be long term commitments,  Is my 4 year old going to want to have what adults consider a boyfriend… no, it’s not a concept she’s acquired yet.  Will the people surrounding her think it’s cute one too many times?  Yes… and then I’ll have a much larger problem to deal with.  So, no, Braydon, she will not be kissing you again.  You’re welcome.

Watched Sleepless In Seattle a week or so ago and You’ve Got Mail the other night… I love those Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies.  But with my typing in conversation going on, I can’t get that dang “you’ve got mail” AOL tone out of my head.

So, it snowed again… enough to probably keep our dance friends from getting out today (they live in a rural area).  So, again, we’ll have to postpone.  *sigh*  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache going on… 6AM.  Went to use the loo (ha!  I’m going Brit on you!), went back to bed and laid there until 7.  Sinus headaches do not allow one to go back to sleep in the morning.  They beckon you to a nice hot cup of tea… which I had.  It’s still there and now I will reach for the sudafed.  And more tea.  I’m giving it  a half-hearted exploration of different herbals, supplements, teas and stuff with inflammation reducing effects to see if they help my sinuses.  As I have greatly reduced the amount of benadryl/sudafed I am taking, I don’t seem to have the sling-shot runny nose/stuffy head/ upper resp. infection thing happening… but I have awoke in the morning breathing through my mouth and I do not like that.  That says inflammation in my nasal passages to me.   Is it safe to assume that the things that help with inflammation in muscles (like for arthritis and stuff) will help with nasal inflammation?  Hmmm…

OK… so Moira is crying out from her bath… seems the water has gotten cold in the time that it has taken me to write this… be interrupted a million times… finish writing this.  I’m glad our livelihood does not depend on me making a writing deadline.  Whew!

Have a safe, good snowy day everyone!  And for my friends in NOLA, hope you are having a ball at Mardi Gras!

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