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Magnificent Preparation

For those that asked… a repost here before it gets printed.  😉

Born Thy People To Deliver

 Did you know that every baby girl is born with every egg she will ever conceive?  Talk about potential!  So each precious little baby girl is born with her half of the next generation just waiting to mature and be delivered.

Advent is the time when we as Christians wait with anticipation.  We wait for a new year… a new chance… a new opportunity to be Christ, an anointed one,  for someone else.  We wait to see and feel Christ in us anew, reinvigorating us for the coming deliverance.  We prepare.

And yet, the preparation has been going on for centuries.  It is amazing to me to think that some Jews even believe that there is a person born every generation with the potential to be The Messiah.  This is at least a small reason why lineages are so important to the Jewish people.  The Messiah’s purpose is to deliver His people from their bondage.  For the Jew, this is a very earthly deliverance.  For Christians, we understand deliverance not so much as what it’s taking us from, but what it’s delivering us into – a renewed relationship with the Father, into His arms.

So in the Middle East, over two thousand years ago, a baby girl was born to deliver The Messiah.  A baby girl was born who could reach back through the generations in her lineage to King David, through his son Nathan.  A baby girl was born who would one day raise her voice in praise to the Father of Abraham and us all, acknowledging that she was a lowly servant, and preparing for the Word to be made flesh… the delivery of our Deliverance.  And so, with Mary, I count myself blessed to be among the delivered.


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